Love, Like & Loathe: Body Oil, Rollasole & The Share Button

Love, Like & Loathe: Body Oil, Rollasole & The Share Button

Hooray to Friday!!  I missed out on my regular Love, Like & Loathe post last week, but it’s back on this week!  On this week’s installment, I share the body oil I’ve been loving during these times when the temperature is so low, the winds are blowing like crazy and the heater is on like money grows on trees.  On my like list is an item I would say is a Godsend to all of us who want to wear heels but can’t stand walking in them too long and finally on my loathe list is about something that occurred this week on Facebook.


While I usually lather my body with Victoria’s Secret body moisturiser, unfortunately, it doesn’t do my skin justice when the heater is turned up in my home all the time, during this time of the year.  I need something stronger.  I need something that goes the distance and gives my skin the moisture it needs – especially my legs, elbows and knees.

Thankfully instead of having to splurge on body oils, there is a much more affordable option.  An option that works well, has a lovely, subtle cocoa scent and leaves my skin feeling oh so smooth!

palmers body oil

Ok, I’ll spare you the suspense.  It’s ^Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Body Oil! At only $10.79 for a 100ml bottle, the oil is rich yet doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. A little goes a very long way with this oil and the subtle scent means I can layer on my favourite perfume without the scent competing against each.

Have you tried Palmer’s body oil before?


How often have you wished you could just take off those gorgeous killer heels after being out for… not even all night?  And when I say killer heels, I mean the heels killing your feet – yes they look hot but damn, it would be good if someone actually designs a hot looking pair of heels that makes you feel as though you’re walking on soft pillows right?  Well, I’ve been packing this particular item in my bag and I’ve even got another pair stored in the car!  I call them my back-up flats.  The best thing is you can roll this thing up and store it in your bag!  Convenience and comfort – why not hey?

*Rollasole is the brainchild of Matt Horan who with his team, developed and patented these unique ballet flats that could be rolled up and easily stored in your bag.  The lucky gals in Bristol though have the option of purchasing their rollasoles via a vending machine!  Now, that’s something they SHOULD have here!

rollasole tin

The flats come rolled up with a bag inside a tin!  How cute is that!  To store your shoes, you only need to keep them rolled up then roll them onto the bag, and latch on with the velcro.  When you’re ready to switch to these comfy flats, simply whip them out and place your heels in the bag provided.

rollasole bag tin shoes

There’s quite a number of different designs that you could choose from.  Some in plain, classic colours, in sleek metallic gold, red, pink and silver, and even leopard print!  With prices starting from $19.95 for a plain pair of flats.  The flats are comfortable to wear, especially after walking in those painful heels all night or even day!  They’ve even got a special box for the wedding party.  Ingenious!  The pair I have in my car is actually for when I have to drive it.  No point ruining my gorgeous heels while driving, plus it’s much easier for me to maneuver my clutch with flats than heels too.

leopard print rollasole


Some fab news, I’ve got THREE pairs of Rollasole to give away to THREE lucky winners.  To win a pair, simply tell me in the comments section, in 25 words or less, which design from the Rollasole range do you love most and why. Entries close on the 5th June 2015.  Click here for terms and conditions.


Did you read about that lady who accused some guy of taking photos of her kids, when in fact he was taking a selfie of himself standing next to a Star Wars stand.  Not only did she accused him of doing so behind his back, she actually shared his photo on Facebook hoping to “alert” others of this man!  Wow.  Really?


While I love Facebook’s functionality of sharing posts, I also hate it.  We’ve become so easy to click on that share button without even thinking of the consequences.  That share button is great when we’re trying to alert others of missing people who might live around the area, that the person went missing from.  It’s good for sharing messages of hope, love, and even humour.  But there are times when you share something that isn’t even true – like the case of this woman sharing this man’s photo and claiming he’s being a creep.  It’s the same with sharing articles that you’ve read that might actually offend the people on your friend list.  Sure you’ve got your own opinion but try thinking critically.  If it’s one thing I’ve learned and am teaching others about it’s to ALWAYS CHECK THE SOURCE!  So think before hitting that share button.

That’s it for this week’s Love, Like & Loathe.  Be sure to enter the Rollasole giveaway!


*Item was given to me for editorial consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy.

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  • Elaine B says:

    Love love love ‘Dotty For You’. It would make me smile every time I looked at my feet! I’ve been using the Palmers Oil for years – think it’s great & I love the smell. xE

  • Fiona says:

    Love GOLD DIGGER! Sure to brighten up any outfit!

  • Rebecca H says:

    I absolutely adore the “Dotty For You” from the Rollasole range. They are so dainty, I really like the style.

  • Di says:

    Blue Leopard. I adore animal print and blue’s my favourite colour so this is a win win combo for me.

  • DIANA O says:

    PRETTY IN PINK. So girly, love the shade of pink….I can’t stop scrolling back to them 🙂

  • karina l says:

    I really love the dotty for you one! It’s like a blast from the past for my feet.

  • Linda says:

    Blue note, What A wonderful idea for a hens.. the seed is planted..,mmmmmmmmmm

  • Louise says:

    I love the Blue note pair, the colour combination reminds me of nights out as a teenager!

  • Sharon Johnson says:

    Leopard print would replace my worn pretty in pink. Making a statement wherever I go.

  • lee says:

    Dotty for you!! spots never looked so good

  • t barb says:

    The blue leopard. They are funky and hip 😀

  • cat b says:

    Pretty in pink please. My favourite colour is pink and I would wear them everywhere !

  • Not entering the comp but hey hey I bought the exact design a few years ago! Even brought it to the Problogger Event with me last year. Made walking on the beach so easy (didn’t bring thongs y’see).

    Re. the Facebook share, that’s just awful. Poor guy didn’t even know what hit him. As a blogger, I love the sharing function of Facebook but as an individual, I hate it. Contradictory I know but man, the amount of rubbish people share on my Facebook timeline is astounding. Often I just click on the Mark as Spam button and move on because more often than not, they are spam. Ugh. Did I tell you about the time a friend of mine shared a story on Facebook and allowed FB to choose the thumbnail for the preview? It was a terrorist holding up a toddler with no head. I immediately marked it as spam, reported it to FB and then unfriended the person. It bothered me for weeks. Even thinking about it now makes me shudder.

    • Norlin says:

      OMG! Yes! I’ve had instances where the image shared linked to the post is so disturbing that I’ve had to hide and report. It’s just ridiculous when people a) don’t think before the share b) facebook would allow such images to pass through but when it comes to a woman breastfeeding, it’s deemed offensive. URGH!

  • k dianne says:

    Great for an upcoming hens 🙂 Love the leopard print!!

  • salvatore says:

    Wow, its hard to choose
    Pretty in pink will stop the blues!

  • irene says:

    Blue leopard is hot!!! Need the comfort on hand, thanks for the chance.

  • A ford says:

    Skull and crossbones please!! Adding that extra edge to any outfit.

  • Amanda says:

    I love the decorative embellishment on the Midnight Rose shoes because for me comfort is all in the details!

  • bubble936 says:

    LEOPARD PRINT is on the top of my list because it will perfectly match with a lot of things in my wardrobe..

  • Phillip Cunningham says:

    Blue Leopard as it looks so realistic that I wish there were blue leopards.

  • Christial Shea says:

    I love the Kriss Kross.
    Black goes with any outfit and it’s a simple, yet stylish design means it can be worn anywhere!

  • laura powers says:

    Love the Hi Ho Silver lining nothing like a bit of shiny bling to show your feet off, look great with jeans too very jazzy!

  • Jennifer B. says:

    KRISS KROSS… Smart enough to wear all day around the office, comfy enough to pair with my jeans and still look like the best dressed mum in the playground!

  • Shellie Reid says:

    Left Foot said to the Right,
    “Relief! Brilliant Classic ROLLASOLES tonight!
    Owner comfy. Happy not irate!
    And in trendy ‘Black-On-Back’, we’re feeling great!!”

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