Health & Lifestyle: VEGA Testing & Food Intolerance Update

Health & Lifestyle: VEGA Testing & Food Intolerance Update

Last week I shared with you my super easy date and oats bliss ball recipe, as an alternative to my sugar cravings, no thanks to the fact that I broke into hives after consuming copious amount of chocolate previously.  As promised, this week, I’ll share with you my experience going to a naturopath to get allergies sorted.  Now I know that some of you might be thinking – why didn’t I just go to a doctor, get a referral and go see an allergy specialist? – trust me, that’s next on my list of “things to do”.

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Vega Testing

You see, when you’re desperate and hate going to the doctor’s because a) you HATE waiting in a room full of sick people and would rather NOT get their germs while you’re waiting b) just plain curious about alternative therapy, you tend to just bite the bullet and go try something out of the box.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I had heard about VEGA testing through a coursemate of mine who went through that to find out what she was allergic to.  The word non-invasive did perk my ears up a little and I thought, why not?  What have I got to lose (except my money and time).

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A VEGA Machine

So what exactly is VEGA testing you ask?  Apparently it is the combination of Chinese medical knowledge (acupuncture) with western technology.  Symptoms of an imbalance of energy are indicated via abnormal electrical charges.  What this VEGA machine does is measure the bio-energetic phenomena by recording the change in skin conductivity after application of a small voltage.  By the way, these aren’t my words, I got it off another naturopathy website.

The Process

During my first consultation, much like going to the doctor’s, you tell the naturopath what your concerns are, then he or she asks the relevant questions like, “What kind of reaction do you get when you eat (insert food type) that you think you’re allergic to?”.  I am lactose intolerant and I did share that with the naturopath, I also shared what happened when I ate the chocolates even though it had never happened before – EVER.  I also shared that I thought at first the hives was my body reacting to stress as it was during the time when I had assignments due.  So he was armed with all these information.

Then came the VEGA testing.  I had to hold onto a metal rod with one hand and with the other, he pressed this metal thing that well….twitched?  Not sure how to describe it as it’s not an electrical zap.  ZAP!  Yes, a zap, on the thumb of my other hand.  While doing this, he keeps his eye on this meter on the machine.

The Results

The naturopath also checked my vitals (I think?) to see if I’ve got issues with my body and the environmental effects, through this VEGA test.  It was found that my body was intolerant to cow’s milk (big surprise there!) and get this…nuts….but not just any nuts…it’s….cocoa or cacao.  Right.  He sort of lost me there because if I wasn’t mistaken, it’s not a nut but more of a seed?  I might be wrong.  Apparently, my body was also intolerant to wheat.  Yeah…no.

He did add that I was under stress (yes I know, because I told him that!), and that my digestive system was sluggish (got to give him a point for that because he picked that up without me telling him about it).

When I asked him why I would have that reaction when it has never caused any problems previously.  His rationale was that it was my body saying, “I’ve had enough” and could not process these foods therefore causing the hives.  Right.  Ok…


I have been advised to avoid dairy, chocolate, cocoa, cacao, and even wheat.  I was also given this multivitamin and some solution he made up to help with my digestion.


I haven’t completely stopped indulging in dairy and when I do I remember to always take either Lacteeze or Lacto-Free tablets beforehand.  I haven’t stopped eating anything containing wheat AT ALL because I believe I have no issues with it and I see no reason why I should stop and then end up causing issues later on.

On the plus side, I have been taking the multivitamins, although having seen Mr. C’s Berocca and looking at the ingredients list, I could really have taken that instead.  Plus it’s cheaper.  That did help elevate my energy levels but it remains to be seen when my next cycle starts.  The solution he prescribed for my digestive system did help move things along, which really does help A LOT in terms of making me feel a lot better.

My Understanding

Now to wrap things up, my own thoughts of this whole experience.  I still need to get a second opinion, as with any other health concerns, and I do this even when I go to the doctor’s to get diagnosed with something.  Always get a second opinion or even third or fourth.  I believe it was my body reacting to the dairy content in the chocolates that I consumed, but I also think it was the fact that I binged on that and not just have a small amount that caused that reaction.  Added to that, I was under stress and was also going through my monthly cycle, hence making my body more susceptible to any adverse reactions due to a low immune system.  I also hadn’t been eating well the last few weeks in the lead up to that “hives incident”.  Skipping breakfast, or even when I do I don’t eat enough and then over-indulging in foods I should only be eating in moderation.  So really, my own doing to cause my body’s system to go “STOP!”

What Will I Do Next? 

How will I move forward now that I know what’s “wrong” with my body?

  • Basically limit the amount of dairy I consume, that is if I cannot avoid it and to take my tablets if I do have to have any.  Hello ice cream!  And when I say limited amount, I mean limited amount.
  • When it comes to chocolates, I’ll stick to those with high cocoa content and again, no more going on a binge, no matter how stressful I am.
  • Continue taking multivitamins because I know I need it.  My regular diet isn’t really that great and I need all the energy I can get to keep going.
  • Fibre, fibre, fibre!  I need to add foods with more fibre into my diet – yet another thing lacking in my system.

Will I be going back to the naturopath?  I don’t think so.  It’s not a need and I still have about a month to see how things go.  So really, the good news is, I can still eat chocolates, just in extreme moderation and only the really fabulous ones 😉 .  Not complaining there.  And can someone tell me, is cocoa/cacao a nut?






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