Health & Lifestyle: Dates & Oats Bliss Balls Recipe

Health & Lifestyle: Dates & Oats Bliss Balls Recipe

If you’ve been following me on my Facebook page, then you would probably know that I’ve had something really big happened in the last week or so.  More precisely, something to do with my body.  Hives.  Yes, I broke into hives sometime ago and sadly, I have a feeling it had to do with the enormous consumption of chocolate.  Strangely though, it has never happened EVER, so it was still up in the air if it was indeed chocolates that caused my super annoying, mega itchy hives.  So I asked on the page if anyone else have had a reaction to chocolate:

On a more personal note…my body has broken in hives the past two nights. Happened on Monday night while I was…

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Surprisingly, the responses that came up showed that in fact it was common to get an allergic reaction from eating certain types of chocolate.  Let’s just say my world sort of crumbled then because chocolate is my coping mechanism.  Sad truth!  Anyway, having a sweet tooth also doesn’t help, and I love popping a bite of chocolate (or 10!) while I’m doing work on the laptop.  Having to try and avoid chocolate for the time being, I decided to deal with my sweet tooth by making some bliss balls.  My own recipe of course.  It’s quick, easy and I had to try and stop Master 9 from finishing my stash!

Dates & Oats Bliss Balls Recipe


1 cup of Medjool dates pitted

1 cup of rolled oats

2 teaspoons flax seeds

3 tablespoons of tahini


Place the first two ingredients in a food processor and blitz until they have broken down.  Add the tahini and blitz again.

processing bliss balls mixture

Then with slightly wet hands, shape the mixture into balls.  I made smaller sized bliss balls and had around 15 – 18 in quantity.

rolling bliss balls mixture

You could also roll this in some shredded coconut or plain cocoa.

date oats bliss balls

Very quick, easy and delicious.  Medjool dates are really sweet so you can reduce the quantity if you find 1 cup to be way too sweet for you.

As for the verdict to my allergic reaction?  It’s the dairy in the chocolate and some other factors that contributed to that.  I’ll share the experience of my visit to the naturopath with you next week.  Stay tuned!!





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