Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Modern Mum

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Modern Mum

I shared last Friday what I really Loved, Liked and Loathed about Mother’s Day and asked if anyone would like me to put together a gift guide of some sort.  One of my blogging pals and reader, Jacqui from Common Chaos Chronicle gave me a suggestion to put together a gift guide for the “modern” mum.  She’s sick of slippers, soaps, ‘Best of” CDs, tea sets, dressing gowns and nighties.  I don’t blame her – pretty lame list there I must say.  But I sure have got my work cut out for me.  Challenge accepted Jacqui!

Honestly though, it IS pretty hard to come up with THE PERFECT gift guide.  Everyone has different needs, wants and interests right?  I mean, for me, it’s all about the sleep-in, breakfast in bed and “no cooking” day, and when it come to presents, I’m a pretty practical person – not that I’d ever say no to a bunch of flowers though ;).  So here goes!  Here’s what I’ve put together.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Modern Mums

First off, let’s define what a modern mum is shall we?  In my books, a modern mum is someone who is all-encompassing – she does EVERYTHING, because you know what, she does.  She works – be it at home or outside and this includes those who don’t necessarily bring home the bacon –  she is a team manager or coordinator of a committee of some sort, she is someone who gives a hoot about her health, she has other interests like baking, crafting, she is someone who cares about how she looks (even if she doesn’t admit it), she is a student…I could go on and on.  She is one busy cookie!  I think I just described myself there…

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1. A good sunscreen is an important part of any woman’s daily skincare regime, and one with a good SPF protection is a must.  I love ^Invisible Zinc, especially when I’m out running – you can never have enough protection from those UV rays, especially here in Australia.

2. Why not kill two birds with one stone by storing your jewellery in something stylish yet functional like this jewellery tree rrp$47.39. Made from either Tasmanian oak veneer or walnut wood veneer, this jewellery tree is not only Australian made but adds a nice contemporary touch your room decor.

3. Want a gift that gives?  Every purchase of a 1 Face Watch rrp$55.00 of your choice goes towards a certain charity.  For instance, $10 from the sale of this yellow digital watch goes towards funding education through

4. Get sheltered from the wet rain in this spunky and stylish ^windbreaker jacket rrp$30.00. Great for when you’re out and about doing sports, or even for running your errands in.

5. I’ve had my ^Fitbit Flex rrp$92 for over a year now and I thought it was one of the best presents Mr. C had ever gotten me.  Fabulous way of tracking your daily steps, nightly sleeping hours and even the food you eat!

6. Relax and unwind with this gorgeous scented candle from ^Ecoya rrp$33.96, with the scent of winter berries and sweet peppercorn to warm up any chilly winter’s day.

7. Tote bags are such an essential especially seeing that we carry almost EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink!  This stylish structured ^tote bag rrp$54.95 is the perfect accessory for any outfit with its classic lines.

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8. For those who enjoy a good flip of the odd magazine, a ^subscription would make the perfect gift.  From fashion magazines, home decor, and even cooking, you will be spoilt for choice!  I’ve got a whole collection of Delicious magazine that I often go back to for some new recipe ideas.

9. Feeling creative?  I created this word art with picmonkey and all that’s needed is to have it printed and framed in an inexpensive frame.  Ikea has lots to choose from and this will make the perfect personalised gift! You are only limited by your own creativity.

10. Who doesn’t love a day out?  High tea seems to be a popular choice and ^Red Balloon has a whole list of places that serves up high tea, perfect for that girls day out.

11. After some craft ideas, style and/or beauty advice or even a book that has anything and everything you can bake?  Books are the light of my life and those I’ve shared would make the perfect addition to any woman’s collection.  For craft lovers, try Pip Lincoln’s ^Craft for the Soul rrp$29.43.  Want a little styling advice?  Nikki’s ^Unlock Your Style rrp$ will help you enhance your own personal style, and Zoe Foster’s ^Amazing Face rrp$33.50 will help you build some basic beauty and skincare “wardrobe”.  For those who love baking like I do, then I highly recommend this ^Baking Bible rrp$35.95 (which I have by the way).  You’ll never run out of ideas on what to bake!

I hope that covers everything. I thought I’d keep some of the more “regular” stuff in the gift guide but add a little twist to it.  There’s a bit of functional yet fun ideas.  What’s your favourite from this guide?


^Denotes an affiliate link, sales from which earns me a small commission but is at no extra cost to you. 





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