What I Really Love, Like & Loathe About Mother’s Day

What I Really Love, Like & Loathe About Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is…when is Mother’s Day again?  Sorry, I had to actually check when it was and Google tells me it’s on the 10th May – in two week’s time.  Has your child’s school started spruiking its Mother’s Day Stall ads yet?  Mine has and while I appreciate the sentiment of having the kids choose items sold by the school parents committee, my kids have learned that it’s better for them to save their money and get something I can actually use.

While it was exciting when Miss 13 was first in prep and spent her nifty $5 on a really lovely mug – she really did choose the perfect mug with an ethereal angel design – but…it broke minutes after she had gotten it.  Her heart broke and so did mine!  I had to help her fix it so she could give it to me.  I still have that mug and I still use it.  What can I say but I’m just a sentimental person.  I still have the very first card my kids made me even.

Then came the other two’s turns to choose something they think Mummy might love.  Apparently I was rather difficult to buy for.  Not because I wanted something specific, but more because I’d rather they save their money then spend in on something that couldn’t be used.  And I’d rather they made me something, even if it’s a card.  In fact I LOVE cards!

So on this week’s Love, Like and Loathe, instead of showcasing a gift list for Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share what I Love, Like and Loathe about Mother’s Day.

Love, Like & Loathe Mother’s Day Edition


I love being pampered because the only time I get pampered is during school holidays where my kids would bring me coffee in bed.  On Mother’s Day they go all out, and now that Misses 11 and 13 can cook, I know there’ll be HOT breakfast in bed 😉 .   And looking at Miss 13’s soccer schedule this year, it’ll be in the afternoon on home ground, which means I get breakfast in bed!  Woohoo!

love heart vines

I also enjoy the little gifts they shower me, more often than not it’s a joint gift from the kids.  This year though I’ve requested for them to either make a donation to either donate to breast cancer research to receive a Mother’s Day card or a donation to Oxfam Unwrapped.  I don’t really need anything and I’ve got what I really want already with me – my kids, my family.  Yes, corny I know, but they’re my rock.

What else do I love?  I love that I get to spend time with the kids, because that’s what being a mum is all about isn’t it?  Yes I do get a “get out of cooking duty” card as well, but that’s besides the point.  It means I get to chill out, not stress out over mundane things wondering what to cook that day.


You know how hard it was to find something I just liked about Mother’s Day?  I love so many things that I could not find a thing I liked about it!  I guess if you had to twist my arm, I like looking at the different gift lists that come up for Mother’s Day.  You might say it’s commercialised but, what in this world isn’t right?  And I like looking at kids who put in all their effort in trying to get the best gift ever for their mums.  I remember helping out at one at the Mother’s Day stalls one year and the kids were all so serious about what to get mum.  They were actually enjoying (some were stressful too) buying stuff for mum and a little bit extra for themselves with whatever change they might have.  Cute to the max!

jar of love


What do I loathe about Mother’s Day?  That it only happens ONCE a year!  Come on people!  I think every week should be Mother’s Day.  I’m not saying we should get presents every week (don’t mind if I do really ahhahaha), but why can’t Sundays be a day where mum gets appreciated for what she does EVERY DAY!  Much like dads with Father’s Day too…let’s make it a special Sunday every week!  Am I pushing it?

thank you

I mean think about it, why do we have to wait that ONE day in the year to make the people we love feel special?  Why wait for THAT day?  Why can’t we show how much we appreciate that person every other day too?  Sure it serves as a good reminder, but I say stuff that, I say let’s celebrate awesomeness and show the people we love how much we appreciate them every week, every day!  Even the littlest thing like saying “Thank You”, or changing their toothbrush for them, or even …changing the toilet roll!


What do you love, like and loathe about Mother’s Day?  Also if you really, really would like me to put together a gift list for Mother’s Day, do let me know!




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  • Ok, I love the fact that Mothers Day exists because without the prompt, I fear I’d be well and truly forgotten about. LOL Although…. this year I will be sharing Mothers Day with my twins 11th birthdays. Nothing is sacred when you’re a mum! Not even mothers day!
    I like their hand-picked gifts, but at $5 a pop, I have requested that they put their $5’s together, equalling $30, and buy me something that I can use and love and of course, reduce the amount of dust-collecting clutter!
    I loath that stores assume that all mothers want the same lame presents each and every year. Slippers, soaps, best of CDs, tea sets, dressing gowns and nighties. UGH, please. Perhaps you’d like to put together a gift guide for the more ‘modern’ mummy?

    • Norlin says:

      Hmmm…great idea Jacqui! I might actually do that! I agree! Why is it always slippers, soaps and stuff…seriously???? Although, I don’t mind some comfy good pjs tbh 😉

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