Friday’s Favourites: Teen Wolf Series, Dior & I, L’Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream

Friday’s Favourites: Teen Wolf Series, Dior & I, L’Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream


On this week’s Friday’s Favourites, I’ve got surprisingly, a television series on my list of favourites.  Why is this so surprising?  Well, I don’t watch television very much.  So when I do, it’s a very rare thing indeed.  I blame Mr. C for signing us up to Stan, which in case you’re wondering, is yet another one of those streaming services – much like Netflix.  I was skeptical at first, in fact, I’m still skeptical about its value to be honest.  But, I stupidly started watching a particular series that they had on there…Teen Wolf.  I know, I know…I’m too old to enjoy teenage, high school type series, but hello, it’s a paranormal series and it actually is pretty intriguing!

  • Teen Wolf Series

If you’re wondering if this is a spin-off from the original Teen Wolf film featuring Michael J. Fox, then no, it’s not.  It’s slightly more dramatic, less comedy (or none at all) and while there are a number of things that make you think, “Yeah, as if a teacher will stay over late at night in school; a large school, to do her work??”, or “Yeah, I’ll go for a run in the woods all by myself near an old dilapidated house”, those sort of things, the story lines are pretty intriguing.

teen wolf

“Teen wolf season 4 promo” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia

Sure it’s all about the main character, Scott getting bitten by an Alpha wolf to turn him and how he manages that and the “adventures” that come with being a werewolf, but it’s the many different scenarios that come up that keeps it interesting.  What I thought worked well was how the different stories connected seamlessly to create that perfect ending to each season.  I have now finished season 3 and from what I’ve read season 4 seemed a tad bit ridiculous, or on the way to getting there – like what most series usually turn into – so I’m not quite sure if I’ll continue to watch this series.  Oh who am I kidding!  Of course I will!

Thanks to Madman Entertainment I scored a double pass to watch the documentary film, Dior and I and after a few “glitches” I finally got to see the film this week.  I don’t think they’ll be running this film for a long time so you need to hurry and watch it, as it’s worth every single minute of your time, especially if you’re a huge fan of fashion. Or more like a fan of wanting to know how things work behind the scenes of a fashion show.

dior and i still

The film takes us behind-the-scenes of Raf Simons’ first ever show with the Dior house.  Known to be a minimalist, his challenge was not only to show that he COULD live up to the Dior name but also to have his collection ready in 8 weeks!  No pressure there.

Having a collection ready is just one of the things that needs to get done, Raf also has to oversee the location and the choreography of the show, right down to how the whole place would look like.  And like with any other situation, Raf was also faced with a multitude of challenges.  What really impressed me, besides his collection and vision, was his determination to get something done.  To find ways to achieve what he wanted and not to give up right until the end.  I also loved how the film showcased the importance of the whole process being about teamwork and the humility he has towards his team.  The film captured the essence of the pressure felt by everyone perfectly, the emotions, and I’m actually surprised that Raf allowed himself to be filmed, considering how anxious he is usually around cameras.

Definitely a film worth watching for fashion lovers out there.

Another blur cream? And what exactly is a blur cream?  Well as the name would suggest, it helps blur out your…not your face really but the pores on your skin.  Sort of.  The cream comes in a tube and is actually tinted.  I would say it acts more like a tinted primer.  While it claims to hide imperfections, I’d say it doesn’t, it acts just as a primer.  According to L’Oreal, it’s the “micro-blur technology” that helps create this effect.  I’d say it’s the silicone that helps generate a flawless finish. 😉

nude magique blur cream

The L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique Blur Cream does come in two shades – light to medium and medium to dark.  I wear the latter, but I really doubt it makes much of a difference which shade you choose as the colour part of the cream really doesn’t do much.  What I do love is the fact that it DOES give me a nice, smooth base for me to apply my foundation, be it powder, liquid or cream and my BB Cream.  I have worn it on its own and while it doesn’t give me complete coverage, it does give me a nice, smooth finish. I have found that it was a lot easier to blend in the concealer underneath my eyes, than when I don’t have any on.  Helps when you’ve got fine lines over there!

micro blur technology

nude magique nozzle

So far I’ve been wearing this all week – more because I forgot I had it and decided to try it that one day – and have found that like what primers normally do, it does help my makeup last all day. What I also liked was the fact that it’s not as pricey as the primers I normally use – Lancome and Benefit – so that’s a bonus in itself.  L’Oreal does have two other primers, the ^Revitalift Magic Blur and ^Skin Perfection Magic Touch, which as reviewed by Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous, essential does the same thing – blurs out imperfections.  But having tried the other two previously I have to admit that the Nude Magique felt a lot softer on my skin.  Maybe there’s more silicone in it? I have no idea. And yes it’s tinted when the other two aren’t but like I’ve mentioned above, that didn’t really make a whole lot of difference.


That’s it for this week’s Friday’s Favourites.  What made it onto YOUR favourites list this week?  Any new television series I should get stuck into?  What about films?  And have you tried the blur cream I mentioned?



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