Love, Like & Loathe: Dove Choose Beautiful Campaign, Urban Decay & Assignments

Love, Like & Loathe: Dove Choose Beautiful Campaign, Urban Decay & Assignments

Missed yesterday’s post?  Well, I have to admit that I’ve been a little bit behind on my regular posts no thanks to the school holidays and other lame excuses.  Lame, yes lame.  Anyway, I’m back again today with this week’s Love, Like and Loathe post.  This week, it’s all about the latest Dove campaign that actually reduced me to tears (or it could actually be me PMSing), the makeup brand that hit Mecca Cosmetica just before the school holidays AND the thing I’m bogged down with right this moment.


LOVE – The Dove Choose Beautiful Campaign

Yesterday, I saw this particular video doing its rounds; the latest Dove campaign.  I was watching it with Miss 11.  Basically it showcased two doorways – “beautiful” and “average” – and women had to pick which doorway they regarded themselves as and go through it.  From the video, I think the campaign was held in a few countries.  What I saw really opened my eyes to how we see ourselves.  Quite a large number of women chose to enter via the “average” doorway and I found that sad.  I found it sad that many of us wouldn’t regard ourselves as being beautiful because…well, for me personally, I think it’s that unreachable ideal of what we “think” is beautiful.


I asked Miss 11 which doorway she would choose and she said, “I would pick somewhere in between.  Not beautiful but not average”.  I was pretty surprised with her choice as she’s a girl with a lot of confidence and yet she picked neither.  When I told her that I would go through the average” doorway, she simply said I was being stupid.  In fact she actually said to me, “But mummy, you’re beautiful”.  That had me in tears because she could see what I cannot see in myself.  She saw beauty when I saw boring, lame, simple and…average.  I’m not writing this to get you to praise me or anything.  I’m sharing this because I think we’ve grown up with a warped sense of being.  We focus too much on the negative parts of ourselves, be it physically or otherwise.  At least I know I do.  I mean how many times have we fretted over something on our face or body that nobody else sees?  Always.  I think we need to start learning to accept our flaws as the unique parts of ourselves and focus on parts that makes us beautiful, and I’m not just talking about physical beauty but everything else.  What say you? Will you #choosebeautiful?


LIKE – Urban Decay in Australia

If you haven’t already heard by now, the cult brand Urban Decay has finally made it’s  way onto our Australian shores, and is readily available at Mecca Cosmetica.  I skipped the launch, which was on a Friday, the 27th March because I was on my teaching placement.  It wasn’t until Saturday that I managed to make my way down to Southland’s Mecca Cosmetica that I finally got to see, touch and feel the Urban Decay range.  It also helped me decide which items I actually should get!  While I was doing my #beautydiet, I did have Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed palette on my wishlist, but then it got me thinking…do I really need another blush, highlighter and bronzing palette?  Ok, so I don’t need anymore makeup but I’ve got enough of those to last me a long time so why bother with another right?

Urban Decay Purchases

So what did I end up getting from the Urban Decay range?  The non-impulse buy was the Naked 24/7 double-ended eye pencil in Naked 3, which was designed to go with the Naked 3 palette, but something I had my eye on for a long time.  The other two products sheer revolution lipstick in  sheer shamewere definitely the case of getting distracted by pretty things.  I couldn’t resist their Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Sheer Shame; a rich berry shade and no thanks to Misses 11 and 13, I bought the Naked3 eyeshadow palette.

Thankfully they were not purchases I regretted making and I’m so far liking them all!  The sheer revolution lipstick might look a tad rich on the tube, but in actual fact it gives a lovely berry shade on my lips.  Much like the Youngblood Cosmetics lipstick I wanted but was sold out.  But it does eat off my lips, which was to be expected, leaving a nice stain afterwards.  The Naked 3 palette is just so pretty with its rosy undertones, going well with the eye liner that was designed for it and actually works well with my skintone.


Price wise, I was surprised that there wasn’t that much of a difference with the U.S prices, when you consider the exchange rate and postage.  Especially when the U.S dollar is a lot stronger at the moment.  I’ve now got m eye on the Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation.  But at $52 I think that might take a while for me to decide to actually get it.  How about you?  Are you a fan of Urban Decay like I am? What products did you end up getting?


LOATHE – Assignments

What is the bane of my existence at the moment?  Assignments!  Ok so I shouldn’t complain because it really beats having to sit for exams, something that I don’t have to go through in this current teaching course…and thank goodness for that!  But I am also pretty much over having to share my research findings or reflection on teaching, policies or whatever not.  Don’t get me wrong, I love learning about these things, I love discussing about it and I just love teaching itself.  I just cannot stand the part where I have to create words to get that piece of paper in order to finish my course.  Maybe I’m just tired of all the academic learning I’ve been doing so much off the past few years and am just ready to rejoin the workforce.  I’m just glad this will be my very last year of my studies!





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