Fashion Day: What I Wore On My Final Teaching Round

Fashion Day: What I Wore On My Final Teaching Round

This is it.  The last two weeks marked my final teaching placement, which means it’s all research reports and essays from here on until the end of the course this year.  And then I will embark onto the real deal.  Actually teaching – that’s IF I manage to get a teaching position of course.  Fingers crossed it will all work out well next year.

While I’d like to say that I was totally organised when it came to what to wear for my final stint, I have to admit that it was thanks to having basics that helped me put together an outfit without having to think too much.  I’ve shared in previous posts the basic items one would need to dress professionally and still keep your personality and sanity intact.  So in this post, I’ll share with you what I wore during my two weeks – except that one day where I was at school until 7pm because of parent/teacher interviews – my secret? Great basic pieces.

What I Wore On My Final Teaching Round

 Week 1

teaching rounds week 1

Top row left – right:

  • Day 1

As much as I love my monochrome, I had to add a pop of colour to my whole outfit and this fuchsia cardigan from Cotton On that I bought a while back gives this whole outfit that nice kick in the rear really.  I wore the black and white polka dot shirt from Popbasic with a black pencil skirt, also from Popbasic.

  • Day 2

Another piece by Popbasic on my second day and this time it’s the Le Breton dress.  I added a brown skinny leather belt which came with Popbasic’s grey marle dress from another collection and gave the whole outfit some structure with a dark denim blazer from Zara.  See how a blazer can give you that nice, smart finish?

  • Day 3

Prints light up my life – for now – and I chose to wear the printed business shirt from Hawes & Curtis that I wore previously on my last round.  This time, I wore it with a pair of slim **navy jogger style pants from Boohoo.  Although I haven’t got any shoes on in the photo I did wear a pair of heels with them.

Bottom row left – right:

  • Day 4

I have to admit I had run out of ideas by the time I hit Day 4 of my placement.  I grabbed the same black pencil skirt I wore on the first day and this time paired it with a simple short sleeved black tee from Cotton On.  Then to smarten up my outfit, I added a printed collarless jacket and a light blue beaded necklace.

  • Day 5

End of the week meant something slightly more casual yet still professional.  I decided to wear the grey marle skater dress from Popbasic, added a belt, and a **colourful necklace from Wanderlust + Co. for some fun colours.  The same dark denim blazer from Zara completed my outfit and once again, made me look a lot more professional than just a fun casual Friday outfit.

Week 2

teaching rounds week 2

Top row left – right:

  • Day 1

I know…I’ve got a mad obsession with polka dots and stripes, so naturally I picked another polka dot shirt to start my week.  This time in reverse – black dots on white background.  Also worn with a black pencil skirt, but this time, it’s slightly higher on the waist and is paired with a red skinny belt.  And yes, I did bring along my trusty fuchsia cardigan 😉 .

  • Day 2

School athletics day and it HAD to rain!  The temperature was pretty low too and super windy!  I wore a pair of faded black cropped jeans I bought years ago from Target and teamed it with a green shirt underneath from Temt.  My mentor was in green house so I was representing that team.  Popbasic’s infinity scarf came in handy and kept me slightly warm that day and thank goodness for the hooded waterproof jacket I had on from Mix Apparel.  I teamed the outfit with a pair of mint green converse too.  Had I known it would be THAT cold on the day, I would’ve brought along my beanie too.

Bottom left – right:

  • Day 3

Yes, it IS that same fuchsia cardigan you see me wearing on Day 3 of my second week.  This time I wore that with a **dark chambray shirt I had bought at a sale from Bonds and paired it with a **charcoal grey pencil skirt (similar style **here) from Sussan.  The weather was definitely getting a lot colder then, so I had to wear my black tights with boots that day.  The same colourful necklace graced my outfit on the day, to make me look less like a school marm.

  • Day 4

It’s not pictured in this post but, on this day, I wore a striped tee from Popbasic that you’ve seen here, with the same pencil skirt from Popbasic and a black blazer from Zara.  I also wore a chunky chain necklace to go with the outfit.

  • Day 5

Final day of placement – ever – and I was about to run late, even though I wasn’t late.  I grabbed a black dress from Popbasic, wore it with this chunky black and white cardigan from Sussan that I’ve had since forever and wore some black tights and my favourite Wittner boots to end my rounds.  I also wore a **gunmetal necklace with a double leopard motif I bought from Wanderlust + Co, to add a little oomph to my outfit.

That’s my round up and now it’s back to jeans!  Thank goodness!  As much as I enjoyed dressing up for work each day, I did miss wearing my trusty daily jeans combos.  Tell me, which one/s were you favourites out of the nine outfits featured?



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