Love, Like & Loathe – Wayne Goss, Spring Rein & Facebook Haters

Love, Like & Loathe – Wayne Goss, Spring Rein & Facebook Haters

Woohoo!  It’s Fantastic Friday!  I’ve had a long week – yeah, this coming from someone who doesn’t work out of the home and suddenly has to do that plus continue with my other responsibilities on the homefront – it’s been tiring but exciting as well.  Anyway, I’ve managed to share this week’s Love, Like and Loathe list!  The list features a makeup guru on YouTube that I absolutely LOVE, a new celebrity fragrance and something to do with Facebook.


When it comes to makeup, I admit I can only do the simple stuff.  I’m not a pro, but I manage and there’s still a lot to learn.  This is where YouTube comes in handy, because while it’s fine and dandy to see beautiful photos of tutorials, I’d much prefer watching to see how things are done.  That’s just me though.  On this week’s Love list is a makeup guru that I’ve been following and absolutely love.  In fact, I think a lot of the beauty bloggers follow this guy too.  His name is Wayne Goss from Goss Makeup Artist.  This guy doesn’t just do tutorials on makeup looks but he shares some amazing tips that you might not know.

For instance, his foundation tip that actually did change my life.  His simple tip is to apply loose powder AFTER applying a primer or moisturiser and then applying your foundation, which would help make your makeup last longer throughout the day!  Did it work? Yep, sure did!  I’ve been using this method to do my makeup every morning, all this week and it’s amazing how much longer my makeup lasts.

Here’s the video I was talking about:

I love how thorough he is when explaining his steps and why he do those steps.  I also loved his Fresh Dewy Flawless Skin Made Easy tutorial, because it’s just so easy!

Wayne has got a lot more videos and they’re all pretty interesting.  So if you do get to watch some of them, do let me know what you think.


All hail Queen Perry…I’m talking about Katy Perry of course!  Having released a few versions of her fragrance, *Katy Perry’s new **Spring Rein is the perfect mix of soft, fresh, florals, perfect for spring!  Yes, appropriate timing if you’re not in Australia of course.  But, seeing that we’re in Australia, this would make a great daytime fragrance, thanks to the sweet, soft and rather floral scent thanks to the pink freesia, May flower rose and violet petals.

katy perry spring reign

The fragrance is housed in the same jewel shaped bottle, only this time in a soft, pink shade with a rose gold cap instead, to match the scent.  Usually it retails for $69 but Priceline is having a special and it’s now only $49!


I think I need to clarify this.  I don’t loathe Facebook haters per se, what I do loathe are what some people who use Facebook say of others – people who are their FRIENDS on Facebook.  Sure we lurk (or maybe that’s just me?) and things shared by our friends come up on our feed.  Sometimes, it can be funny things, serious things, political things and sometimes even things that can annoy you.  I know because it happens to me too.  But here’s the thing, instead of complaining about what my friends share all the time, I do this…you know that hide button?  I click that.

I hide whatever I find offensive or I don’t like looking at.  I know it can be tricky to unfriend or defriend someone on Facebook, for the fear of offending them, so instead I hide.  That way they don’t know that I’m not seeing things I don’t want to see from them AND I still keep the friendship intact.  I know people do this to me too, and while I do admit that it does hurt a little but I do accept that hey, they’re being polite.  What I do loathe is when people complain about it but still have it on their feed.  For instance when singles or people with no kids complain about friends who share their baby’s photos on their Facebook page all the time.  Thing is it’s THEIR page, so it’s up to them if they want to share it.  Or when people keep on sharing what they eat – hey, it’s a good way of knowing what’s out there.  To me Facebook is a means for people to communicate with the people on their Facebook FRIEND list about their life.  Some might exaggerate, some might irritate…so you know what?  Click the hide button.  And please, don’t come and tell me that you are sick of seeing baby photos.  I’ve got kids and I do take offence to that.  Plus I love looking at baby photos.


That’s it for this week’s Love, Like and Loathe.  Tell me, what are you loving, liking and loathing this week?  How has your week been?  Good, bad or average?


*I was given Spring Reign for editorial consideration

**Denotes an affiliate link, sales from which will earn me a small commission but is at no extra cost to you. 




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  • I have Katy Perry’s Killer Queen Royal Revolution, the blue bottle which I love. I’d love to try her Spring Reign fragrance as well. Sounds like my type of fragrance.

    • Norlin says:

      That’s the only one I don’t have Ingrid! Would love to try it! 🙂 Might wait for Priceline to have a sale on fragrance so I can get my hands on that one.

  • Barbe says:

    Wayne Goss? He is wonderful! He knows what he is doing, doesn’t do make ups that are unattainable for us lay people and has given me the BEST tips. The powder before foundation works so well for me too. The other tip he has given that j have to try out but am too scared too: a drop of oil in your foundation.
    Katy Perry: will have to give that a go, sounds lovely.
    FB whiners? Yeah my pet peeve too. Not that hard to either ignore or hide. Loved reading this! X

    • Norlin says:

      Yes! Isn’t he just AMAZING!!! And so practical too. Yeah, like you I’m a bit scared to try the oil in foundation. Great for those with dry skin and I’ve got combination (oily) skin. A friend of mine has tried that tip and she says it worked beautifully for her.

  • Your ‘loathe’ is actually a brilliant social media lesson! What great advice to keep things positive online. x

    • Norlin says:

      Thanks Sonia. I think it’s just rude for people to complain about their friends’ happiness you know. If they don’t like it, just hide it! 😉

  • Sheryl says:

    I love Wayne!! I actually haven’t tried that powder after primer then foundation but i will tomorrow!
    Also like you my skills are pretty basic and i have this idea of how I want my makeup but reality sinks in and my work is not that glamourous hahaha and my little one doesn’t really give me time but i still look forward to the makeup application every morning. it’s my me time 🙂 Love you Blog! so glad Feli showed me your blog hahaha

    • Norlin says:

      Isn’t he just fab?! I love his tips!! And today I tried his other concealer tip – damn it works! Glad you love my blog and I love yours too! It’s so good to have Feli introduced us! 😉

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