Fashion Day: SNS Colour Challenge & Styling A White Blazer

Fashion Day: SNS Colour Challenge & Styling A White Blazer

Woohoo!  One more day until Friday everyone!  I’m especially excited for tomorrow, as it’ll be the day where I get to go to a birthday party!  And, not a bloody kids birthday party but an adult one.  Hahaha…yes, I don’t get out much do I?  I’ve sorted out her present – it’s her 30th, which also makes me feel so much older – and now all I’ve got to do is sort out my outfit and decide what to do about my dreaded “in limbo” hair.  Did I say I was excited?!  Understatement my dear Sherlock!

Ok, enough about my over-zealous excitement over someone else’s 30th birthday party, but here’s this week’s Fashion Day and I’ll be talking a little bit about colour, more precisely, it’s all about Vanessa, from Style & Shenanigan’s SNS Colour challenge.  You know I love a good challenge, and I love it even more when it’s done over 5 days only.  No huge commitment there for any commitment-phobes out there (like me!).  So far, I’ve done all three of her SNS Colour challenges.  For those wondering what they are, I’ve included an image of Vanessa’s challenge below:

sns colour challenge 2015

SNS Colour Challenge 2015

Day 1 saw me in various shades of grey.  So apt, seeing that in Melbourne, the sky decided to turn grey and sprinkle a little of some much needed downpour.  Thank goodness I had already done my walk/run along the beach before the weather turned!

sns colour: shades of grey

T-shirt: Popbasic (similar **here)

Chinos: GAP

Cardigan: Bought online at some super cheap store

It wasn’t a surprise to find quite a number of grey numbers in my wardrobe.  The only issue was that it wasn’t that cold for me to put on my grey sweaters, as most of them were just that – meant for colder weathers.  But, I managed to find a soft grey, short sleeved tee, which I paired with a pair of my grey chinos from Gap and then threw on a dark grey cardigan with some black faux leather panels on the front.  Shades of grey anyone?

sns colour: pastel central

Top: H & M (bought at a sale for only $5!!)

Jeans: Zara Trafaluc 

Day 2 was a complete turnaround from day one, which saw me donning on this mint green skinny jeans with a dark blue top for Pastel Central.  I contemplated wearing my soft pink jeans but thought – nah…too predictable.  Without looking washed out, I opted to pair my lighter pants with a darker top, but still in sort of the same family of colours.

sns colour: Jewel Tones

Loose Tank: Cotton On

Printed pants: Sussan

Day 3 saw the colours getting bolder, and brighter – Jewel Tones – perfect rise to a crescendo with it being mid-week and all huh?  While I would have loved to have worn my green maxi skirt, I thought against it as it was a pretty warm day then.  I actually had to check the colour of this top I wore against the Pantone colour chart to see if I got my colour right – Emerald.  This colour never fails to stump me.  I used to avoid this colour – or green for that matter.  But, I’ve grown to love it ever since I bought that maxi skirt from Popbasic.

Today is Day 4 – Back to Nature and I believe, besides wearing those neutral beiges, khakis, basically earth tones; white can be termed as going back to nature – I mean it’s white, there’s no colour in it. It’s natural.  Hahaha…that’s what I think anyway!  I won’t be wearing white today I don’t think, but I have however, helped another blogger friend of mine, Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous style HER white blazer over on her blog today.  Do check out what I’ve come up with over here.

white jacket with shorts

Are you playing along with Vanessa’s SNS Colour Challenge?  Follow me (if you haven’t already) on Instagram (@norlinm) to find out what I’ll be wearing for today’s Back To Nature prompt!.

P.S: Catch me and the other ladies who have joined in the weekly link-ups over at Kimba Likes & Redcliffe Style!


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