Random Monday: White Night Melbourne 2015

Random Monday: White Night Melbourne 2015

How fast did that weekend go?!  Mine was a mixed bag of full-on and super relaxing, depending on how you look at it.  First up, was the Saturday morning netball run – for Miss 11 that is.  An 8:10am start was ok in my books, because, as much as I would love to have a lie in, I would be up and going for my morning run around that time anyway.  Miss 11’s team won by a hair – a very close call, seeing that the other team caught up in the second half – they were one point ahead of their opponents.  Close call girls and a very good game indeed!  This was then followed by my morning run with Mr. C.  I did pretty well, even though I was 0.04 seconds below my goal pace.  That was me saying “stuff you” to what I suspect to be my perimenopausal stage.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxing, as I caught up on my reading – uni will be starting next week, so I need to suck up as much leisurely reading time as possible! – and then came the part where we had to decide if we wanted to check out White Night Melbourne this year.  We’ve missed out on the previous two years.  One reason being that I absolutely HATE crowds, and the second reason being…I hate crowds.  Ha! Yes, This girl who came from one of the most crowded cities in the world actually HATE crowds.  Go figure.  Plus it was so darn hot on Saturday.  Imagine – crowd plus heat – not a nice combination.

I suggested to Mr. C going on Sunday morning, say around 4am, where it would be a little less crowded and hopefully the weather would be slightly cooler by then.  A friend of mine had gone around that time last year and told me that it was the perfect time to head out instead of joining the crowds at night.

White Night Melbourne 2015

As usual, nobody listens to my suggestion, and instead we got up at 4am and headed out at 4:30am, leaving us about 2 hours to enjoy the installations – not enough time I would say, considering it was getting light around 6am’ish.

Regardless, we managed to catch the amazing installation outside of Forum and the buildings next to it, featuring the Alice in Wonderland theme.  Loved how the scenes change to reveal a different part of the story.

white night melbourne forum

The projection on Forum Theatre

white night flinders street

Along Flinders Street

We then headed down towards Bourke Street and passed by Londsdale Street where they had the “I Could Have Danced All Night” stage.  At the time, I think the Bounczn Dance Company were performing.  Great dancing, but umm…I think the singing…well, let’s just say, good on them for getting up there to perform, because we all know what a big feat that could be for us all.

white night melbourne state library

Eat Me inside the State Library of Victoria’s Dome

Next was the State Library of Victoria, where we were keen to see Eat Me, a projection created by French artists Antoine + Manuel, on the Library’s Dome.

white night rabbit hole

The Rabbit Hole – Projection by Nick Azidis

On the library’s facade was a projection by artist Nick Azidis, who transformed the exterior into the start of the Alice in Wonderland adventure.

We then headed back down to ACMI to experience The Cube, which was an experimental platform for interactive storytelling.  Developed by Google’s Creative Lab, The Cube is where filmmakers, musicians, artists and other creatives make films, in which the viewer controls the narrative structure.  The one that we saw was a cube with six concurrent scenes, “wrapped” around the cube and projected onto a screen.  Master 9 had the pleasure of handling the cube, turning it to see what story enfolds – all connected to each other, but in different locations – very intriguing indeed!

By then it was already 6:30am and the sky was starting to get lighter, we gave up on the idea of trying to get to the other locations because, really, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the light shows or installations in the light of day would we?  Lesson learned.

Tips To Enjoying White Night Melbourne for Families

Some tips on how you can enjoy YOUR White Night Melbourne experience next year, especially for families with younger children – or children for that matter.

  • Start the experience around the 3am – 3:30am mark, that way you avoid the larger crowds and have enough time to check out most, if not all of what’s on the programme.
  • Plan what to see – You can do this easily by creating an account through the White Night Melbourne website and add the events you would like to see.  This will also allow you to plan which way to head to first and so on and so forth.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – Need I say more?  You’ll be doing LOTS of walking, so make sure you wear comfortable footwear and avoid any chance of getting your toes being trampled on accidentally.
  • Bring along some water – While they do have free drinking water “stands” in certain areas, it’s so much easier to bring along your own to keep hydrated during your walk.
  • Have an early night – this should be top priority, especially if you and your kids are to wake up around say 3am or so.  You want it to be an enjoyable experience not a grumpy one 😉 .


These are the tips that I’ll be following next year, for a more organised experience.  We were sort of just walking blindly, not knowing where to head next.  I would have loved to have been able to check out the Neon Angel wings and the Chorus over at Queen Victoria Market.  I saw a lot of amazing images of Sita’s Garden over at Birrarung Marr, with the glowing lotus pond.  Never mind.  There’s always another year!

Did you check out White Night Melbourne too?  How was your experience?  What time did you head out, and how were the crowds then?






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