Friday’s Favourites: Liane Moriarty, Sam Hunt & Wanderlust + Co.

Friday’s Favourites: Liane Moriarty, Sam Hunt & Wanderlust + Co.

I love it whenever I have to do a Love, Like & Loathe or Friday’s Favourites post, it just means that we’ve finally come to the end of the week AND the weekend is right around the corner.  Never mind the fact that I’d have to wake up super early on Saturday for Miss 11’s netball game, at least I know I would be having 2 days of family and relaxing time.  Not bad at all.

Seeing that I’ve shared my Love, Like & Loathe list last week, I thought I’d share my list of favourites this week.  On this week’s list, I’ve got an author I absolutely adore, a singer and dare I say, genre of music I never thought I’d grow to love listening to and finally an online accessories store that I’ve been purchasing from.


Liane Moriarty

I don’t normally read Australian authors – I know that sounds really bad, but the ones I do love and read I am usually very loyal to – but this particular author stole my heart the moment I read **What Alice Forgot.  If you don’t already know who I’m talking about, it’s Liane Moriarty.  The characters in her novels often centre around everyday people, like you and me; people you can come across like maybe your colleague, neighbour or a family member even.  What makes it interesting is the air of mystery each novel brings.  What Alice Forgot for instance, centres around Alice, who has sudden amnesia and finds herself different from whom she remembers herself as.  Alice thinks she’s 29, pregnant with her first child and is still married and in love with her husband.  Unfortunately, the reality is that she’s now 39, is going through a nasty divorce and in fact has 3 children.  It’s this shocking reality that helps her re-assess her life, really look at what possibly went wrong and through that, we also discover what has been going on with her life through that 10 years.

liane moriarty

The next book I read of Liane’s is **The Husband’s Secret.  Here we delve into Cecilia’s life, who unexpectedly comes across a letter her husband has left for her, to be opened only at the time of his death.  Only thing is, he’s still alive.  Could she hold back that curiosity and keep herself from reading the letter?  Characters in the book who are not related to each other tend to get intertwined in this secret, a secret that could hurt everyone involved.

Finally, the most recent book I read is of course, **Big Little Lies, this time the story centres around the mums and dads of Pirriwee Public, which starts with a scandalous murder.  There’s the playground wars over an alleged 5 year old accused of being a bully, and we also get to have a look into the family dynamics of the characters involved.

I just love the way Liane is able to use everyday people, with everyday mundane lives and spin her stories to make it more than what could be going on in the real world.  While some might say that what happens in her books might seem a little far-fetched, when you really think about it, how much do we really know about the people around us?  Have you read any of Liane Moriarty’s books?  Which ones are your favourite?  I’ve just e-loaned another one of her books from the library and can’t wait to get stuck into it!


Sam Hunt

The next favourite thing on my list this week is music by Sam Hunt.  More importantly is the fact that his music is from a genre I would never have thought I’d listen AND enjoy listening to – country music.  I first heard his song, Take Your Time on Spotify and thought, “Hmm…this song isn’t bad actually”.  It wasn’t until I clicked over to his profile that I realised the genre.  I listened to his whole debut album Montevallo and lo and behold, I actually LOVED it!  In my defense though his music doesn’t sound like the typical, hard core country music – not that there’s anything wrong with that.  It’s like a mix of pop, a little bit of rock and country.  No hard core twang or anything.  And his voice is so…just amazing!

Here’s a taste of what I’ve been listening to:


Wanderlust + Co. 

The final thing on my favourites list is an online store that I’ve been purchasing from.  For lovers of jewellery and accessories, I share with you my favourite store – **Wanderlust + Co.  I made my first purchase from them during the Black Friday sales and snapped up four pieces that I know would go well with my wardrobe.  The prices were reasonable and I only had to wait just a little over a week for my purchases to arrive.  The range is very on-trend and set at a pretty good price point, I normally make my purchases when there’s a special or sale on though, so it’s best to sign up to their newsletter for any updates on their specials.
wanderlust + co

Another plus point that keeps me coming back is the fact that they really take good care when it comes to the packaging of your purchases.  Each piece is individually wrapped in a  plastic pouch and then bubble wrapped to ensure that they reach you in one piece.  The pieces are then placed in a box and tied with a ribbon, making it the perfect gift for someone or even for yourself!  There’s free international shipping when you spend over $50 too.


That’s it for this week’s Friday’s Favourites.  Have you read any of Liane Moriarty’s books?  What do you think about country music, or more importantly – Sam Hunt?  Is he your cup of tea?  And have you shopped at Wanderlust + Co. before?  Would love to hear your thoughts on the things I’ve shared on my list this week!


**Denotes affiliate links, sales of which will earn me a little commission but will NOT attract any additional cost to you. 



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