Monday Eats: What Is Cold Drip Coffee?

Monday Eats: What Is Cold Drip Coffee?

Coffee, the one thing I HAVE to have in my system before I even start my day.  I used to go by fine with just plain old instant coffee, and don’t get me wrong, if I’m desperate enough and that’s the only thing around I WOULD still consume that.  Just not decaf.  Been there and done that.  No thank you.

I know that there are some of you out there who are coffee connoisseurs.  You know your coffee inside out.  Me, well, not so much.  So long as my long macchiato tastes “right”, then I’ll be fine.  Unlike my earlier days of getting into the true brewed coffee, nowadays, it’s either a long black or a long mach.  I’m simple like that.

Coffee Cred

But, I’ve gone to a few cafes and noticed the term “cold drip” coffee.  I have no idea what that meant and thought maybe I should get a friend of mine, who also happens to have pretty good cred when it comes to brewing coffee.  He’s my high school friend Gabriel, who is a barista and came in 2nd in the 2012 Western Australian Barista Championships and even won the Western Australian Latte Art Championships in 2015.  So really, this guy makes a pretty decent (if not FAB!) coffee!

Gabriel is also a roaster, which means he roasts all the beans.  Co-owner of Blacklist Coffee Roasters over in South Perth W.A, Gabriel roasts all the beans there for use at their cafe;  Sprolo and all their other cafe accounts.  To add to his accolades, Gabriel is also a licensed Q Grader, which is a qualification that allows you to grade coffee internationally.  Q Graders go through a stringent 6 day course, which is known to be extremely difficult to pass.  So if that doesn’t make my friend Gabriel an expert on anything and everything to do with coffee, then I rest my case.

all about cold drip coffee

What Is Cold Drip Coffee?

N: Can you share with me the difference between cold drip coffee and the other type of brewed coffee we get served in cafes?

Gabriel: Both normal espresso-based hot coffee (like your flat whites and capps) and cold drip coffee use freshly roasted coffee. It’s how it’s brewed that is the difference. 

Cold drip or cold brew is brewing coffee by dripping cold water slowly onto a bed of ground coffee and then using that water to slowly extract the coffee using gravity and then collecting said coffee in a vessel below.  The resulting dripped coffee is used as a concentrate for iced coffee drinks.

cold drip coffee
I much prefer the Cold Brew system which steeps the coffee grounds in water for a minimum of 16-24hrs.  The final result is a glorious cold coffee which can be a concentrate or can be drunk as is depending on the brew ratio. We use the Toddy system at Sprolo.


N: Why is there a growing trend on cold drip coffee?
Gabriel: It is a really great way to enjoy coffee!  Especially in the summer months when it’s hot.  We feel throwing espresso shots in cold milk or over ice isn’t great, it changes the flavour of the coffee, but with cold brew, you get to retain everything the coffee can present to you flavour wise.


N: In your honest opinion, which is the best way to enjoy coffee? Cold drip or espresso based coffees?
Gabriel: I feel coffee should be enjoyed in all forms…. Except Decaf! Hahaha! Death before decaf i say!
N: I have to agree with Gabriel on that decaf statement.  Might as well not drink any I say because they taste…bleurgh!
Gabriel: But honestly, there is a time and place for every style of coffee.  My preferred coffee is filter coffee brewed in a Chemex, long blacks and sometimes a traditional cappuccino when I feel like a milk-based drink.


N: What do you think is more important when it comes to a good coffee?  Is it more in the type of beans or the way it’s been brewed?
Gabriel: Well, it’s all encompassing.  The different varieties of beans will offer different flavour profiles.  The different brew methods (espresso, filter, cold brew) will allow the different varieties of beans to speak to us differently. Make sense?

N: What’s your advice for those who are not used to the taste of cold drip coffee?
Gabriel: Get used to it! Haha!!  But seriously, if done well, I’m sure cold brew will and can be enjoyed by everyone.
N: Finally, how could one tell the difference between a “good” and “bad” coffee? Regardless of the way it has been brewed.

Gabriel: Well, taste is subjective.  But always follow your tastebuds.  Good green (unroasted coffee) can be roasted badly and it would taste horrible.  Good coffee roasted badly would taste bad.  So basically, follow your taste buds and hope your Barista knows what he/she is doing!! Hahaha!!


Thanks so much Gabriel for shedding some light (for me at least!) on what cold drip coffee is all about!  I hope it somehow demystified what cold drip coffee is to you too.  Now, I’m going to try that cafe near my kids school again, just to see if I can tell the difference between a regular brewed coffee and a cold drip one.  Any excuse for a coffee I say! 😉


If you’re over in Perth, do check out the coffee (and food) over at:
138 Canning Hwy
South Perth, WA

Have you tried cold drip coffee?  Do notice any difference between the regular brewed coffee and that?  Or you really don’t care as along as you don’t have to make your own coffee?




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  • My husband came home raving about a cold dripped coffee he had today – funny timing! He is a bit of a coffee snob. We’ve been known to have to consult Bean Hunter when we go out so he can find the best coffee 😉 I’m not a regular coffee drinker, but enjoy a good cup when I’m out from time to time.

    • Norlin says:

      Hahaha…I’m not much of a coffee snob, and I HAVE tasted yucky cold drip coffee. I guess I’m more of a “let’s see how this taste” sort of person. 🙂

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