Random Monday: Date Night Conversations

Random Monday: Date Night Conversations

It’s Monday, and if you’re expecting a Monday Eats post, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you.  You see, the last two places that Mr. C and I headed out for our weekly date night were rather disappointing.  Maybe not disappointing but more like, there was nothing to write home about.  Mediocre, and definitely places we won’t bother to come back to.  Ever.

So this week, it’s Random Monday and I’ll be talking about – Date Night Conversations.

Date Night Conversations

This topic actually reminded me of that Modern Family episode where Mitchell and Cameron go out for their first date night after a long time of not going on one after they adopted their daughter.  The awkward fear that they would end up talking about their child all night – like most couples with kids do on date nights.  The thing is, yes, we do the same thing too.  Both Mr. C and I usually talk about the kids, because let’s face it, they’re not around, so what better time to discuss ABOUT them without prying ears right??

date night conversations

We also do discuss other things, like his family and mine.  And we gossip and we vent because, we know it stays in the “cone of silence” when we share things that if we had shared with our friends, might somehow be construed as being mean, or bitchy.  But our partners know we’re just venting and they can usually give us their perspective on whatever situation we’re encountering.  Better still, I think Mr. C, loves a b*tchfest session. 😉

Last Saturday, we went to one of our favourite Italian restaurants, The Cellar Bar on Bourke Street. Sorry, no photos because we were seated too close to two other tables and I was too embarrassed to take photos of my food.  But trust me, the food there is amazing!  Back to the story.  We were talking about our friends, his colleagues, those sort of things until it came to the part about calling your partner at work.

You see, Mr. C and I are not the sort to show any PDA.  At all.  We will hold hands but, there’s no kissing in public, that sort of thing.  Sure we give each other a hug or a peck on the cheek in front of the kids, but not outside, in public.  We also do not share on Facebook how much we feel for each other.  Why bother when you can tell them straight to their faces?  To me, people sharing how much they love their partners on facebook is like, I don’t know, seems fake.  Why do you need to tell the world?  Anyway, It’s not just him, it’s both of us and we’re both fine with that.  We are pretty in-tuned with how we act around each other and in public.  That’s just us.

phone call

We also do not ring each other while the other is at work UNLESS there is something specifically important to ask, tell, and do.  That sort of thing.  The reason I’m telling you this is because, Mr. C was sharing how his colleague’s wife loves to ring his colleague during his lunch time – each day – EVERY DAY.  Yep.  That, to both of us was a weird concept.  Something we could not wrap our heads around because, why bother to ring and just chit chat when you’ll be seeing each other at the end of the day anyway?  Unless you’re not then, that’s a different story.


I rationalised that maybe his colleague enjoys talking to his wife.  The thing is, his colleague finds it really annoying but dares not tell his wife that, so he puts up with it.  Mr. C laughs each time his colleague’s wife rings.  He even says to his colleague that if he ever does that to me, I would bite his head off.  And he’s right.  I don’t ring unless it’s important, usually I text – if there’s no urgency.  He doesn’t ring unless he needs me to do something or needs to ask me something too because more often than not, while he’s working or at lunch I would be working at home.  That’s my only chance to get things done before the kids get home.  So I really hate to be interrupted so that we can have a chat – something we normally do when he gets home from work anyway.  We do de-stress and share our day at the dinner table and if it wasn’t for little ears, then just before bed.


Which actually makes me curious.  Are we the only couple that do not ring each other during the day unless absolutely necessary?  Do you and your partner often ring each other just to chat?  If so, I’m curious.  Why?  Don’t you talk when you’re home together, or maybe just before bed?  You know, before you wind down?  And what DO YOU chat about during the day?





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  • LeGeeque says:

    Oh my lord. No way. No,we don’t ring just to chat. I’m not sure what his colleague’s wife does but honestly, I barely have time for a proper lunch break. The day I actually have a proper sit down lunch at a cafe, the staff joke and say that yes, I’ve been released from my desk!

    Like you, we usually just text each other. LIke if there’s a juicy piece of goss, we’d just text and say,”Oh, remind me to tell you about miss bitchy today, omg, she’s so bitchy”. Stuff that can wait. Or, remember to pick up my wine from Dan Murphy’s. (Oh, I’d actually ring for that cos wine is pretty important) 😛

    I suppose, in a way, it’s sweet and everyone’s relationship is different. But like you, I’d find it coyingly sweet, I’d throw up and yes, chew his head off. 🙂 Isn’t love a wonderful thing? 🙂

    • Norlin says:

      I think she works in an office too. So glad to know I’m not alone in this! I just remembered what I did bite his head off for when he rang me that one time. To double check if we were still going to the Thriller concert…like he couldn’t TEXT me instead??? Or ask me when he got home???

  • Charmaine says:

    Hubs and I don’t ring each other during work hours. As you say, we’ll see each other at the end of the day to catch-up. We are both busy at work, and I hate to be bothered about trival chit chat. In saying that, I work with a few men whose wives ring ALL THE TIME. Wives ring because “talk to kids who are misbehaving”, “ask if they should put the bub to sleep”, “request their hubbies to go the shops to buy something from the shops or pick up an outfit they have put on hold”. The list goes on…
    Some guys like their wives to ring them at work, and ask for their opinions or decisions, must be good for their egos.

    • Norlin says:

      Holy sh*t! I’m sorry but those are rather trivial matters to ring about. Wouldn’t it be better to just text? I would ring if he’s just about to finish work and I want to get him before he heads home, if I need him to go to the supermarket or something but that is it!

  • My husband is mostly on the road for work, so he’ll call me while he’s driving – usually because he’s running an errand or buying something I’ve requested! I love chatting to him, but prefer to do it face to face so I “save” all my good stories for when we’re home together.

  • Norlin, I am so on the same page as you!

    In this day and age of open plan offices where there is NO privacy, a daily chat just-for-the-sake-of-it would drive me nuts! That said I used to only text my husband if I need to check his schedule etc in which case he has actually asked me to try reach him on the phone as it’s faster (and admittedly nicer!) to chat quickly then text back and forth. It still pains me to call him though!

    And LOVE Cellar Bar- such a great and consistent spot. I never order spaghetti bolognaise when I’m out but make an exception for it here because it really is exceptional.

    • Norlin says:

      I’m feeling better now that I see quite a few of us are in the same boat! I only ever ring if it need an answer right away – an urgent one. Or if I text and require a response stat but he doesn’t respond. And it’s usually a very short and to-the-point convo.

      Re Cellar Bar – have you tried their carbonara? OMG TO DIE FOR! And I don’t usually have carbonara. Love the pasta there!

  • Etailqueen says:

    I can’t remember when was the last time I called my husband during work hours, but we do text each other. Sometimes it’s about an errand the other person needs to run, and sometime for a bit of chit chat. He’ll text back when he’s not busy and vice versa. As you say we’ll do a proper “debriefing” at night anyway.

    • Norlin says:

      I’m now really curious to find out those that actually DO ring their partners at work (vice versa), what do they chat about and is it because they’d rather do that than “debrief” at home? Seems like everyone so far is not a fan of “ring their partners” at work.

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  • Kathryn S says:

    No! I get 30 minutes for lunch, so unless it’s important we don’t ring each other. My partner works away mainly so we have a chat on the phone at night when he is away. I can’t think of anything worse than having to talk all through my lunch break!

  • Alexa says:

    Yup, guilty as charged over here – either my husband or I ring each other, almost every day. He works alone, so do I, so we’re usually up for a quick chat.

    • Norlin says:

      Ok, first one to admit, and I’m glad I have someone that does call her partner while at work. Now, I’m just curious, is it just a general chat? And is it because you both work alone and need some sort of a “touch base” type of thing? It’s really interesting to find out and learn how others communicate 🙂

      • Alexa says:

        Hiya, it’s just a general chat about how his cases have panned out, what I’m writing, if he has to work late etc. I work from home and I’m the primary parent. Both of us use it as a break and he likes to hear how the baby’s doing. Very, very dull!

        • Norlin says:

          Thanks for getting back to me Alexa. I get it. Especially when you’re both working on your own and you’ve also got to take care of the baby at home AND work (I’ve been there 😉 ). Nice way to touch base and not go crazy too I’d say.

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