Saturday Shopping: Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Saturday Shopping: Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

You’ve got 7 days until Valentine’s Day, maybe you don’t celebrate this day of love and you find that it’s just too commercialised.  I don’t blame you, it sure does look that way doesn’t it.  And honestly, if you’re like me, NEVER getting any sort of present unless it’s your birthday or Christmas, then I say – WHY NOT?!  Sure you can come up with other non-materialistic ways of showing your love on Valentine’s Day, but a little present won’t hurt.  Trust me.  Who doesn’t love a present or two right?  But, sometimes, the presents on offer can be a little bit too cheesy.  You know, love hearts and all that jazz.  And maybe you’re not into those cheesy themes – I know I’m not.  So I’ve put together a list for women and men of non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for Him

valentines day gifts for men

  1. **WeWOOD Metis Black Watch rrp$129 – If your man loves collecting watches (like mine), why not get him something unique like this WeWOOD watch made out of, you guessed it, WOOD!
  2. **Marine Compass Necklace rrp$115 – Got a guy who has travelling in his bones?  This compass necklace just says it all, leading his way back to your heart no matter where he goes 😉 . Ok that was sort of cheesy.
  3. **Kenneth Cole Chevron Print Money Clip rrp$49.95 – Keep his money safe with this simple yet stylish money clip.  Great for those who hate carrying around thick wallets.
  4. **Whiteport Naughts & Crosses Game rrp$10.95 – In case you want to go a little bit cheesy without being too obvious, why not try this naughts and crosses game?  Awesome for some couple time and hey, nothing says I love you like ‘XXOO’, get it?
  5. **Fitbit Flex rrp$128 – Give the gift of health with the Fitbit Flex.  I gave this to Mr. C for his birthday when he turned 40 and he’s never looked back.  Gift of health is a gift love I say.
  6. **Mujjo Leather iPhone Case rrp$90 – Keep it sleek and stylish with this leather iPhone case from The Dairy.  Designed to fit the new iPhone 6 (there’s other sizes I believe), the case has a suede inner lining with a slot on the back to fit 2 or 3 cards.
  7. **Luigi Bormioli Box of 4 Beer Glass rrp$59.95 – Perfect for the guy who loves his craft beer (or any old beer really), this hand-blown pure lead-free crystal set of 4 beer glasses will rock your man’s world.  Drink beer in luxury – why not?!


Gifts for Her

valentines day gifts for women

  1. **Authentic Turkish Delight rrp$12.95 – Nothing says I love you more than a box of Turkish Delight for that sweet tooth.  Just make sure she’s not allergic to nuts though.
  2. **Kerri Hess Tiffany iPhone Case rrp$45.00 – So you’d love to buy something from Tiffany’s but can’t really afford it?  Why not get her this gorgeously designed iPhone case by Kerri Hess with the iconic Tiffany colours.
  3. **Lambretta Cielo Polka Dot watch rrp$109.50 – Go retro with this luxuriously designed Italian watch from Lambretta, featuring white polka dots on black leather.
  4. **Samantha Wills White Washed Frame rrp$55.00 – Make this gift extra special by inserting her favourite quote, poem or even photo in this shabby chic white washed frame.  The intricate design is sure to delight anyone.
  5. **Lady Gaga Eau De Gaga rrp$49 now $39 – Remember those androgynous perfumes?  Eau de Gaga combines both the feminine and masculine in this amazing perfume.  Read my review of it here and find out why I love this scent so much!
  6. Breton Style Top rrp$39.00 – Can’t take her to Paris?  Bring it to her with this Breton style top instead.  Available in a multitude of different striped combos, she will enjoy wearing this classic styled top.
  7. **Wanderlust & Co jewellery from rrp$29.00 – One of the brands I’ve been purchasing from and love, this online store has a mix of simple and unique or the more extravagant designs.  Their service is amazing and they even package the goodies beautifully in a lovely white box complete with a ribbon!


That’s my list of non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts.  Hope I’ve helped you find the right gift for that loved one in some way.  Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  How do you celebrate this day of love?


**Denotes affiliate links sales from which earns me a small commission but is at NO extra cost to you. 

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