Friday’s Favourites: January 2015 Favourites

Friday’s Favourites: January 2015 Favourites

Wait…what?  Can you believe we’re in the second month of 2015 – ALREADY!!  School’s back for the three kids (hooray!) but that doesn’t mean everything is hunky dory.  While it’s great that we’re (trying) to get back to some kind of routine, my body though is saying – WTH?!  I’ve had late nights since the Sunday before Miss 13 went back to her second day of 2015.  She had a video assignment that was due that week, something that was assigned during the holidays but because it was a group work, that meant some of her group members were away.  She also put her hand up to edit the darn book trailer.  ARGH!  They finished shooting their major scenes on Sunday afternoon and she was hard at it, editing the footage.  She was under pressure, having her own YouTube channel, she thinks there’s some kind of expectation from her peers to actually have something better than just “good”.  I stayed up with her to help her with the glitches that the new editing system I had bought previously was causing the slow and old laptop Mr. C had passed down to the kids.  Then, night two was me editing my own video and night three saw me coming back late after an event.  Tired doesn’t begin to express how I felt by Wednesday.  I was CRANKY!  Thursday though, was a lot better.

Sorry, I’ve sort of digressed from the topic at hand huh?  So, what I’m trying to say is, now it’s time for me to share my January favourites; from beauty, skin and hair care plus fashion and even favourite books and music.  Read on to find out which made my list!

January 2015 Favourites


**Face of Australia Lumi-Tint rrp$12.95

face of australia lumi tint sticks

I’ve shared this beauties here,  and it’s no surprise that these made it onto my January favourites list.  They are so easy to use, are highly affordable and perform just as good as the more expensive brands I’ve heard of.  I especially love Santorini Skinny Dip as a soft blush with a hint of highlight and When In Rome that I use to highlight the areas on my face.

*DaLish Lip & Cheek Tint in B05 now $11.95

dalish lip cheek tint

This was featured in my everyday daytime to night time chic look on Tuesday, as the darker shade I would go for on my lips.  I love the creamy texture of this lip and cheek balm and it being a multiple use product is yet another point that gets a tick in my makeup bag!  I’ve been wearing this for my date nights with Mr. C and while the colour doesn’t last all night on my lips (because I eat, not because of anything else), I do love the colour on my me.

P.S: You can get a 15% discount off your first order from Luxola with this code by the way: BLX-BBB (valid until April).

Body Care

**Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion rrp$7.49

My love for Palmer’s range of body lotions have grown incredibly, especially these last few months.  I don’t have a definitive favourite but I do love their Cocoa Butter range and the price is also highly affordable that you’d want to lather as much of this goodness all over your body as possible – not that I do.  I’m not that crazy.  I love how thick and creamy the formula is and yet it absorbs completely into my skin without that yucky sticky feeling.  The cocoa scent – sort of like chocolate but not really – also helps make this a delicious addition to my everyday routine.

january body care faves

**NS-8 Heel Balm Complex rrp$10.99

I received this as part of the Sparkling Soiree event goody bag last year and was so curious to try it out.  I’ve got ugly feet – not just the shape but I’ve also got rather dry heels and the area around the ball of my feet plus underneath the big toe areas are just…dry and yucky.  I’ve tried a few heel balms on the market but the one thing that really puts me off is the fact that most usually take a long time to absorb and I don’t really like walking around the house and leaving sticky footprints on my floor.  This one though, amazingly absorbed almost immediately, with no sticky feeling.  The reason why it’s called NS-8, I’ve been told, is that it takes 8 days for you to notice a difference.  Provided you apply the cream diligently, every day and night of course!  The verdict?  I admit to NOT applying it every day for 8 days consecutively, but, when I do apply it, I can already see a slight difference.  Especially during this season where I’m wearing a lot of sandals and open toed shoes.  Definitely one I’d recommend.

Hair Care

**KEVIN.MURPHY Powder Puff rrp$36.95

kevin murphy powder puff

Featured in this look I created when styling short hair for the festive season, this has been a staple for my “I have no idea what style” hair, this past month.  It’s not having as much volume as it did because let’s face it, I’m due for a trim and haven’t had one for about four months or more.  I can’t even remember now.  I’m in a limbo as what to do with my hair.  To keep it super short or have it the length I’ve got at the moment?  So KEVIN.MURPHY’s powder puff has thankfully helped given me the decent volume I need for my second or third day hair.  Yes it’s pricey but well worth every penny!


This is more well, health than fashion really.  Or maybe fashion for my health regime?  I’m talking about workout gear.  I’ve always worn the running shorts from Cotton On Body not just because they fit so comfortably but the price is just too good to refuse.  It sells for $19.95 but I usually stock up when they’re on sale or have special offers of 2 for $20 or any other offers.  I love the colours and designs they come in, but I have to snap them up quickly because the small runs out pretty quickly in designs I love.


ready to go for my run


I’ve been reading a lot of books over the span of December holidays right through to January – and even now actually.  It’s me catching up on all the reading that I didn’t get to do when I was doing my assignments and teaching rounds.  I’ve got a few favourites but I’ll just be sharing the ones I really, absolutely loved in January.  I’ve shared both books here previously, The Story of Awkward and Bright Side, so it’s no surprise that they’re on my January Favourites list too.  Both were books that I read without any expectations at all.  Not even what the book was really about, especially The Story of Awkward.  I’m not sure if it’s still free on Amazon, but it was when I downloaded in in January.

the story of awkward


birght side by Kim Holden

I loved how both books made me look at my own life, and made me realise how minute the things I think are big in the scheme of things.  With The Story of Awkward, it made me realise that you need to learn to accept and love yourself first, in order to move on in life.  When it came to Bright Side, not only was it an emotional book that caused ugly tears, but it taught me that no matter how hard life is, try to look on the brighter side of things.  Focus on the positive.  Simple messages that meant so much.


I have been playing this song on repeat in the house, car, on my phone…and I think my kids are starting to get tired of it.  But not only is it sung by my favourite singer, it is also from the film that many have been waiting for – Fifty Shades of Grey.  Have you read the books?  I haven’t, and not sure if I want to, but I will be watching the movie next week with my gal pal!  Anyway, the song I’m talking about is “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding.  Honestly, LOVE this song!  Have you heard it before?



That’s a wrap of January’s Favourites list.  Have you tried any of the products I’ve shared on my list?  What about the books I’ve read?  What were the things that you loved in January?


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