Fashion Day: More Tips On Dressing For Future Teaching Rounds

Fashion Day: More Tips On Dressing For Future Teaching Rounds

I don’t work in an office and the only time I ever did, it was in a creative environment, which means, I can add flair to my office workwear whenever I feel like it.  Now that I’m training to be a teacher, things have slightly changed.  Yes, I can still inject my personality into the way I dress, but I’d have to tone things down a little.  There are other factors to consider, especially in a more professional environment.  I’ve shared some tips that I’ve picked up previously, over here and even a post on how you can dress for confidence – perfect for those of you who might be starting their first day at work at a new place.

In this post I’ve listed other things to consider before I re-embark on my teacher training adventures this year.

More Tips On Dressing For Future Teaching Rounds

  • Type of school – eg. co-ed, all boys or all girls


What I wear to an all-girls school DOES differ to what I wear when I do my rounds at a co-ed school.  While I don’t normally wear a low cut top (this is such a no-no by the way), I do avoid wearing a top that well…Might accidentally slide down further than it should.  I’ve got one such top that I absolutely LOVE.  It has a decent neckline when I’m standing straight, but if I ever needed to bend over…or down to retrieve something, there would be a show for all to see.  So I reserve that for times when I’m teaching at an all girls school instead.

  • The culture of the school

corporate culture

Much like the “culture” of any other workplace, it is also important to note the culture of your school.  Things like making a note on how the other teachers dress, which area is the school located in, what sort of subjects or activities will you be doing a lot of the time.  These are just a few things to consider.  You don’t want to be dressing in major designer gear (not that I would anyway – actually not that I have any!) if you’re sent to a school situated in a lower socio-economic area.  Why is this important?  You need to be approachable.  Wearing designer gear – they can tell it’s designer gear by the way – just may seem to make it as though you’re too good to be able to relate to the kids.  Superficial I know, but it’s true.

Also, no shorts over tights sort of thing in the colder months – you’re not going to uni or out with your friends.  You’re doing your teaching rounds!  I’ve actually seen a few student teachers wearing dress shorts, which are pretty short, over tights with boots.  Cute, but not for your rounds thank you.  I would say to play it safe and dress professionally – simple skirt or pants, shirt or blouse and a blazer.  Can’t go wrong with that.

What activities you’ll be doing will affect how mobile you will be in your workwear.  You want comfortable shoes, comfortable clothes, that sort of thing.

  • Inject your personality

inject your personality

Inject your personality by using accessories and/or makeup: 1. Scarf from Her Fashion Box, 2. **Face of Australia Lip Paint in Tangerine Queen & Fired up Fuchsia, 3. **Wanderlust & Co Bubbles Coral & Mint Necklace, 4. Red Patent & Embroidered laptop bag from Designer Showcase, 5. Gunmetal Chain Necklace from Popbasic, 6. Erstwilder brooch from Designer Showcase, 7. Blue Baubles Necklace from Colette Hayman


Ok, so you don’t want to look too boring because, let’s face it, deep down inside you’re a ball of creativity waiting to explode.  So here’s where you can play it up and inject your personality.  Play with colours and accessories to suit your personality.  Even simple things like bags can play a huge part to your overall persona. I usually play with jewellery, depending on the mood I’m feeling that day and usually when I’m feeling down, a simple thing like a necklace CAN lift my mood.  Or my usual accessory that I fall back on – scarves!  Add a burst of colour with your makeup.  I’m not saying to go bold with colourful eyeshadows, I mean, doing a bold lip.  It’s a simple yet effective way to inject your personality too (if you love a bold lip that is).


That’s it from me this week.  While this might be titled “future teaching rounds”, these tips aren’t just limited to trainee teachers, but future teachers and other professions too.  What other tips do you have when dressing for work?


Also, do check out Nikki’s tips on what you can wear to the office in summer.   She’s got a fab list of combinations to help you mix and match basic pieces you might already have in your wardrobe.  I’m also linking up with the glam squad over at Kim-Marie’s Wardrobe Wednesday and sharing my style over on Rachel’s 30+ Style and Beauty link up.


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