Health & Lifestyle: Health Goal – Keep Calm

Health & Lifestyle: Health Goal – Keep Calm

Setting goals is one of the essential parts of Sarah’s from Style Unearthed #12weekstocalm project, and besides incorporating exercise at least 3 times a week into my daily schedule, my one other goal is to learn how to relax; how to keep calm.

I have been known by those close to me (namely Mr. C), to be a major stress ball.  Sure I don’t show you that I am rather well organised on the inside.  They’re all on my phone, so if I lose my phone, then I’m toast!  Then there’s the fact that I do have everything planned for the day…just all in my head, so if something happens unexpectedly, I can go a bit nutty – but you just can’t see it.  Doesn’t mean it’s good for my health though.  My anxiety just doesn’t show.

I have also been known to take on more than I can chew.  I mean, isn’t it obvious from this blog I’m running where I try my best to post at least 4 days a week, then my educational endeavours where I’m about to complete my Masters in Teaching (final year y’all!) and then there’s my freelance gig, plus running my household.  The thing is, I LOVE being busy.  It keeps me from thinking too much – I mean as in thinking of things that I shouldn’t be, that could affect me emotionally.  But this is the year where I thought…I need to take it slow.  I need to try and not have too many eggs in my basket.  How will I be doing this?

Health Goal – Keep Calm 

  • Take time to chill out

This could be just by taking time out (not just at night) to read a book, and relaxing with a cup of tea.  You know how I LOVE my teas, especially those that have been specially concocted.

keep calm drink tea

I’ve recently discovered Kettle Town Teas, an online store that specialises in a range of indulgent teas.  They use the highest quality ingredients that have been sourced from all over the world – depending on the blend that you’re after.  Their range include – black, white, green, herbal, Oolong, specialty, chai and even blends made for iced teas.

kettle town teas

I’ve tried both their Midnight Spice – a herbal blend, and Blueberry Blossoms – a black tea blend.

kettle town midnight spice

The Midnight Spice has a gorgeous blend of lemon verbena, cinnamon, orange, coconut and spices.  I usually have this towards the later part of the day, letting the warmth of the spices infiltrate my senses.

kettle town blueberry blossoms

The Blueberry Blossoms have this superbly sweet scent of blueberry from the blueberry petals.  It has a mix of blueberry blossoms, black tea, calendula, cornflower petals and other flavours – perfect for morning tea!

  • Incorporate some yoga

I used to do a lot of yoga when the kids were younger and I was house-bound.  Every morning I would get up and tune in to some channel on Foxtel (when we used to have Foxtel), to follow the steps to Ki yoga.  This year, I’ll incorporate some form of yoga workout into my routine, which I know will not only help me calm my mind but help my body be a lot more flexible.

  • It’s ok to say ‘NO’

Limiting what I put my hand up for is another important tip, and this includes saying no to events and after-school activities that the kids might want to do, so that I won’t feel overwhelmed.  I need to weigh up theirs and my options to have a more balanced year.

  • No more last minute work!

Another thing that can cause high anxiety is the fact that I always leave my work to the last minute.  I have to admit though that I am one who does thrive under pressure.  So what I mean by ‘no more last minute’ is the research I would have to do for my assignments.  This way, I’ll get the books I want in advance, plan out what I want to write, instead of leaving it to the last week before it’s due.

  • Double up on my organisation

While I’ve got all my important dates stored on my phone, now I’ve also bought a desk pad planner where I’ve put up on the family noticeboard.  It has all the important dates, activities etc. on there so that I not only have a back-up, but would lessen the need for me having to repeat what’s going on each week.


Those were my tips on how to stay sane this year.  What are YOUR tips on managing your anxiety levels?


As a bonus for my dearest readers, Kettle Town Teas have so kindly given a pack of teas for YOU to try.  The pack includes:

  • 3 boxes x 60g of teas – Zanzibar Chai, Mintilla & Summer Rose
  • 4 packets x sample teas – Golden Indulgence, Zanzibar Chai, Ginger Safari & Toasted Toffee

kettle town prize pack

To win this pack, simply share with me tips you use to keep YOUR anxiety at bay.  This giveaway closes on the 18th February 2015. Click here for terms & conditions


I loved all the tips shared by the entrants and believe me, it was really hard picking a winner!  To me, you are all winners…but I have to pick ONE winner…so it’s…Laura from A Thousand Times Too Short! LOVED your tips on curbing anxiety!


*I was given the two 60g teas for editorial consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy.




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A mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more!

  • Definitely venting. Debriefing my stressy things to my hubby , helps offload them and become more manageable. a problem shared is a problem halved!!! Midnight spice sounds teawicious!!

  • emmabovary says:

    I have a plethora of anti-anxiety tricks – my personal faves are a peppermint tea, some slow breathing and immersing myself in a book (but not a mystery or murder novel, that just gets my heart racing a bit too much!)
    If I find my anxiety is getting the better of me I love to organise a lunch or coffee chat with my friend who lives a while away – seeing her makes me happier in life overall and therefore keeps my stress levels waaay down!

    These teas sound seriously delish!

  • I too get stressy when I have too much on my plate and I really think I ought to take up Yoga. Great tips there you’ve shared and who doesn’t like a good old cup of tea? I find that creating tick lists help as a quick visual reminder along with setting up reminders on my phone to help schedule appointments etc. I’m lucky I have a fantastic partner too, who listens to my worries or problems. Between us we always find a solution, so I’d recommend a trusted person to share any anxiety issues too 🙂

  • One of my best tips is ‘Don’t be afraid to stop’. Have a list of things you love to do; when it’s getting too much, pick something from the list and do that for a while. Setting an alarm, say for 30 minutes’ time, can be a good way of getting out of your current mindset for a while without worrying about the time or what you should be doing. Reading is a good one, something you can do with your hands if you like being creative (drawing, wriiting, knitting, baking) or a physical activity.

  • I keep my anxiety at bay by EATING. I am happy when I eat so when I get stressed, I pile on the pounds and have lots of fun trying to lose it afterwards haha!

  • Melissa Puli says:

    As a long time sufferer of anxiety, chamomile tea always helps to calm the nerves. I also keep a stash of Rescue Remedy lollies in my bag.

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  • How I love to drink tea when I feel tired of all day works. Maintaining a healthy life isn’t that hard. Just don’t get destructed on foods that will lead you on gaining weight. Balancing your health will sure to give you a healthier life.

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