Health & Lifestyle: Moroccan Spice Rice

Health & Lifestyle: Moroccan Spice Rice

While I don’t mind cooking, I do prefer something quick, easy and nothing rocks my boat than something that’s all cooked in one pot.  The “one pot wonder”.  I know that usually one pot wonders are reserved for the cooler months, you know, things like stews, curries and the like.  But, I’ve mastered the art of one pot wonders even during the warmer months.

Seeing that one of my health goals this year is to not indulge in too many take-aways – I don’t really but I could cut back more, I thought coming up with recipes that are quick and easy but still nutritious and tasty would help cut back on takeaways.  This particular dish is a favourite of the family.  It’s got the right amount of spice, is quick to cook, tasty and only need a few choice ingredients.  I call this my Moroccan Spice Rice.

Moroccan Spice Rice

As you would know by now, I usually eyeball the amount of ingredients I use, so there won’t be any exact measurements included in this recipe.


Unsalted butter

Rump steak

Moroccan seasoning (I use the one from Masterfoods)

Basmati rice (washed and drained)

Stock (you can use vegetable, chicken or even beef stock)

Frozen peas


Slice up the rump steak into thin slices.  This will speed up the cooking process and make it easier to chew on too!  Once that is done, simply heat up your pan and melt some of the unsalted butter.  I use about 1 tablespoon, this helps to give the rice a nice buttery flavour.  Then add the slices of rump steak, stir frying them and adding the Moroccan seasoning.


rump steak beef


moroccan seasoning


Add as much as you like as they’re not too spicy at all.  If you prefer it to be spicier then I would recommend adding some chilli flakes.  Add some black pepper and stir fry the meat until they are cooked about 3/4 of the way.  So there’s still a little bit red in the middle.  Then take it off the pan and set aside.

roasting basmati rice

With the pan still kept on the heat, add the basmati rice and stir it through, coating the rice with the juices from the previously cooked beef.  Once you have coated and roasted the rice in some pure Moroccan goodness, simply add the stock, covering the top of the rice.  Place the lid onto the pan and cook until al dente.  If you’ve got a rice cooker, you can just place it in a rice cooker and add the stock and cook until it’s well, cooked!

rice with stock 1

Add some more unsalted butter, say about 2 tablespoons and stir it into the cooked rice.  Then add the cooked rump steak and some frozen peas and stir them through.  Let it warm through for another two minutes or so, letting the peas thaw and warm through but still keeping it nice and bright green.

moroccan spice rice

moroccan rice close up


And that’s it!  You’re ready!  I love adding some fried shallots to the rice when I serve, just as a garnish and some added crunch.  The beauty of this dish is that you can even add other hardy vegetables like chopped carrots and corn kernels.  If I choose to add carrots, I normally do that while I’m cooking the rice with the stock.  That way they’ll turn out tender instead of crunchy.  I would add the corn right at the end and just stir it through as they’re already cooked.

That’s it really.  Pretty easy isn’t it?  This dish usually takes me about 30 minutes cooking time or less.  Let me know if you do try this dish and how it goes.  Tell me, do you have a fail proof easy dish?







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  • Hana says:

    owh god! I commented on the wrong column ????. Anyway, seeing photos of your cooked rice made me drooled ????. I will try the recipe one of these days ????

    • Norlin says:

      Oh hon, no you didn’t reply in the wrong column. I’ve got two ways that people can comment now. Depending on which way is easier for them 🙂

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