Health & Lifestyle: Keeping Your Moods & Health In Check

Health & Lifestyle: Keeping Your Moods & Health In Check

It’s hard to imagine that in a week’s time, the kids will be back at school to start a new school year.  I mean, we’re more than halfway through January 2015 – ALREADY!  The holidays have actually been a Godsend to me, allowing me to re-coup and re-start my fitness regime.  While I’ve been sort of regularly running or walking along the beach with Mr. C a few days a week before the holidays started, I had however ceased to do any sort of gym routine like I used to do almost daily, just before I stopped working out with my then personal trainer.  I got a bit lazy, well, a LOT lazy and it did affect how I feel physically and mentally.  I felt sluggish, and it made me feel really sh*tty to throw away all that hard work I’ve put in months beforehand.

Keeping Your Moods & Health In Check

While weight really wasn’t my main concern, it was more the fact that I didn’t want to lose the muscle tone I was already achieving the months before.  It also brought about my low self esteem again.  It’s all in the mind I say.  Nobody could see any difference with the way I looked, but I could, possibly my imagination but I knew I had to get back on the horse.  It also started giving me mood swings again; something I’m just not a fan of.  I tried to recall how exercising whether outside or at the gym, used to make me feel on the inside.  Like I’ve accomplished something and the endorphins produced didn’t hurt either.  I needed that back.  I needed to get my life back on track.

12 Weeks to Calm Update

So, a few weeks ago, I started training again.  Slow and steady wins the race they say, and I have to admit I’m winning.  I’ve been using the apps I recommended last week, as well as going to the gym for some weight training on my own.  On other days, I head out to the beach for my runs or walks – depending on the weather or my mood.  I know that I need to push myself to get out there and just do it because once I start I know I tend to love the feeling of doing these different movements.


ready to go for my run

Ready to go for my run!

Walking in the heat

Walking this morning before the weather got too hot – although it was already getting there!


I’m joining in with Sarah from Style Unearthed for her “12 Weeks to Calm” project.  Or is it challenge?  You can check out the images on Instagram under the #12weekstocalm to see who else has joined in and what everyone else is doing to reach this state of calm.  If you’re a blogger, you might want to link up your post each week to share your progress, like what I’m currently doing.

beautiful beach views

The beautiful views I’m greeted with on my runs


I haven’t changed much of my eating habits, because they’re not too bad.  But I have started to include yoghurt back into my everyday diet just so I can keep my gut health in check.  We’ve had less take away food thanks to Mr. C going back to work.  I’d much rather eat leftovers that I cooked for previous night’s dinner than eat take away any day.  At least I know what I’m putting in my body.  I’ve also increased my intake of water, seeing that I haven’t been drinking much while I’m at home.  The results might be small but noticeable nonetheless.

How are YOU keeping track of the health of your body and mind so far?




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