Random Monday – Back-To-School Tips

Random Monday – Back-To-School Tips

*This post is brought to you by Officeworks

There’s about two weeks before the new school year starts and while I have been enjoying some “down time” (it really isn’t much of a downtime when you’re at home with them is it?), with the kids, I can’t say I’m not looking forward to having some form of routine and normalcy back into my life.

Miss almost 13 will be in Year 8 this year and having started her holidays a week earlier than her siblings, I can say it’ll be a lot harder for her to get out of her “holiday mode” and right into the regular school routine once again. This is why it’s crucial for both of our sanities, to have her back into the regular routine BEFORE the new school year begins.

Back-To-School Tips

Having done this a few times, I’m sure you’ve got that word “routine” drummed into you enough to know that kids thrive on routine. It gives them some form of structure to adhere to and therefore get used to – much like us adults really.

With the holidays in full force, the kids’ bedtime routine – from reading before they sleep, to the actual bedtime and waking up times – have gone out the window completely. They go to bed later, which leads them to waking up later AND changing the times they have their meals too. It’s fun during the holidays to just chill out, but as we near the new school year, I say it’s time to whip everything back into shape, to help prepare their growing minds for the inevitable.

  • Sleep time – While the kids have been sleeping later than their usual school term bedtime, they have also been waking up late, which means they do have their 8 or so hours of sleep. Sleep is an important aspect for the development of one’s brain, be it for a child or an adult, so having a full 8 – 10 hours of sleep for a child is essential. As their waking up time gets earlier when school starts, it is crucial to start getting them back into the scheme of things by getting them settled and in bed by their regular bedtime at least a week and a half before the new term starts. It lets their body re-adjust and the earlier during the holidays that you start this, the better it is for them.
  • Screen time – In my house, the kids only get screen time; which includes television, computer (unless they’re doing homework) and phone games during the weekends. None at all during the weekdays. Unless it’s a holiday. This summer holidays, the three of them have been going on full-force with their screen time; incorporated with some outdoor activities of course. To rein it back in, I’ve started to limit their screen time to a maximum of 4 hours that are broken up to hourly segments. That’s 4 hours of television, video games, phone games etc. in that one day only. Yes, might still seem a lot to some, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily get the full 4 hours, that’s just a gauge. That way once school starts, it won’t seem weird for them to have NO screen time during the weekdays.
  • Types of games/apps – Another way to help their minds consciously engage is via games or apps that actually help to challenge their minds. The Growing Minds App from Officeworks does just that, providing cognitive learning games to help challenge young minds.

growing minds app

The games include Dodgeball where you have to quickly solve some mathematical problems to win the game, Science and Locked Out; for solving some pattern puzzles. The games are designed for students from prep to year 12 and intuitively increases difficulty based on their performance. P.S: They’re free!

  • Getting the school book lists in order – This I know is something most of us have already done before the end of last year. At least put some of our orders through. Both Miss 11’s and Master 9’s school has their own system where we don’t have to worry about buying things on the lists individually. The school orders it completely and we only just pay it as part of the school term. Miss 12’s high school though is like any other school where you’re given a booklist and can make your order through the chosen school supplier. With this being her second year in high school, I’ve sort of become a tad bit smarter when it comes to finding ways to save from the supplies on her list. I’ve started to look elsewhere and made price comparisons, instead of getting everything from the school’s appointed supplier. While it might seem cumbersome to some, I’d much rather save money than time doing research for the best prices and one such place where I’ve gotten some of the items from is of course, Officeworks.

Parents’ Price Promise

With so many competitive prices out there, Officeworks have introduced their “Parents’ Price Promise” where they would beat 20% off an identical stocked item on a quoted school list (terms apply). How cool is that?

parents price promise

Although, having looked at the supplier’s list and the items from Officeworks, I’d have to say, the prices at Officeworks are already cheaper. So you know where I’ve bought a few things from. The best thing is, I could do it from the comfort of my own home, through their “Click and Collect” service.  Unlike the school supplier service, I don’t even have to pay any extra fees to have them pack the items! Amongst the numerous items I’ve bought is the SanDisk 8GB USB Flash Drive for only $4.77 and the Studymate A4 Visual Art Diary for $3.88.

Helping children reach their potential

In January and February, Officeworks are raising funds for The Smith Family, supporting disadvantaged Australian children for a chance to participate fully in education, to help give them the best chance at breaking the cycle of poverty.  You can help by purchasing a stationery shaped donation cards, which come in $2, $5, $10 and $20, write your name on the tag and sticking it on the front window of the store.

the smiths family appeal


Remember how we said Christmas is for caring and sharing? Why not encourage your kids to donate too? It doesn’t have to stop just at Christmas.


With some of these back-to-school tips, what tips have you got to get things rolling back into the new school year?








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  • Love Officeworks! I don’t have to buy school book packs yet as my eldest is only going into year one, but I love it for me. As a teacher, having affordable stationery is a good thing.

    The bedtime thing is the biggest adjustment, and getting a bit of routine back into the mornings rather than lazing around (as much as I love it!).

    • Norlin says:

      I’m still struggling to get the bedtime thing back to regular timing. Especially for Miss 12! I love that we have more affordable options for stationery. I was appalled at the price difference AND extra fees I had to pay the school supplier even when I opted for a pick up!

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