Health & Lifestyle: Best Fitness Apps To Try

Health & Lifestyle: Best Fitness Apps To Try

Hello 2015 and I’m happy to report that so far I’ve been good when it comes to getting back into my exercise routine. Or in my case, getting some form of exercise into my everyday routine each day. I’ve set a goal, an easy one – to do a form of exercise each day, everyday. No matter how small. It could be just that walk along the beach, or a quick workout at home. I have headed into the gym once so far – hello, the year just started, so really, that’s a great effort on my part. The runs and walks along the beach has been a regular thing – nothing like taking your mind off things with great views to boot!

Anyway, I’ve also recently discovered a few apps that were shared by some people I’ve followed online. Apps that are free and so good to have whenever you’re stuck on what exercises to do each day. I’ve shared with you HIIT Mum’s PT in my Pocket previously and that’s one I still use on that odd occasion. She’s great, but damn tough!

Best Fitness Apps To Try

Here are the other apps I’ve been using to keep track and help me with my fitness goals:

A workout in 7 minutes? Yes, you read it right. Even I was intrigued when I saw this on Me My Best & I’s instagram account, then I went ahead to read her review of it.

7 minute workout app

There are quite a number of 7 minute workout apps but this was the one I downloaded. While it’s free to download and use, you would need to make some in-app purchases should you want to include other, more focused areas of exercising. I normally just pick the free full body workout one anyway.

The app is a set of 12 exercises set in 30 seconds with a 10 second rest in between each exercise. You could do just that 7 minute circuit or go for more than one round. It all depends on how much time you’ve got and your mood. The thing is, it’s a great way to incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine. I usually do one round of the circuit followed by something else from another app.

The other app I’ve recently downloaded and tried is this one by Popsugar. I’ve shared links to their Fitsugar exercise routines, but it was a few days ago that my friend Feli shared this app she tried out. AWESOME! Better still, it’s FREE! There are different workout videos that you can choose from and so far I’ve incorporated some of the workouts on there with the 7 minute challenge. The Seriously Effective 10-minute HIIT Workout is amazing! Intense but fun! I also loved the Lazy Girl’s Inner Thigh Workout. Don’t be fooled by the name though, that was INTENSE!

popsugar active

The beauty of these apps is that you don’t have to spend over 30 minutes each time to exercise. You can do it in short bursts or incorporate a number of different workouts to make up the time. You can also record your progress. In the case of the 7 minute app, they automatically record your progress each day. If you haven’t used the app in 3 days, it will reset your progress back to zero. 🙁

With the Popsugar Active app, you can add your favourite workouts and use that on a daily basis or simply add different workouts on different days.

after working out

That’s me after doing two of the Popsugar Active exercises and the 7 minute challenge, all in the comfort of my bedroom!

map run

Finally, my other favourite app is the Map Run, which I use to log my walks and runs each time. That way I know if I’ve improved on my pace. The route I take is usually the same so I can monitor my consistency. You could also add friends who have this app, just so you can keep each other on track too. I love hearing who has done their walks or runs. Keeps me motivated on those days that I don’t feel like going for my run but know I have to!


Those were the apps that I’ve been using so far. Have you used any of these apps? Which fitness apps do you normally use that you have found really helpful?






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