Beauty Products I Use For My Everyday Look

Beauty Products I Use For My Everyday Look

I’m a simple girl who while she loves to dress up and play around with makeup, usually only wears the bare minimum for her everyday look. More often than not, I only ever use around 6 to 7 products and honestly, I don’t usually re-apply my lip product, except maybe if I’m wearing lip balm. Yes, I’m that lazy. To me, looking presentable should be quick and easy. To achieve that, you need products that are reliable.

In this post, I’ll share with you my bare basics that I usually apply on my face each day, when I do apply makeup. This does not include any skincare products I apply beforehand of course.

Beauty Products I Use For My Everyday Look

my everyday makeup essentials


For my base, I normally go for either a good BB Cream or a CC Cream. As I shared in my Best of 2014 post, my favourite CC Cream so far has been the one by Mary Kay. It has got a nice texture to it, easy to blend and still gives me a natural look. My next choice that I’ve been using quite frequently is the **Rimmel Matte BB Cream. A point I have to make is, to apply this I need to use a damp beauty blender dupe sponge. The formula dries too quickly and I find that using the sponge makes it a lot swifter for my to apply the product onto my skin.

benefit fake up

To cover my undereye area, I usually reach for Benefit’s **Fake Up. While it doesn’t cover as well as Benefit’s **Boi-ing, the formula that comes with this moisturising ring and the way it’s been packaged makes it a lot quicker and easier to apply and blend. I simply need to swipe it onto my inner eye area down towards my under eye area then blend with my dupe beauty blender sponge or with my fingers.


Next, are my eyes. I’ve always loved using the Benefit’s **Instant Brow Pencil as the lead is soft and it gives me a more natural look. You need to be precise when drawing in your brows and using light feathery strokes helps to fill in the areas that need filling in without making it look like you’ve DRAWN them in.

Usually I would brush my eyebrows before apply the eyebrow pencil and then re-brush my brows again.

feather light strokes for eyebrows

Instead of wearing eyeshadow, I’m a huge fan of soft eye pencil that you can “smudge” to help make your eyes pop without bothering with more than one colour. I do however, at times, apply a neutral almost nude shade on my lids before I pop the eye pencil on.

Here are my usual favourite eye pencils:

everyday eye pencils

I also sometimes, tight line the inner, upper lids of my eyes instead – it all depends on my mood that day really. For that I usually either use the Benefit’s **BADGal Waterproof liner or the Australis **Gelifeye.

Finally, I simply curl my lashes with this “magic curler” that I bought from Ebay for less than $2 (postage included). I love how “springy” this curler is, and had to replace the one that Miss 12 “borrowed” off me. Then simply apply a coat or two of my favourite mascara; the L’Oreal **Volume Million Lashes Excess mascara.


Now for the cheeks. While I do love my supply of creme blush or cheek tints, I do normally reach out for my powder blush as they are much less cumbersome and quicker to apply. Remember, this is my “everyday” makeup routine where I want to put a face on without taking too much time.

Here are the ones that I normally go for, with the Physician’s Formula **“Happy” blush being my favourite at the moment.

everyday blushes


I can’t really show you which ones I use on a daily basis, because there isn’t just that ONE particular colour that I reach for. It all depends on my mood that day. It could be just plain lip balm, or a tinted lip gloss, or a lipstick. But what I definitely do included in my daily routine is to apply a slick of lip balm right before I apply my BB or CC cream, then blot them out if I was to apply a lipstick, lip gloss or liquid lipstick. That’s just to moisturise my lips.


Those were my everyday makeup essentials. What products do you normally use? Are you a fan of BB and/or CC Creams, tinted moisturisers or foundation for everyday use? Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned above?


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  • Mel says:

    I’ve been keen to try out the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess mascara but alas need to wait till I finish my current mascara before I use it. Nice to see someone else using it, and I’ve also been keen on Physician’s formula blush. The Priceline’s near me never have Physician’s formula, sigh.

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