Monday Eats: Ribs & Burgers Hawthorn

Monday Eats: Ribs & Burgers Hawthorn

Sometimes we love to take our chances with places we’ve heard before but never tried. Especially when one of either of our friends have been seen countless time (via Instagram) heading to certain restaurants or eateries. I love stalking “food porn” for ideas on where to eat next for our date nights! Ribs & Burgers featured constantly on Ling from Ling Out Loud quite a number of times two years ago, when she was pregnant with her first bub. So we thought we’d try it out too – we had run out of ideas then.

Mr. C and I ventured into Ribs & Burgers over at Northcote sometime last year, but never actually got to try the food. Not only did we go on a Saturday night, but the place didn’t take any reservations. The moment we got there, the line to queue up was already heading out the door. They were THAT busy! So we went somewhere else instead.

It wasn’t until late last year, sometime in late December that we actually got to try the one in Hawthorn. Well, actually Mr. C had already tried the food there so decided to bring me there for our regular date night. Once again, because we were running out of ideas on where to go that night.

Ribs & Burgers Hawthorn

If you’re still wondering what Ribs & Burgers serve at their joint, well, if the name still doesn’t spell it out for you then I rest my case. Haha…ok, jokes aside, they DO serve that – ribs, from a choice beef, pork, lamb and smoky spare ribs – and burgers, in a variety of different flavours, options, styles but more on that later. They also serve steak, chicken breast and chicken wings. The regular American type of food.

So what’s so special about Ribs & Burgers? The fact that their meat are grass fed, hormone free and free range chicken, plus buns made up of organic flour and fresh ingredients to grace your burger buns, salads and so much more.

The Food

I’m not a huge fan of ribs, Mr. C though is a different story. He absolutely LOVES ribs and so not surprisingly chose their beef ribs for his meal.  There were 11 different styles of burgers on their menu – Original, Cheese, Bacon & Cheese, Old School Cheese, Aussie with the lot, El Mexicano, Sublime Chicken, Hotchicka-Dee and Cajun chicken. Or you can go totally serious with their Butcher’s Choice – Naked; any of the burgers without the buns, Slider Duo, Steakhouse Burger, Salmon Burger, Mediteranian Lamb Burger, Wagyu Burger, and for the vegetarians, The Veggie Patch.

ribs & burgers

As you can see, there was quite an abundance of choices to go for, but naturally, I went for the El Mexicano. I’m such a softie when it comes to anything Mexican – well, just food really – which came with American cheese, avocado, jalapeno chilli, salsa, iceberg lettuce and chilli mayo. I would’ve loved it if they had included some kind of beans or something, you know…to make it a bit more “Mexican”?


Like at a fast food joint, you actually order at the front counter, and then given a number where you would then be ushered to your seat. The food is then served to you just like in any other restaurant. The atmosphere was cosy and thankfully it was quiet then when we were there. It could be due to the fact that the area normally doesn’t get too busy on a Saturday night. Bonus for us!

My Thoughts

The place reminded me a little bit of Grill’d actually, their ordering at the front, organic everything, free range chicken and grain fed beef – that sort of thing. The price is similar too, depending on what you pick really. The difference is that they have ribs and Grill’d doesn’t. Plus they have that special “Butcher’s Choice” selection on their menu. But I’m actually glad that more places like these are opening up – the more health conscious not-so-fast but super fresh food. My burger wasn’t that great, but it was good enough. It served me well I suppose, in terms of eliminating any hunger pangs but I’ve had better tasting burgers before.

Mr. C thought the ribs he had were pretty good. The portion was rather large and it came with chips, so that was a good all rounder meal for someone who loves their meat.

The service was alright too I guess, much like when I go to Grill’d. Polite, friendly and attentive staff. I guess, this would be a place I wouldn’t mind going back to but wouldn’t be in a hurry to.


Ribs & Burgers are located at quite a number of different locations in both NSW, Victoria and more recently one in Queensland. Do check their website for a place that’s near you.

Have you been to Ribs & Burgers before? What did you think of the place and food?





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