Love, Like & Hope: Mario Badescu, People For Plants, Hozier & Peace

Love, Like & Hope: Mario Badescu, People For Plants, Hozier & Peace

It’s FRIDAY people! I know it’s strange for me to get excited over the promise of a weekend, especially when I’ve got the kids home with me but I’ve got yet another thing to be super happy about – the last day of term!! Woohoo! Yes again, weird to be rejoicing the fact that my daytime solitude will be invaded by beings known as my spawn, but I’m really looking forward to NOT having to wake up, doing some kind of a routine, packing lunch boxes – the usual humdrum. I’m happy. For now. Check back in a few weeks time and you’ll probably find out I’m complaining. Or maybe not? Who knows.

Anyhoo… here’s this week’s Love, Like and Loathe post. I know I haven’t done one for a month now as I’ve been sharing my Friday’s Favourites instead. Too many lovely favourites so I really couldn’t help it. This week’s Love, Like and Loathe is actually a Love, Like and Hope post and it features two products I decided to run back to in order to settle my skin, a song I’ve been playing on repeat – should be a “love” really but I’ve put it under “like” because now the radio stations are over-playing it and finally, something I’m hoping for.


In the lead up to summer and then when summer finally got here – which means the last month or so – my face has gone through a really weird phase. I’ve got oily to combination skin, bearing in mind that I’m nearing my big 4-0 so really, so there must be a few hormonal changes happening in the background that I might not have been aware of. Or maybe I’m just in denial. I could blame it on the weather too (too easy really), but I’m sure it was more than that at play here.

I’ve had breakouts in the most “strategic” places – on my chin area, near the lower part of my lips (no it wasn’t a cold sore) and on my forehead. My skin also felt slightly drier. But it was still oily. Confused yet? Well you can imagine my confusion over these changes too then.

I decided to stop, look back and check what I used to use on my skin before this beauty blogging gig. When things used to be a lot simpler. I remembered using Mario Badescu to target my monthly breakouts and it worked like a charm. I was also using their Enzyme Cleansing Gel, which was great for my skin, as it cleanses and yet doesn’t dry it out. My huge bottle of Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel had run out and I was in two minds as to which cleanser I should go for. I thought I’d go for a change; back to what I used five or so years back. So I purchased the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel, along with their buffering lotion and drying cream to target those pesky breakouts.

Mario Badescu skincare

It took about a week and I could already see the results. Sorry, but no before and after pictures as I didn’t plan for this to be a post, but thought I should share it because it’s working! I’ve used Mario Badescu’s drying lotion previously and absolutely LOVED it but, the downside was that I could only use that at night as you could see it when you apply it onto your problem area. While I do still love La Roche-Posay’s **Efflaclar Duo, unfortunately I have no idea why it didn’t work on these breakouts. Maybe it’s my skin that’s gotten used to the product that it doesn’t work? Or is that a myth? Who knows??

mario badescu drying cream

How I use the buffering lotion and drying cream is to apply once I’ve cleansed and dried my face, using the buffering lotion first, followed by a teeny tiny dab of the drying cream. The buffering lotion is great for cystic breakouts – meaning those with “stuff” in it. The drying cream helps to dry up the pimples and prevents it from getting bigger/growing. The annoying pimples on my chin area are almost gone now, and it’s only been a week!

people for plants hydration gel

My next LOVE is the **cucumber and aloe hydration gel from People For Plants. I’ve use this whenever I travel, especially when I’m on the plane. Great for re-hydrating your skin, which was what my skin was going through. It was dehydrated, much like a few years back when I came back from my big Asian holiday. Within the next few days, my skin was back to its normal state, which was how I knew it was dehydrated to begin with. Now I use this in the mornings, underneath my moisturiser and at night on its own.


Hozier’s Take Me To Church

I first heard this song through Spotify and while I wasn’t listening to the lyrics, I found the melody rather haunting. It started to grow on me. Then I listened to the words. It was moving. It was sad. And then I went in search of the video and it made me even sadder because this actually happens in real life. How people who choose to “love differently” have been tortured by people and groups that are ignorant and intolerant. I’m not saying a religious group, I’m saying groups that use religion as an excuse to hurt others, or the law, like the gangs in Russia that go out and hurt they gays and film the torture, which is partly what this song is about.  This brings me to the last thing on my list. My “hope”. I’ve decided to forgo the “loathe” part of my post because I think there’s just too many things to loathe and all we need right now, is hope.

P.S: I’ve also started listening to Hozier’s other songs and man I love this man’s voice!

#Warning: This video might be distressing to some.


While this might sound like a beauty queen’s cliched answer, what I AM hoping for really is simple – PEACE. Such a simple word but sadly, something that is so difficult to achieve. There’s just been too many killings around the world, with so many innocent lives lost – so sad that I don’t want to even mention it. I know it’s not a new phenomenon (can we call it that?) but I’m so sick of groups of people or people using religion, politics, and financial stability as excuses to kill and destroy lives. It’s just sick and barbaric. I know it’s been around since the dawn of time but I guess there’s no harm in hoping. Hoping that someday, there will be peace on earth.




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