Health & Lifestyle: Lazy Girl’s Guide to Exercising

Health & Lifestyle: Lazy Girl’s Guide to Exercising

It is the busy and festive period. You want to stick to a healthy routine but somehow you just cannot find time to squeeze in your regular workout routine. Or maybe you’re just feeling a little lazy because the holiday is upon you – I know I’m feeling that way! Well, I’ve found some pretty quick and easy ways to keep up with your exercises even when you’re not feeling up to it. Remember, sometimes it’s all about QUALITY and not quantity!

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Exercising

  • HIIT It Up!

pt in my pocket app

I bought and downloaded the PT In My Pocket app from Colette of The HIIT Mum and boy has it been such a great investment. I use this app on those days where I don’t feel up to going to the gym. Once I did one of the exercise routines from this app after my run at the beach. It’s a great cardio and strength booster and all you need really is at least 10 – 15 minutes of your time. Do it early in the morning, before you have your shower and head out to work.

  • Fit In Extras

Maybe I shouldn’t call it fitting in extras when you aren’t able to fit in any exercises. Well what I mean is, fit in any form of exercise whenever the chance arises. For instance, you’re cooking, do squats while you’re stirring. Lift cans of soup (if you’ve got some) or cans of something and do some bicep curls. Squeeze in some lunges while you’re brushing your teeth in the mornings. Seriously, some exercise is better than none. And yes, on days where I haven’t been able to go for a run or to the gym, I actually do squats while I’m brushing my teeth.

  • Alternative mode of transport or an alternate route

If you use the elevator, WALK UP THE STEPS instead. If you see an escalator, opt for the stairs that are usually next to it. Even if there aren’t any, don’t just stand there on the escalator, walk up!

Even if you drive to work, maybe park a little bit further. If you don’t drive and take the train or other modes of public transport, get off one stop earlier and walk to your destination. A great cardio input without much effort. Of course, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. You can still look spunky in your work clothes and runners.

  • Tone up while lying down


Image source: Fitsugar

I found these amazing workouts on Fitsugar (love that site!) where you can just tone up while lying down on your back! Perfect for us lazy girls I say 😉 . Check out the set of workouts here. The single leg lift bridge has got to be one of the best exercises ever!



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