Falsies VS Lash Extensions

Falsies VS Lash Extensions

About two to three weeks ago, I was invited by Theodora’s Beauty Boutique over in Hawthorn for a complimentary lash extension service. I’ve always been curious about lash extensions since way back when I went back to Singapore and saw how popular it was. But, I was also apprehensive of the negative things I’ve heard that came along with having lash extensions. Plus, like having my brows done by someone else, there was always that risk of having them look weird on me.

Some cons associated with lash extensions included, damaging your own lashes by making it short and stumpy, having allergic reactions to the glue and also how costly it is to maintain. So I won’t deny that while I was excited to have them on, it wasn’t without great trepidation.

Thankfully though, my lash technician Tammy made sure I was comfortable and answered all the questions I had, which included the above mentioned issues. The application took just under an hour and it was so relaxing that I actually had a tiny nap while all that was going on. Tammy also explained that she would use a mix of different lengths and how she was going to apply them and why. She knew I wanted to have as natural a look as possible.

The results were amazing really. I kept on checking myself out in the mirror and saying “wow”, because honestly, they were spectacular (have you seen my natural lashes??)!

So, for those wondering which would be better for them – falsies or lash extensions – I’ve put together a list of pros and cons for each and also what I thought of the whole process.

Falsies VS Lash Extensions


with falsies 2014

Wearing the Giselle falsies from Glam by Manicare


  • You have a choice of which styles you want on any given day, for any occasion.
  • A good range of prices with a reasonably decent one even starting as low as $3.00.
  • You can take it off on the same day, so you can change up your look whenever you feel like it.
  • Low maintenance


  • Takes some getting used to when applying the falsies correctly.
  • Might get an uneven application.
  • There is that fear of them falling off while you’re out and about. Tip: take the eyelash glue along with you.
  • You might not end up wearing them because you just cannot be bothered spending time to apply them.

Lash Extensions


  • No need to curl or apply mascara every day, therefore cutting your time to get ready each day. In fact you cannot curl nor can you apply mascara on them.
  • You can get away with not wearing eye makeup, as the lashes are darker than your natural lashes and helps to accentuate your eyes.
  • No guess work needed as to which type, length or how much curl is needed because it’s all done professionally for you.

before after lash extensions

The differences between before and after lash extensions application were amazing!


  • Expensive – depending on where you go, it can start around $160 for a set of Hollywood Glamour lashes, which lasts usually for 3 weeks.
  • High maintenance – you can’t rub your eyes, you need to try NOT to get water on it, meaning when you wash your hair, you need to try not having the water run down your face. If you do use eye makeup, you would need to use micellar water to remove any traces of makeup. You would need to be VERY gentle when removing any eye makeup. The extensions last about 3 weeks until your next refill, which depending again on where you go or how much you need to refill, can cost from around $50 onwards.
  • It’s permanently on until the extensions fall off by themselves gradually, so you can’t simply take them off on your own or you’ll run the risk of damaging your own lashes.

with lash extensions

With the lash extensions but without any eye makeup

 My Verdict

While I did love the results of the lash extensions, I did find that I had to change my habits a little. I had to very gently remove any traces of eye makeup that I had on, I had to stop myself from curling my lashes – a habit I had picked up before I had the extensions on – and I had to avoid rubbing my eyes.

On the positive side, it didn’t take me long to do my eye makeup when I did choose to apply, which was often, because I just love the application process. But when I didn’t apply any, I still looked fresh and well put-together. I also loved how natural my extensions look, thanks to the professional expertise of my lash technician, Tammy. She choose a few different lengths and curls, making the overall effect look as natural as if I only curled and had some light mascara on.

Did my own lashes fall out? Honestly, I only encountered ONE tiny lash that was my own falling out during the whole time I had the extensions on. I could tell when the extensions fell out because they were a lot darker and curlier than my own lashes.

Are lash extensions the way to go for me? I would like to say yes, but unfortunately, the way I cleansed my eye area each night made me feel as though I didn’t cleanse it enough – it was totally psychological of course. I know this sounds crazy but I did miss curling my lashes and applying mascara. It’s just a routine I enjoy doing each day. Plus, the cost is quite a killer too. While I know I seldom even bother with falsies, due to lack of patience, at least I get to pick which ones I’m comfortable with and what look I want to go for when I choose to have some on.

Who are lash extensions for? 

I think lash extensions are perfect for those who prefer a quick and easy way to get ready each day. If you’re one who can go without any sort of eye makeup, and only need some base on your face, or maybe no makeup at all, then this is definitely for you. Your extensions would probably last longer too if you avoid wearing any sort of eye makeup. A properly trained lash technician would be able to pick the right type of lashes to give you the most natural look that still enhances your features.

Tell me, would you try out having lash extensions? Have you ever tried having lash extensions? What was your experience like? Did you like them? Are you still having them done?


*I was given a complimentary lash extension service from Theodora’s Beauty Boutique in Hawthorn for editorial consideration, in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy. 





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