Styling Short Hair For the Festive Season

Styling Short Hair For the Festive Season

I’ve had this shorter style hair for awhile now and yes I’m getting a little bit bored. While there are many other ways for me to style my hair, somehow I do miss having it a bit wavy or curly like I did with my slightly longer length hair. I loved how I could easily transform my look just with a curling wand or a straightener. But, having postponed my usual hair appointment, that means my hair is slightly (just that little tiny bit) longer. Not that much but, slightly more for me to play with.

Saturday and Sunday saw me experimenting with a different look – wavy curls. It was surprisingly pretty easy to create with just a few simple tools and hair products.

Saturday Festive Hair



saturday festive hair tools

Shorter hair also sometimes mean that your hair doesn’t stay fluffy long enough. Usually by day 2 or 3, your hair tends to go a little bit flatter. Read Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous on her predicament with shorter hair. How I normally deal with this issue is by using either of these products – a dry shampoo or volumising powder. We all know how dry shampoos work by absorbing the oils on your hair and fluffing your hair up, therefore giving it the body it needs.

Volumising powders work a little bit differently. It comes in this powder form that you apply directly onto your scalp, then rub into your scalp and hair. Your fingers will feel a bit sticky or gritty and that’s how the formula is working on your hair. It gives your hair texture and volume whilst still keeping it looking natural.

kevin murphy powder puff

The first wavy curl I’ve called “Festive Hair” all because I added a sparkly headband to the finished look. The curls are a lot less tighter and slightly more textured compared to the second look.

  • Step 1

step 1 festive hair

Part your hair in sections. I like to part it in two sections – left and right, and then with a curling iron, curl the different parts. Because it’s for a much shorter style, be sure to take SMALLER sections to curl. I also prefer to use a smaller sized curling tong. This one was 25mm. Curl your hair AWAY from your face and try to do tighter curls, or else you’ll just end up with frizzy bits and not curls.

  • Step 2

using shu uemura shape paste

shu uemura shape paste

Next, take some of the moulding paste with your fingertips.


  • Step 3

Apply the paste in sections, onto your hair, using the “scrunching” method. In other words, you scrunch the product onto your hair. This helps to separate the curls a little.

step 3 festive hair

This is what you’ll end up with – textured waves. I did brush out my curls a little to give it a much more rougher texture.

rough waves festive hair


  • Step 4

step 4 festive hair


Spray your hair with the Sheer Lacquer, which unlike other hair sprays, doesn’t make your hair all stiff. It keeps your style the way it is, but still giving it some natural movement. Then add a decorated headband. I love a simple wire one with say a single crystal decorated flower or motif.

Sunday Curly Sue



  • *Shu Uemura Shape Paste
  • *Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer

sunday curly sue

For this style, I decided to use the VS Sasson Curl Secret. Not only because it’s a lot easier to curl, but I wanted to create a much bouncier finish. The curler also gives me the option to set how curly I wanted my hair to be. For this style, I used the third setting – very curly. And I also used much smaller sections each time. Not only because I didn’t to get my hair stuck, but more so to get that bouncy finish.

  • Step 1

I didn’t need to apply any volumising powder for this style as I’ll have much more curls than the previous style. So I simply curled my hair in smaller sections.

  • Step 2

Next I scrunched up my hair with a bit of product using the Shu Uemura Shape Paste. This time however, I only scrunched the ends.

  • Step 3

Instead of brushing my hair out, I simply scrunched up my hair with my fingers and then spray a little bit of the sheer lacquer to set the style.

curly sue

The final look is a nice mix of soft curls that also softens my whole look!

What do you think? Should I stick with these curls or go the usual straight, sleek style?


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