Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Kids, Tweens & Teens

Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Kids, Tweens & Teens

It’s Saturday Shopping time again and this time I’m sharing some gift ideas for kids, tweens and teens. My kids are at the in-between stage right now. Wait… that was wrong, I’m at the in-between stage, as in I have a child in each category I’ve mentioned but not too young that I’d have to consider gifts for even younger kids. In fact, I could almost do away with toys completely now. Almost. Master 9 still loves his Lego, and other toys, but I’d much rather buy him something related to sports, or thankfully, books, because last I read his “wish list” had 90% books on it!

I read Vanessa’s post on Christmas GIft Ideas for Kids the other day and I’ve actually seen this “mantra” for a while, but I didn’t realise I had been adhering to this since we started celebrating Christmas when Miss 12 was 4.  Maybe not all 9 points but most of them were generally covered. A good guide to go with when you’re wondering what to get for your child. The one thing I do normally do each year though is get the kids something they have to share and enjoy together. Usually that meant a DVD or a boardgame of some sort. This year, I thought I’d teach them the joy of giving to others, so I’ll be getting them an Oxfam Unwrapped gift. Actually, Miss 12 had wanted to give a goat to someone, she thought it would be better to give to someone else who needed more than her. Let’s just say, that was definitely a “proud mama” moment on my part, but I had already bought her gift and I still wanted to honour her request so, why not just get that gift as a “shared” gift that I always get the three kids.

Onto my gift ideas!

Gift Ideas for kids, tweens & teens


I have always loved reading and it brings me such joy to share that love with my kids. So here are my top picks for books for kids, tweens and teens. Most of these books have already been read by my kids or books that they’d love to get their hands on.

christmas gift ideas for kids, tweens & teens - books

Top row, left to right:

  • **Hair Romance How to create 82 fabulous hairstyles $19.95 – This is great for that tween or teen wanting to play around and experiment with different hair styles. I know Miss 12 would love this book and somehow I can imagine her doing some tutorial videos from this book!
  • **Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver $14.99 – A great Young Adult novel that even the boys would like. The story centres around this girl named Sam, who relives the same day over and over again. When she realises that what she does each time the day repeats itself could change the course of events, Sam starts trying to right the wrongs she did the previous time. Could Sam save the unsaved? Compelling read that makes you think about actions and consequences and that sometimes a big sacrifice is needed to save the day.
  • **The Forgotten Pearl $13.75 – Miss 12 read this a few years back and loved it. Written by Australian writer, Belinda Murrell, the story is about how Chloe learns about her grandmother’s fate during the Second World War and how close it came to destroying her family. A great historical novel for tweens and teens.

Middle row, left to right: 

  • **Divergent Series Boxed Set by Veronica Roth $47.95 – An absolute favourite series of mine, this box set comes with books 1 – 4 and even has World of Divergent (no idea what that is).
  • **The Hunger Games Boxed Set by Suzanne Collins $42.50 – Another series that’s pretty popular with young and old alike. This one comes with all three of the Hunger Games books.

Bottom row, left to right:

  • **Horrible Histories Boxed Set $57.95 – Who hasn’t heard of Horrible Histories?! A rather popular series on ABC3, this boxed set comes with 20 books, sharing the historical background of the past centuries, in a rather interesting way.
  • **The Gruffalo & The Gruffalo’s Child set $35.95 – Two fabulous picture books in this set, sharing the story of a clever little mouse outwitting the creatures of the deep dark wood. These are hardback editions, with gorgeous artwork. (0-5 years)
  • **The Extra Big Ultimate Collection of Captain Underpants $55.95 – One of Master 9’s favourite series – Captain Underpants. Perfect for boys or girls who love a bit of adventure, complete with some poo jokes!

Handy Hands!

If your child loves getting busy with their hands, then I’ve got a few gift ideas here. Great for most ages and for girls or boys.

christmas gift ideas for kids, tweens & teens - handy hands crafty

Top row, left to right: 

  • Seedling series – I found out about this through Vanessa last year and got each one of my kids something from this range. It’s a great set that has the essentials to create what the kit says it will make. Master 9 got the Seedling Build Your Own Kaleidoscope kit ($32.43), which he loved to bits! Miss 11 got the Seedling Make Your Own Indie Bangle kit (not pictured) ($20.38) and got on with making them as soon as she’s ripped open the wrapping. The Seedling Good Things For Girls kit ($27.79) contains a knitting doll, acrylic yarn, skipping rope, pick up sticks, sketch pad and coloured pencils, which are great for keeping your kids (boy or girl) busy! Finally, I bought Miss 12 this for her last Christmas, the Seedling Fashion Designer’s Kit ($46.33), complete with fabrics, wooden mannequin, patterns, sketch book, needles, the whole shabang. The only problem? I think that should’ve been for Miss 11 who was more keen with needlework. Oh well…

Middle row, left to right: 

  • Make & Create Book from Typo $19.95 each – It’s really a book with blank spaces for you to draw, create and write on. But I love how you can pick the design you want, according to the child’s personality.
  • Typo A3 Desk Planner $14.95 – Help them get sorted out for the new year with this simple yet practical desk planner. Miss 12 has one from KikkiK because we couldn’t find one from Typo when we needed one. This is great for them to see with one glance what they’ve got due, and what they’ve got on monthly.

Bottom row, left to right:

  • Typo Chalk Pastels $14.95 – An affordable yet great gift for that budding artist in the family.
  • Typo Message In A Box $9.95 – Wondering what exactly can one do with this set of cards? Well, Miss 12 bought a set (they come in a variety of sets) and used it to decorate her room, the pin board and even her folders.
  • Typo Stencils In A Tin $14.95 – Cute, handy and a great gift for someone crafty and very into graphic design and scrapbooking.


Fashion & Beauty

Finally, it’s fashion and beauty for mostly tweens and teens actually.

Christmas gift ideas for kids, tweens and teens - fashion beauty teens

Top row, left to right:

  • **Bonds Confetti Sleep Jersey Onesie $34.95 – This confetti print sleep onesie would melt any teenage girl’s heart. It’s cute, comfy and fun.
  • **Bonds Stars Sleep Shorts $24.95 – Reach for the stars with this comfy yet chic and fun sleep shorts featuring gold stars.
  • **One Direction That Moment EDP now $29.00 – For fans of 1D, this fragrance is soft, sweet and feminine. Miss 11 loves the bottle and the scent, and it helps that it’s not too overpowering either.

Middle row, left to right:

  • **Bonds Besties Basic Tee two for $35 – Teen boys usually prefer to dress easy – tees are the way to go and what better choice than the basic tee. Right now, Bonds have got a 2 for $35 special on their basic tees!
  • **Rose & Co Beauty Salve Collection $19.50 – Rose & Co is a UK brand that creates a nice vintage flair. This set of 3 salves comes in a retro style rose print box with flavours such as strawberry crush, cherry kiss and rose petal in the set.
  • Cotton On Coby Backpack $29.95 – Simple yet trendy and practical, this backpack is perfect for tween and teen boys or girls.

Bottom row, left to right:

  • Happy Socks from Universal Store $16.95 – Be it boys or girls, they both need socks and Happy Socks have got a rather quirky range for both genders. They come in fun, fabulous colours that would brighten up anyone’s day!
  • Caps – If your boy wears caps then check out some of the uber cool designs that you can find from places like Universal Store or some surf wear stores.
  • *Jimeale Back to School Pack $10 – I received this for one of my girls earlier this year. This back to school pack has all the essentials; lip balm, hair brush, hair ties, hair clips, claws, coloured stickers all in a hard case. While it only came in orange and pink, I thought the hard case, brush and lip balm made it really handy for when they go for their school swimming lessons. They could also sneak in their other essentials like undies and deodorant in there too. Not sure if they’ve still got them at Target, as I’ve searched everywhere on their website, but if you do come across this at the store, be sure to pick one up!

That’s it for my Christmas gift ideas for kids, tweens  and teens. If you’re so inclined to go down the toys and games route, I’d highly recommend games that would require you to purchase different characters, like the latest *Skylanders Trap Team.

skylanders-trapteam-packageWhile the initial set is pricey, the good thing is, relatives can then just buy the different characters to make up the other presents. Master 9 has been a huge fan of the Skylanders series since it was first launched and each time there’s a sale, we tend to purchase the characters for him for his birthday or the next Christmas.


*Denotes gifted item for editorial consideration. 

** Denotes affiliate links. 





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