Friday’s Favourites: All I Want For Christmas…

Friday’s Favourites: All I Want For Christmas…

I was going to do a post on my November favourites, but I got sidetracked. Ok, so I got lazy and didn’t take any photos when the light was better and yesterday and today the weather has been really crappy. Crappy for taking photos. Instead, I’ve decided to share what I would love for Christmas this year. You know, to help Mr. C and my kids and anyone else for that matter. So here goes!

My Christmas Wish List

christmas wishlist

Wow! Didn’t realise I had that much until I was putting them together! Honestly though, only ONE of the items on this list is a “want”. The rest are mostly what I do need. I’m a practical gal you know.

  1. Personalised iPhone 6 cover – Having just upgraded my mobile plan I also got to change my phone for an extra $6 a month. Not bad really. So now, I need an iPhone 6 case for my phone. A personalised one won’t hurt either, especially seeing that this one from “Create It Your Way” on Etsy, is for about $30.00
  2. Typo Desk Planner rrp$14.95 – It’s a great way to manage what I’ve got on for each month. I can see everything at a glance on my desk!
  3. Coco Liberace Fine Necklace rrp$20.00 – I featured the floating letter version on my Friday’s Favourites post last week. This is definitely a want and not a need. But at only $20 I thought it’s a rather cheap “want”. 😉
  4. Typo Tablet Case rrp$29.99 – My current iPad case is about to “die”. My iPad is also known as my “boyfriend’ to Mr. C. According to him, I spend more time with that than I do him. He’s right. I even sleep with the iPad next to me. Can’t blame me when I do read my “books” on my iPad! So, my current one is peeling. I bought it at a sale for only $10, and really, I can wait for the Typo sale to come around after Christmas to get this one.
  5. 2015 Typo Planner/Diary rrp$19.99 – You must be wondering why I would need another planner if I’ve got a desk one. That’s IF I get it. Anyway, this is for a more detailed overview of my plans. I’ve always had one since 2013 and I do love how it’s set out. Each day has a page, perfect for me to plan out my blog posts.
  6. **Kindle reader rrp$79.00 – Sigh… I’ve not only hinted but told Mr. C to just get me a Kindle reader for Christmas. It’s lighter and smaller than my iPad, making it easier for me to carry around and do my reading. It’s the perfect gift for a bookworm like me. I mean I read over 100 books this year so why not right?
  7. **Amazon gift card – What’s a Kindle reader without any books to read! So yes, that would go nicely with the Kindle reader; thank you very much 😉

That’s my wishlist this year. Will I get anything from this list? Highly doubt it, but hey, a girl can wish can’t she 😉


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