Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for Teachers

Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for Teachers

It’s nearing the end of term and you’d like to say a big thank you to the person/s that have been helping mould, shape and educate your child. Trust me, it’s no easy task to give your undivided attention to all the students in a class, let alone if you have more than one class. So really, we’re going to have to be very thoughtful when choosing a gift that comes from the heart for your child’s teacher. I’ve put together some gift ideas that could help and some that have worked for me. First up some tips on getting that thoughtful gift for your child’s teacher.

Tips When Getting Gifts For Teachers

  • Alcohol – I try to avoid giving alcohol, that is unless you KNOW your child’s teacher does drink. This can be tricky because I know that one of my mentors DOES NOT drink and it’s a pain to receive bottles of wine when you end up re-gifting it anyway.
  • Be observant – Listen to the stories your child tells you about their teacher. These are snippets you can take away with you and get ideas for gifts. For instance, a few years ago, Master 8’s teacher just got a little puppy, so the class got together to also get a little toy for his puppy, on top of a little present for him. Another thing to observe is what they wear. For instance, Miss 12’s grade 5 teacher two years ago, is also Miss 11’s grade 5 teacher this year. She is what I would term to have a rather edgy, emo style, so if I was to buy her something PINK, I’m sure that would get re-gifted. Not only that, it just goes to show how much I don’t care right?
  • Stationery – It is no secret that teachers LOVE stationery – or maybe that’s just me? But seriously, that’s a safe and practical option.
  • Vouchers – Some might say that gift vouchers aren’t personal enough. I beg to differ! Especially when you KNOW where they shop or what sort of services they usually go for. This year for instance, I’ll be getting Miss 11’s teacher a voucher to the nail salon she frequents. At least I know she’ll be using it!
  • Skincare & Beauty – Another thing I tend to AVOID giving because you never know what they are allergic to! I did however give nail polish to one of my child’s teachers previously because I knew she painted her own nails.

Gift Ideas For Teachers

  •  The Traveller

Maybe your child’s teacher LOVES travelling, or is actually planning on a holiday during the break? Why not get him/her something that would help make their journey a lot more comfortable, exciting and memorable with these gift ideas.

gifts for the traveller

1 & 2. Travel Diaries (Typo) from $24.95  – Help this avid traveller relive their memories by giving them a travel diary to jot every single detail of their trip.

3. Travel wallet (Typo) $19.95 – Being organised is key when you’re travelling, so why not get them this travel wallet that helps them sort out their receipts, tickets, money and more!

4. Travel Set (Typo) $24.95 – Get comfortable with these travel set, it comprises of a travel pillow, eye mask and ear plugs.

5. Borne Naked Travel set (Howards Storage World) $26.20 – This travel set is perfect for sorting out their toiletries, especially if they’re going for a short trip. This would also make the perfect carry-on toiletries pack.


  • Get Personal

Once you’ve gotten an idea of their likes and dislikes or even their sense of style, get a little bit personal and present them with gifts that says, you know a lot about them.

get personal gifts

1. Scarves – I’ve often bought scarves for my child’s lady teachers and it really takes a lot of observation to notice the style they prefer, the colours they wear and if they even wear scarves! I prefer to get those that are light, so that they can still wear it in spring and sometimes even in summer. This **chevron scarf from Katies is on-trend, easy to match and suits most personalities.

2. **Pineapple jewellery keeper (Forever New) $19.99 – If your teacher loves to accessorise, why not get them a jewellery keeper?

3. Necklaces can be tricky but if you know your teacher’s sense of style and personality, it could be one of the best gifts ever.

4. **Drinking Cup (Forever New) $14.99 – Whether they love tea, coffee, or even good old hot chocolate, this cafe style drinking cup is perfect for their favourite beverage. It’s environmentally friendly and adorably cute too!

5. **Circa Home Candle (David Jones) $29.95 – Another tricky gift, but if you choose a neutral scent, nothing too strong, like this pear and lime combo, your child’s teacher will appreciate it. Not everyone loves scented candles, which is why this is under the “Get Personal” list – you need to find out if they do enjoy scented candles. I lucked out last year when I found out that Miss 12’s teacher loved scented candles. She was so appreciative of the gift, even going so far as to admitting that she’s never been able to afford them but always loved them. Yes, my dear readers, good scented candles are a luxury to most of us.


  • Stationery Essentials


1. Mini Stationery Case (KikkiK) $14.95 – If it’s one thing I’ve learned from my placements is that we teachers just cannot get enough of stationery. Yes, we can’t. Stationery is like crack to most of us (or maybe just me?). Seriously, if I could put a dollar each time a student asked me for a pen, pencil, scissors, stapler, etc… I think I’d be rich. This one is cute, handy and can travel in a teachers bag easily.

2. Wool Blend iPad Case (KikkiK) $29.95 – This iPad case is functional, and stylish. It has a leather zip detail and cotton lining on the inside. Great for a male or female teacher.

3. Wireless mouse (KMart) $10.00 – Who doesn’t need a mouse? This wireless mouse is cute, practical and really, if you’re like me and you hate using the mouse on your laptop, this one makes a pretty handy gift!

4. Phone amplifier (KMart) $10.00 – A cute, functional and compact amplifier. Great for when the teacher needs to share some audio that they’ve maybe downloaded onto their phones.

  • Keep It Simple

Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple for both YOU and the teacher. Vouchers are the way to go, which not only let’s them choose when and what they want to pick, but makes it easier for you as well.  This doesn’t mean you can just buy any random voucher. Remember to take note of their interests, what they love, where they shop. It’s not that hard really. For instance, two years ago, Master 8 had a male teacher who loved sports. So we pooled our money together as a class, and got him a **Rebel Sport voucher (amongst other gifts).

Some fab examples of vouchers you could get:

I was looking through online for some ideas on what to get for Miss 12’s teachers. Usually in high schools, teachers don’t normally get anything. Doesn’t mean it’s not appreciated if they do receive something. So with so many teachers for one child, how could you say thank you without breaking the bank? Mugs. Personalised mugs. I know, everyone has a mug, but, believe you me, when you go to that staff room, sometimes, you’d rather bring your own mug. So why not gift them something you know they’ll use and could immediately place in their staff lockers or desk?

I found some white mugs from Big W for only $13.00 for a set of 4 and got 2 sets. Bought some black, gold and silver Sharpies and got Miss 12, who thankfully LOVES graphic art, to decorate and personalise the mugs.

diy design mug items diy teacher mugs diy teachers mugs

After designing each mug according to her teacher’s personality and subject, we then placed it in a 175 degree oven for about 30 minutes so that the design would not wash off. Once it has been “baked” and cooled down, go over the parts that might be a little bit faint and then pop the mugs in the oven again for another 20 minutes.

Her teachers loved her designs, and it came from her heart, because we brainstormed some ideas and designs before she drew them on there.

That’s it for this week’s Gift Guide for teachers, stay tuned next week where I share a few more gift guides to get you going!


**Denotes affilate links



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