Monday Eats: Mitchelton Winery

Monday Eats: Mitchelton Winery


Right now, as you’re reading this post, I’m actually wishing I was where I was at last Monday – Mitchelton Winery, down in Goulburn Valley. Running through the winery is the Nagambie Lakes, which is considered to be the sub regional hub of the Goulburn Valley. Mitchelton Winery is one of the two well-known wineries that are situated in this area.

Mitchelton Winery

Mitchelton Winery is a vast area, which also houses their restaurant, an outdoor amphitheatre, the cellar door, and even a function space to hold your conference. One of their main attractions for functions is of course the ability to hold your wedding there. Now I’m wishing they were around when I was getting married!

Mitchelton wineries scenery

Part of the Mitchelton vineyard, the dining area outside the restaurant, the Nagambie Lakes, the outdoor amphitheatre

While we had to endure a 1 1/2 hour ride to winery, I would say that the trip was well worth the travel. The scenery was breathtaking and we even had the pleasure of touring the underground cellar, which by the way, is where could hold your wedding in! We were also treated to a cruise on the Goulburn Explorer down the Nagambie Lakes. The weather was gorgeous, and it was a mighty fine feeling to be chilling out on the top deck of the Explorer while admiring the lovely views and fauna.

Mitchelton wineries underground cellar

The way towards the underground cellar , filled with large tanks and large overhead funnels!

mitchelton wineries underground tanks

A look at the large tanks from the outside, the “tunnel” where you can walk down for your wedding, just a few of the many barrels of wines!

Mitchelton Winery Restaurant

Mitchelton wineries food

Amongst the spread that we were presented with were the roast beef with mustard rolls and the lovely decorated cheese platter. There were also a few other salads – the beetroot salad with some nuts, fresh garden salad, deliciously decadent potato salad and how could I forget the fresh prawns!

mitchelton wines

While the food was delicious, it was the wines of course that were the main attraction of the day. We tried the Mitchelton Marsanne, which I found to be rather too sweet for my taste. The Blackwood Park Riesling though, took my breath away, with its crisp taste – and I’m not usually a white wine girl! Their Print Shiraz wasn’t as tart as what I would expect something from the 2001 to be. It was lovely nonetheless, but it could be my bias towards reds that’s talking here.

mitchelton wines cellar door

The cellar door wasn’t just packed with different range of wines that the Mitchelton Winery produces, it also has some lovely preserves, pasta and other locally made produce on offer.

So what would I recommend you do if you were to venture out to the Goulburn Valley area?

Tips On Enjoying Your Nagambie Experience

  • Enjoy a ferry ride down the Nagambie Lakes – Ride the Goulburn Explorer down the Nagambie Lakes, leading up to Mitchelton Wines. Enjoy the scenery, flora and fauna that you will encounter on your ferry ride down to the Mitchelton Winery.
  • Lunch at the winery – Enjoy a decadent, long lunch at the winery with some friends or maybe to celebrate an anniversary over at the Mitchelton Wines restaurant. You can either take a ferry down from town or drive from the city down to the winery.
  • Explore the surrounds – Book a tour to explore the area, then drop into the winery for some lunch and taste their delicious wines.
  • Stay the night – Better still, why not stay the night in Nagambie, after your long lunch and gorgeous ferry ride? I think this would make a fabulous idea for a short weekend getaway! (Maybe I should find a way to ditch the kids and head out there with Mr. C 😉 )

Will you be venturing out this way for your next getaway? Have you been to the Nagambie area before? Whereabouts did you venture to?


*I was treated to a day out at the Mitchelton Winery, thanks to the people at Mitchelton Wines. 



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  • Vanessa says:

    I haven’t been to Nagambie for years but maybe I should be heading back stat! I love a winery lunch and an escape from the big smoke. Thanks for the heads up! x

    • Norlin says:

      Happy to share any great finds Vanessa! That was my very first time venturing out to the area, so it was definitely an amazing experience. Such peaceful surroundings!

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