Love, Like & Loathe: Selena Gomez, Burt’s Bees, Christmas Shopping

Love, Like & Loathe: Selena Gomez, Burt’s Bees, Christmas Shopping

Hello Friday! It’s been a rather long week, especially with Master 9 gone for camp for about 3 days. He left on Wednesday and this would be his very first time away from home – that one night at my mother-in-law’s isn’t counted. So it has been rather weird not having him around. Missed waking him up in the mornings because I have this “special” way of waking him up. Yes, I know he’s 9 and no longer a baby but, hey, he’s MY baby. ūüėČ And the girls wouldn’t let me do to them what I normally do with him to wake them up! He comes back today and while he might be annoying at times, I actually am looking forward to seeing my boy.

Friday also signals my Love, Like & Loathe segment and this week, I’m featuring Selena Gomez, something from Burt’s Bees and all about Christmas shopping.

LOVE – Selena Gomez’s The Heart Wants What It Wants

I was browsing through YouTube the other night and was you know, checking out a few music videos until I came across Selena Gomez’s latest song. At least I think it’s her very latest one. It’s called “The Heart Wants What It Wants”. You need to watch the music video to hear the first part, which really is her referring to her relationship with Justin Bieber.

Now, in my opinion, I think Selena could do much better. I think Justin needs help before he destroys his life completely. I don’t follow his life story but, from the looks of things, this boy is really going downhill, not being able to handle the fame that he got at such a young age. Selena on the other hand, from what I’ve heard on this other video of her interview with Ryan Seacrest, had a good head on her shoulders, until she started a relationship with Justin. I think she lost herself in the process and this was why the song and the video resonated so much with me, especially what she said at the start of the video.

Sometimes when you fall in love, especially when you’re at such a young age, you tend to forget yourself. You tend to lose yourself and put yourself last, that you destroy who you are. That’s what I believe happened to Selena from listening to this song and her interview. And I can somehow relate because I was that girl. I lost myself once, so much so that I didn’t know who I was, where I was going towards and what was going to happen next. I was only 16. And all because of a boy. It lasted for 3 years, but I somehow “woke” up one day and realised that I needed to save myself first.¬†Everyone who knew me¬†were all against this relationship but like what Selena’s song said,¬†“the heart wants what it wants.”¬†¬†I just had to come to that realisation for myself to get out before I completely destroyed what I had left of myself. While I had to¬†go¬†through the turmoil of emotions by being in that relationship, I didn’t regret it because it made me stronger and taught me so much about resilience, acceptance and later on; to love myself. I know my daughters will one day also fall for someone hard but I just hope they don’t lose themselves in the relationship, like so many of us usually do.


LIKE – Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion with Royal Jelly

Now onto something I’ve been using on my skin for about two weeks, the *Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion with Royal Jelly. I’ve used Burt’s Bees range of body lotion previously and loved the scent and the feeling it gives my skin once I’ve applied it. I’ve even used their Radiance Day Cream with SPF15 too, but this one really knocks the other body lotions I’ve tried from their range off the shelves! Why? Well, besides the goodness of royal jelly, which by the way helps to increase the skin’s moisture content, therefore helping to treat dry skin, this formulation has been¬†infused with mica. What’s mica? It’s a light reflecting mineral that gives your skin a gorgeous glow.

burts bees radiance body lotion

You see, I fell in love with the scent from the very first application (so really, this should be on my LOVE list right?), and it wasn’t until later on during the day that I noticed my skin had this sparkly look to it when I was out in the sun. Or when light touches my skin rather. I couldn’t decide if it was the Arbonne body serum I had added into the body lotion or the body lotion that caused this sparkling goodness! It wasn’t until I read the tube again that I realised bam! It’s the body lotion!

Why is it on my like and not love list? While I do love the scent and how quickly it absorbs into my skin – much like the other body lotions from Burt’s Bees – I had to get used to sparkling in the sun though. I mean, I don’t end up looking like the vampires from Twilight, that much I know, but I don’t know how obvious it is to everyone else. So until I get used to that, it would be on my like list still. But, I won’t be surprised if this features¬†on my November Favourites list.

LOATHE – Christmas Shopping

As much I enjoy shopping, the one thing I DO loathe is going out to the shopping malls to do my Christmas shopping at this time of the year. It’s just CRAZY! Parking is a pain and then you have to deal with crazy, stressed out shoppers on the hunt for that “perfect” gift. No thanks. I think I’ll stick to online shopping this year. If not then I’ll have to go in REALLY EARLY on a weekday to do those that I cannot do online.

But, to help make YOUR shopping experience a little bit better than possibly mine (unless I choose not to go out and shop), I’ll be sharing a series of gift guides to not only give you some¬†ideas of what you could get but, even shop online instead of having to wrestle for carpark or the stressed out shoppers! Stay tuned tomorrow for my very first instalment featuring “Jewellery Under $100”!



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