Friday’s Favourites: October Favourites

Friday’s Favourites: October Favourites

It’s the middle of November now and we’re about to hit the end of the year in a month and a bit! Yikes! Where did that time go? And honestly, between you and me, I haven’t yet done ANY of my Christmas shopping yet. Yes, i’m that “organised”. For those of you who might be organising your own gift list, I’ll be sharing a series of “Gift Guides” on Saturdays, over the next few weeks. Hopefully that’ll help YOU and also me, get some amazing ideas that will not only NOT break the bank but are just as awesome as when you do splurge.

On today’s Friday’s Favourites post though, I’m sharing my October favourites, from beauty, to skincare, fashion and right down even to books and film. Yes, I’ll be covering it all. In fact, I’m so enthusiastic that I’ve also decided to do a video, for those of you who prefer to watch than read.


October Favourites

  • Beauty

**Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil

I’ve raved about this product earlier in October and hello, it’s not surprise that it’s come up on my October Favourites list! I love how easy it is for me to achieve that “complete makeup” look, simply by lining my lids with this Volatile Violet shade on my lids and then smudging it,  to achieve a softer finish.

**L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Foundation Powder

I don’t usually wear powdered foundation, but this one from L’Oreal has been working overtime when it comes to touching up and mattifying my skin. Instead of using this as a base, what I do is dab this finely milled powder onto my face, each time I’m touching up my makeup. It doesn’t cake up like most powder foundations and is so light on my skin!

  • Skincare

The Jojoba Company Jojoba beads and bamboo facial exfoliant

If you’re lazy like me when it comes to taking good care of your skin then go for products that can double up on their usefulness. I loved using this exfoliant, both as an exfoliator and a mask. Call it double duty hotness! I loved it so much I brought along with me on my trip earlier this month. To find out more about what I thought of this product, click here.

**Transformulas EyeLifting Gel

transformulas eyelifting gel

I featured this product previously, complete with a review of what I thought of the product. I have to admit that this product ended up in my October favourites because I found that I could NOT stop using it! The effect was pretty obvious whenever I don’t apply this as part of my everyday makeup regime. While the difference is only subtle, it does help me feel like I’ve got a “fresher” set of eyes each time I apply it. I didn’t bring this along with me to Singapore, which was such a huge mistake, as I sure needed all the lifting I could get seeing that I didn’t get that much sleep while on holidays then.

**Dermalogica Super Sensitive Sheild SPF30

I’ve been using this sunscreen on my face all of last month, especially since I started running outside again. The sunscreen is light on my skin and doesn’t feel greasy, which is usually the reason why I sometimes avoid it. It also thankfully DOES NOT cause any breakouts on my skin.


  • Fashion & Accessories

Floral Print Dress

dorothy perkins floral print dress

October saw me doing the Frocktober challenge again, so it should be no surprise that when it came to last month’s favourite fashion item, it had to be a dress. I did enjoy having to force myself to wear a dress everyday, as it made me wear the ones that I have forgotten about, namely this favourite of mine – the floral print dress from Dorothy Perkins. I found that I could easily dress this dress up or down, depending on what I wore to layer it with. While I’m not really “floral” print girl, this one was soft, and had rather muted and neutral colours, against an off-white background. I wore it more than once and in a few different ways, for both work and play.

Fitzroy Satchel from Toffee Cases

toffee satchel

I received this satchel from Toffee Cases and this has been my go-to bag whenever I head out to Uni. It fits my iPad perfectly and my notebooks, wallet, phone, keys, snack and other necessities as well as my stationery. It might look small but don’t be fooled by its compact size. I also loved how retro the style is and that khaki waterproof canvas fabric means that my things won’t get wet if I was ever caught in the rain without an umbrella! If you would like to win yourself this exact Fitzroy satchel, check out the giveaway here.

  • Books

Growing Up Beautiful & The Beauty of a Second Chance

If you love reading novels about models and the “realities” of what their lives could be then I highly recommend Growing Up Beautiful and the sequel; The Beauty of a Second Chance.

The book follows three girls, all on their way to start their modelling career in Italy. Set in the mid 80s, we see Star, Joanne and Casey board a plane bound for Italy, in the hopes of making it in the world of modelling. They are all beautiful of course, but all three come from different backgrounds and with different personalities. Star is a brash ex-waitress, who has well, stars in her eyes and her main aim is to make as much money as possible. Things however don’t go as planned and instead she ends up on a different path.

Joanne comes from a well-to-do family, who has her future all planned out for her. She skips town to try and make it on her own, even if it meant that it’ll be for a short while. She is the oldest out of the three girls but has a good head on her shoulders. Always cautious and always having to listen to what her parents want for her, having that independence suddenly sees her taking chances with her future.

Finally Casey, the more sheltered and timid of the two. Her journey wasn’t what she expected either, and it actually takes a turn for the worse, despite being amongst the first to get sent for a big swimsuit show.

The book was slow at first, but it got pretty interesting once the girls’ adventures start taking a turn for the… shall we say worse in some cases? Definitely an intriguing look at the world of modelling, even if it’s all fictional. Written by an ex-model, Lori Jones, the book is written in a way that you can imagine how real the situations CAN be for models. Treated like commodities, you really would need a good head on your shoulders and some good friends to help you through it all.

The sequel follows the lives of the three girls again, only this time it’s sixteen years after their trip to Italy. Find out what happens to each of their lives and how their lives somehow still coincide with each other after all that time.


  • Music

What can I say but I have this profound love for any music that is sung by one of my favourite singers – Sam Smith! I love all of his songs that I’ve in fact, bought tickets to his concert in April next year. To show my absolute love for this guy, I’m actually going ON MY OWN – pathetic I know but that’s how much I love his music. I am willing to go to a concert by myself!! Have you heard any of his songs? If not go listen to his album “In The Lonely Hour”.

  • Film

Gone Girl 

gone girl image

Last month I was lucky enough to win tickets to watch Gone Girl and I’ve shared in a previous post why I loved it so much, so it’s no surprise that this film is on October’s favourite’s list. Would I watch it again? Definitely, and quite possibly end up picking the film apart now that I know what it’s all about.

Advanced Style

advanced style documentary

Another huge favourite of last month is this documentary featuring some extraordinarily stylish women of what they call “advanced” age. Docos can be boring but, this one was done beautifully showcasing the different personalities of the different women that have been featured on only in this film but also on Ari Seth Cohen’s blog – Advanced Style. Sadly, I think the doco has finished its run in cinemas, but keep a look out in case it ever gets out on DVD.

  • Theatre


once the musical

This is why I love my job so much – I get to enjoy going to the theatre, something I’ve always loved doing when I was younger. In October I got to watch Once with Miss 11. We both enjoyed the performance so much and if you’ve watched the film before, I’d highly recommend watching the theatre performance. It’s been so cleverly put together, with such ingenious choreography. I think they’re still showing and tickets are available here. Why not make it a night out with your other half, or with some girlfriends for a girls night out?





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