Are Instant Fixes Permanent Fixes?

Are Instant Fixes Permanent Fixes?

Hands up those of you who have heard or seen ads, or in facts stands in shopping malls extolling the virtues of an “instant fix” for your face? Be it, instant wrinkle busters, instant lip plumpers, instant eye lifts. You name it, I’m sure you’ve seen, heard and maybe even tried it. The promise of having a reasonable “fix” without surgery.

I am one of those people who do scoff at such promises, and at the same time am often intrigued when I do see instant results on people who try them. More often than not, you can usually see instant results on people with more obvious issues. For instance someone with deep wrinkles, or deep eye bags or thin lips. But, what people often forget is that instant fixes do not necessarily mean permanent fixes.

**Transformulas is one of those brands that have developed products that hail instant results. It is a British cosmeceutical brand that was founded on the fear of needles. They specialise in anti-ageing and lifestyle treatments for your face as well as body. Their products claim to give an instant result, with semi-permanent results and long-term benefits.

Their claim to give instant results without the use of needles were a win-win in my books and best of all, the products are readily available in Priceline, with price points starting around the $49 mark right up to $69 for their creams. I was sent the **LipVolume and **Eye Lifting Gel to try out.

Transformulas LipVolume

The *LipVolume (rrp$49.00) contains beeswax that helps to soothe and soften lips, macadamia ternifolia nut oil to help form a protective layer to keep lips looking youthful , tocopheryl acetate Vitamin E3, which boasts anti-flammatory and healing properties and cera alba, an ingredient that helps to produce collagen to support plumper, fuller lips.

Its claim to fame is the ability to assist the regeneration of lip tissue and with continued use of 3 times a day, you apparently would notice an increase in volume, contour, moisture and smoothness.

transformulas lipvolume

Sometimes I think I need to read the instructions carefully before applying or using any products on my skin, lips, or body. You see, I was so keen on seeing the instant results that I failed to read the important part of the instructions – to apply it THREE times a day for 30 days, for maximum effect. In fact I only apply this ONCE a day, whenever I felt like it. Some days I would apply twice a day.

LipVolume comes in a silver tube with a doe foot applicator – much like a lip gloss really. Application is how you would apply lip gloss or lip balm – on your lips BUT, you should also apply it so that it goes OVER the edge of your lips. The part that I often forget to apply. Until I re-read the instructions while typing this up. Anyway, here are the before and after shots of my lips.

before after application

Honestly speaking I couldn’t see the difference when I looked at my lips on the mirror. It was only after I had taken the before and after shots that I actually noticed a slight difference. Not much, just a slightly more plumper version on the right. Maybe it’s the effects from the shininess of the lips that gives it that illusion. I’m not too sure really.

There was a slight tingle when you apply the LipVolume onto my lips. Like having peppermint on my lips. It doesn’t sting and wasn’t unpleasant, so I didn’t really mind that tingly feeling. It also has a slightly medicated minty scent,which thankfully didn’t transfer onto my lips.

The formula doesn’t last all day of course. It goes off once you’ve consumed some food or drinks. I am however puzzled as to how I should apply this if I wanted to apply a lip colour. Should I do it before or after I’ve applied the LipVolume? So far I’ve only worn this without any lip colour, great for when I’m after that “all natural” look. I don’t mind the product but as to whether I would repurchase it? I have yet to see if I could live without it once it runs out.

Transformulas EyeLifting Gel

Next, I tried the *EyeLifting Gel (rrp$49.00). It has been touted as an “eye lift in a tube”. Well, it does come in a tube. The same design as the LipVolume – silver with a doe-feet applicator. The formula also promises to provide tired relief for tired eyes, helps to lift, tighten and firm the skin around the eye area, therefore reducing puffiness. The beech tree bud in the formula helps to give the skin more elasticity and reduce fine line and wrinkles. The kigelia africana extract offers antibacterial properties that helps with healing, firming and hydration. Finally, unlike the average leading brands, which only have 5% of hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, Transformulas EyeLifting Gel has 25% in its formula, to help deliver instant moisture and lift.

transformulas eyelifting gel

I have to confess that I do not have deep wrinkles nor do I have droopy eyelids, so I was a little bit skeptical that this will give me some if any results at all. I wanted to try out on Mr. C who definitely have more pronounced lines around his eyes. He however, took too long to say yes so I decided to try it for myself – big loss Mr. C, big loss!.

Application is pretty easy. Gently apply the formula underneath your eye area and underneath the arch of your eyebrows. I only used this on my brow bone and under eye area. Then I pat the formula in and let it absorb onto my skin. You can feel it dry up. It comes in a clear gel and it does give you that nice, cool feeling once you’ve applied it onto your skin.

before after eyelift gel

I know you can hardly see a difference from the before and after photos, but if you look closely you could see that the “after” photo seems brighter or rather my eyes do look a little less tired. I have no make up on either and there is a feeling of tightness around the area where I’ve applied the gel. It’s not an uncomfortable tightness but more like a refreshing feeling. There is no sticky feeling after the formula has absorbed onto the skin and it does last me a whole day. I usually apply this after I have applied my eye cream and before I apply my face cream. I only use this during the day, sometimes underneath my light makeup but at other times even without makeup on.

Between the LipVolume and the Eyelifting Gel, I think I would definitely repurchase the latter. I think it’s more the fact that I can see a noticeable difference when I do have it on and when I don’t.

Transformulas also have the Eye Lightening serum, which visibly fades the appearance of dark under eye rings – something I definitely am keen to try! Might wait for the Priceline sale then start buying. 😉

Have you tried any products from the Transformulas range? What about other products that promise to give you instant results? Any good ones out there?



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