Friday’s Favourites: Skin & Hair Care Favourites & Week 2 Frocktober Favourite

Friday’s Favourites: Skin & Hair Care Favourites & Week 2 Frocktober Favourite

Taking a break this week from Love, Like and Loathe to bring you my list of Friday’s Favourites instead. As the title suggests, this list features skin and hair care favourites as well as my favourite frock from the Froctober challenge this week.

Favourite Skin & Hair Care Products

These three products made the list because I’ve completely run out of them and have to absolutely re-purchase them as they’re the products that rocked my world.

fave skin hair care

I’ve shared my love for this product previously and have used it to death – ok, maybe not to death but more like to the point where I cannot simply spray anything out of this can! I love how it does work whenever I cannot be bothered to wash my hair, and it gives a really nice scent. Doesn’t necessarily smell like cherries but has this soft, fresh scent. It’s always been a hit or miss when it comes to dry shampoos with me. The ones with the coloured (dark) versions are alright but just because I have dark hair, it doesn’t mean I have a dark scalp, so really, I don’t enjoy having to rub in the black stuff onto my hair after spraying. Then there’s the problem of the scent. There have been others that I’ve tried out and they smell…weird. Like disgusting weird. So weird I usually end up washing my hair anyway. That is why I need to re-purchase this dry shampoo, in particular, the cherry scent.

  • L’oreal Youth Code Youth Booster Serum/Super Concentrated Serum

Another product that has so far worked for me and I believe is a dupe of the (previous) version of the Lancome Genifique is the L’Oreal Youth Code Super Concentrated Serum. Tried, tested, loved and featured on my blog a few times, I actually finished this a long while back but have not had the chance to re-purchase it. Why? Well, each time Priceline has a 40% off skincare it’s unavailable online. I’m not sure if it’s been discontinued but this product is on the L’Oreal website, so I find this such a mystery. I’ve gone into my local Priceline stores (there’s about 3 near where I am) and still, no luck. Has there been a difference to my skin since I’ve stopped using it? Yes, slightly. Not much but that slight change has pissed me off. So if any of you find this particular serum anywhere please let me know. In fact I might try out the chemists instead.

Final favourite product that I’ve completely used up even after re-purchasing is from one of my favourite French skincare brands – Uriage. Another repeat “offender” that’s been featured over and over again on my blog is the Uriage AquaPrecis Eye Contour Care eye gel. Perfect to use during the warmer months, thanks to the gel form it comes in, this has been my saving grace, even during the cooler months when the skin can get a little bit drier, no thanks to the constant dry heat from the heater. I blame myself for not stocking up when Priceline had their 40% off skincare, but…lesson learnt! I’m waiting in the wings for some sort of sale so that I can stock up on this and store in my fridge.

Favourite Frocktober Frock in Week 2

Week 2 of Frocktober and I’ve worn about seven dresses so far this week. I counted Saturday and Sunday in this week’s countdown, confusing I know but that’s how I’m rolling.

day 4 fridays favourites

Out of the seven dresses, this particular has got to be my favourite. It’s the simplicity and comfort of this dress that’s made it my favourite. Plus the fact that it only cost me $5! Hello! What great value is that? It’s great for travelling in as well, seeing that it’s so light weight and doesn’t take that much luggage space. The colour is also stunning, giving me that nice happy feeling whenever I wear this dress! No joke.

That’s it for this week’s Friday’s Favourites. What are YOUR favourites this week? Have you tried any of the products I’ve featured in my skin and hair care list? What’s your favourite piece of clothing from your wardrobe this week?


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