Random Monday: Once The Musical

Random Monday: Once The Musical

What is the definition of love? In the musical Once, love is all about sacrifice. It’s all about pushing someone to be the best that they can be, even if it means forgoing your own happiness.

Set in modern day Dublin, the story centres around a guy who gave up on his music and the love of his life, when she leaves him to pursue her dreams in New York. Talk about being at the right place at the right time, when a girl happens to pass a pub where the guy was singing, sharing his tale of woe. When it comes to music, the guy is a genius with heart but he is determined to move on and give up his dream. The girl though has other ideas. Her love of music and determination to help the guy relive his dream helps to set the path for the guy, so that he could finally be with his love in New York.

once the musical

Tom Parsons and Madeleine Jones as “Guy” and “Girl”

There’s lots of singing, dancing and clever changes to the scenes with just ONE set! What I loved was how they included the audience before the performance and during the intermission by inviting them to purchase their drinks at the “bar” on stage! The music was incredible, performance amazing – standing ovation anyone?! – and yes, I did shed a tear or two. The roles of the “Guy” and the “Girl” is played by Tom Parsons and Madeleine Jones, who were not only engaging, but played their parts perfectly, as did the rest of the cast.

If you’re thinking of bringing your child – I brought Miss 11 with me – be aware that there are quite a few (ok a lot) of vulgarity. I’m pretty open with such things with my kids, so it didn’t bother them nor me.

Once is now playing at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne so hurry and get your tickets. I’ll leave you with a video of one of my favourite songs from the musical – Falling Slowly.


And another one…If You Want Me


Don’t worry, the musical isn’t just all about love and sadness. There are lots of funny moments too! But it sure depicts the true meaning of love – giving your all for the happiness of another.


*I attended the premiere of Once as a guest. All comments are my own. 




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