Love, Like & Loathe: Max Factor, Frocktober Challenge, The Bachelor

Love, Like & Loathe: Max Factor, Frocktober Challenge, The Bachelor

On this week’s Love, Like and Loathe, I’ve got a really quick and easy way to apply make up thanks to these two products that I’ve been using from Max Factor, the annual Frocktober challenge and The Bachelor.

LOVE – Max Factor’s  *Liquid Effect Pencil & *Wild Shadow Pot

It’s rare for me to share a makeup product that I absolutely love, but when I do, it means that this product has been the perfect “savior” to answer my everyday makeup needs.

First up, the **Liquid Effect Pencil from Max Factor and in particular, the one in Violet Voltage, a purplish/mauve shade. Why do I love this so much? It’s like any other eye pencil right? Wrong! It has this intense colour and glides onto my eyelids pretty easily – no pulling – and the best part? It also comes with a smudger on the other end of the pencil. I’ve been wearing this almost everyday during my placement as it adds some colour without me having to go all out with eyeshadows and stuff. All I do is line the upper lids, then smudge it with the smudger, which gives it a softer look. Then I simply apply some mascara and I’m ready to go!

max factor liquid effect wild shadow pot

The other product I’ve been using from Max Factor is their **Wild Shadow Pot in pale pebble. The “special” thing is that I’ve been wearing this on my…LIPS! Yep! Going for the “all natural” look, I’ve worn this on my lips then added some lip balm over it. It gives a nice, natural wash of colour on my lips, highlighting my natural lip colour.

max factor

Going for the “natural” look with Max Factor’s Liquid Effect eyeliner in Violet Voltage & the Wild Shadow Pot in Pale Pebble worn on the lips.

 LIKE – Frocktober Challenge

It’s October and like the previous few years, I’ve decided to join in the Frocktober Challenge again! I’m not just doing this to challenge myself – that’s the part that I do like and enjoy – but also to help raise funds for Ovarian Cancer research. So why not help me reach my $200 goal? You can help me with my target here.

Today marks Day 3 of the Frocktober challenge and I’ve managed to dig out some dresses that I haven’t worn in a long while. While the challenge is to wear a dress everyday for a month, I wonder if I could wear a DIFFERENT one each day? Do I have 31 dresses? I dare say that I might have that many dresses in my wardrobe (GASP!) but then the challenge would be to see which one would be appropriate in terms of a) weather b) occasion c) mood! Stay tuned to see what frocks I end up wearing each day. Remember to follow me on Facebook or Instagram for updates. Meanwhile here are the dresses I’ve worn so far.

frocktober week 1

Day 1: **Striped oversized dress from Bohemian Traders, Day 2: White dress with illustrated bodice (can’t recall from where), Day 3: Black Maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins (worn here and here) similar style **here


Can I just say how glad I am that The Bachelor is O-V-E-R! I know it’s all about entertainment, I know that it’s probably all a set up, but, seriously, why does it even get made? Oh yes…ratings. I forgot about that! My dearest 11 year old daughter loves watching it. Not because she actually loves it, she loves making fun of the show. Go figure. She did ask me once, why these women would want to share ONE guy, and isn’t it embarrassing to be ditched ON NATIONAL TELEVISION? Then she even added this, “Isn’t that guy’s mum embarrassed he’s on T.V with all these women? I mean if I was a mum I wouldn’t let my son do that to all these women”. Hmm…and this coming from an 11 year old.

While it is entertaining to see women clamouring, fighting and being b*tchy to each other over ONE guy – ON NATIONAL TELEVISION – can I just say how humiliating it is for us women to allow ourselves to be treated this way? I mean seriously, we wouldn’t stand for this to happen in real life, so how is this “reality” television when it clearly doesn’t reflect reality? I’m quite over reality television to be honest. People making a name for themselves not from talent, but through humiliating themselves? Really? It’s no wonder I don’t watch it.


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