Friday’s Favourites: Advanced Style Documentary

Friday’s Favourites: Advanced Style Documentary

Confession – I’m in a style rut. I’m not saying I don’t know how to style myself or anything, I’m saying I’ve been in a rut because I haven’t really cared enough what I’m wearing – well, for the last week or so really. You might say – Meh, that’s only a week, it’s no big deal. But for someone like me who prides herself in how she looks on the outside to make her feel better on the inside (yes I know I sound shallow but hear me out), it’s really a big deal. The past week saw me just throwing things together. Thankfully, they all go well together because I’ve got a rather great range of basics in my wardrobe, but I noticed that I didn’t bother with putting in any effort when it came to accessorising or even putting on a lippy that will brighten up my face and how I feel inside. Maybe I was tired, maybe there were other things that were affecting me and thus my mood. It wasn’t until I went to Thursday night’s preview of the Advanced Style documentary that it hit me – what the hell have I been doing? Or rather NOT doing?

Advanced Style

What is Advanced Style I hear you ask? Based on the Ari Seth Cohen’s blog – Advanced Style, this is a documentary surrounding 7 gorgeously amazing New York women in their 60’s and beyond. It showcases their style, taste and most importantly; personality. I personally think that your personality reflects your style.

advanced style documentary

Join Joyce Carpati, Ilona Smithkin, Debra Rapoport, Jacquie Murdock, Tziporah Salamon and Zelda Kaplan, as they share their styling “secrets”, insights on how older women are seen and how they challenge the conventional ideas about beauty, ageing, and the Western’s culture’s obsession with youth.

The documentary is funny, highly interesting and it pushes you to think about what style really is and should we really care what others think of the way we dress, so long as it makes US happy?

There were bittersweet moments in the film and I loved the clash of characters…without the huge overly dramatised drama that you might see on reality television nowadays. It’s all about dealing with issues in a more classy way. Something the younger generation of today might have to take note of from these seven lovely ladies.

The film made me realise that I needed to get back and give a damn about how I look – for myself. My body is my canvas and the clothes and accessories are like my paint and brushes (yes I sort of stole that idea from one of the ladies in the documentary).

You might think that some of these ladies are dressed over the top, but really, isn’t creativity supposed to be that? Each of these ladies have got their own personal stamp on style, reflecting on their quirkiness or classic taste. A definite must-see film for fashion lovers (or even non-fashion lovers!) out there. Advanced Style screens from the 2nd October 2014 at selected cinemas.

Thanks to MadMan Entertainment, I’ve got 2 double passes to give away to watch Advanced StyleYou must check the list to find out if the film is shown at a cinema near you before entering. To win one of the two double passes to Advanced Style, simply share with me your style icon who is in their 60’s and beyond (yes, it could be someone who has passed on). It doesn’t have to be a star or celebrity. And what it is you admire about their style.

This giveaway closes on the 2nd October 2014. Click here for Terms & Conditions.

The winners of the two double passes are:

Suzie & Barbe!

*I was given a double pass to view the preview screening of Advanced Style. All comments are my own. 




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  • Suzie says:

    Telling you is controversial as what I admire about this lady is her panache and willingness to continue colour matching despite receiving no positive feedback from people. Telling you is even more controversial as they say one shouldn’t speak ill of the dead and my grandmother has been so for many years.

    Yetta insisted on being colour co-ordinated to the point of having dozens of pairs of sunglasses, kilos of fake jewellery and far too many pairs of high heels. I admired her tenacity with this.

    • Norlin says:

      Congratulations Suzie! You’ve won one of the double passes to watch Advanced Style! I would have loved to see your Yetta in action. Sometimes tenacity with what one feels is stylish is a great mark of confidence. 😉

      • Suzie says:

        That’s awesome! I’m so excited!!! Given I got my dates confused and ran out of the house today with ten minutes notice it might help to make it up to the other half.

  • It’s got to be Dame Helen Mirren. She’s stylish and sophisticated yet still has that cheeky minx purring beneath the surface. She’s wise enough to know better but still young at heart to do it anyway…plus she’s not afraid to show a little cleavage. Love her!

  • Barbe says:

    I would so love to win this! Without sounding too obvious: mademoiselle Coco Chanel. She is my all time favourite style icon. Think about it: she wore pants before it was fashionable – she created Man-style dressing! ! Black and White is still on trend, lashings of pearls look elegant even today. She was not the prettiest of women, but that goes totally unnoticed. Her style, her elegance and her attitude make her beautiful, just like the women in the ADVANCED STYLE movie. There is no doubt in my mind, Coco Chanel is STYLE personified. “Fashion changes, but style endures.”
    ? Enough said.

  • I’m really looking forward to finally meeting Nikki from Styling You next month when she comes to Perth. Nikki has been a huge help and inspiration as I try and get out of my current style rut. Would love to win these tickets. It’s closing on my birthday (2nd October) I’m choosing to think that’s a sign.

  • Sergeja B says:

    My grandmother is my style icon. She is beyond her 60s now but she certainly had flair and knew how to make what she had work for her. Simplicity was her key and she always made an effort to dress wonderfully. To enhance things her personality was caring and bubbly and this only added positively to her fashion sense as it added extra grace to the person she was not only from the outside but inside too.

  • […] I reviewed this film when it first was released in the cinemas, now, three lucky readers will get a chance to follow the lives of seven unique New Yorkers, looking at their personal style and vital spirit, which have helped guide their approach to aging.  The documentary is based on Ari Seth Cohen’s blog, which showcases styles of independent yet stylish women between the ages of 62 to 95. […]

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