Love, Like & Loathe: Impromptu Bargains, Benefit Lollibalm, Short Term Bonds

Love, Like & Loathe: Impromptu Bargains, Benefit Lollibalm, Short Term Bonds

I’ve missed sharing with you my list of Friday’s Favourites and Love, Like & Loathe, but I’m back this week with a new list! It’s rather simple but yet, considering I’ve been mega busy all week, I guess this makes a pretty great feat to be able to even write this up.


On this week’s LOVE list, I’d like to feature impromptu bargains. You see, I’ve got a confession to make and I really hope I’m not alone in this – I normally CANNOT find anything I like whenever I set myself out on a shopping trip – for myself. For others? I have no problems finding the best items at bargain prices. It’s usually when I go on an impromptu shopping trip – normally with the intention to window shop – that I would definitely end up spending some well earned dough.

sussan bargains

This impromptu bargain find happened on Sunday when Mr. C and I decided to make a quick trip to Chadstone to find the shirt he was eyeing the week before. Alas, it was sold out (thank goodness!) and as we went on our merry way, I thought I should drop into Sussan. I mean hello…they had a “Further 50% off sale items” sign out the front, would be silly of me not to check it out right? And I’m glad I did! I managed to snag myself a white cut-out top, which was $89.95 and reduced to about $45 (currently it’s less 30% online), a navy cut-out skirt for half the price of the already discounted price, meaning I only paid $39.95 for it and finally, bargain of the day was a black and white faux leather panelled skirt for…$19.95! The great thing is I can wear these pieces again next year and the next because they’re pretty much classic pieces. They’re in basic colours, making it easy to mix and match with what I’ve already got in my wardrobe. The moral of the story is? ALWAYS go in and check out what’s on special when the sign says there’s having one. You never know what you can get at the best prices.



Remember my “beauty diet“? Well if you don’t then check out the post here. Anyway, I’ve not fulfilled my wish lists and it keeps on changing because I keep on changing my mind. I could still claim a number of products from those I had given away and finally about two weeks ago I did.


I had been eyeing **Benefit Cosmetic’s Lollibalm ever since the launch but never had a chance to try it out until the day where I went for my eyebrow appointment. It was then that I decided, let’s do this. Let’s just swatch and find out what it’s like.

I’ve already tried out the Lollitint previously but was still in two minds about purchasing the product. While I do love multi-use makeup, I somehow knew the likelihood of my using the tint on my cheeks were not that high. The minute I swatched the Lollibalm onto the back of my hand, I knew this would make the perfect everyday lip tint. And that’s just what it is – a tinted lip balm with a nice pinkish, lavender shade.

While the colour is a great one to use when I’m in a hurry and cannot be bothered to stress about absolute proper lip colour application – it glides on easily and has a nice hint of colour – the downside is that it doesn’t last all day. Which to be honest, is to be expected. It does however give me a nice amount of moisture for my lips and keeps them from going dry.


Today sort of marks the end of my teaching rounds for the year. I still have 5 days to make up – broken up into 3 weeks because I still have to attend Uni during that time – it still feels like it’s the end. While I might have had difficulty clicking with some of the students, there are those that I have formed amazing bonds with – sadly it’s way too short. I would have loved to be able to keep into contact with them but unfortunately that’s not allowed. I think it’s the law or something. Not too sure, but you just can’t. There were one or two students that I wished I could be there for a lot longer, but hey who knows…maybe we’ll cross paths one day.

Then there’s my mentor who has been such an amazing leader to me. She’s so generous with her knowledge, open with her thoughts and has such an amazing passion for the students that are under her care. So glad that I CAN keep in touch with her!



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