The Lip Product Addict Tag

The Lip Product Addict Tag

The title is highly appropriate and having Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous tag me in this Lip Product Addict is also very appropriate seeing that I have just way too many lip products to count on ….both hands….and feet…oh you know I have a lot from my #lippyaday challenge last year. Yikes! For those who aren’t aware what a tag is, it’s like the “tag you’re it” game, and in this case it’s one blogger tagging another to answer a few questions. In this case, it’s to share some answers on the Lip Products I have had experience with.

So here goes!

  • Favourite Lip Balm/Treatment

Hands down, my favourite lip balm is the **Uriage Barierderm Barrier Lip Balm. Great for repairing my lips and also preventing it from drying out. Recently I’ve also fallen in love with **Chapstick Day & Night Duo. The night one helps to repair my lips and the day time one acts as a nice moisturiser for my lips. Plus it’s the more affordable version of a lip treatment for me.

uriage lip balm

  • Best Eye Catching Red

I’ve had a look at my stash and found – yes I have quite a number of red lipsticks. Not surprising though as I do love a good red lip. My favourite would have to be the one from Illamasqua – Maneater. It’s rich blue red is perfect for my skintone and the matte texture isn’t drying on my lips. The staying power is also amazing! The sad thing I just realised as I was typing this post up, is that I haven’t worn this particular lipstick since two Christmases ago. I think it’s high time I wear it again yeah?

illamasqua maneater


  • Best Luxury & Best Drugstore Lip Product

The best luxury lip product for me would have to be **Tom Ford’s lipstick. I’ve got one and only one in a gorgeous violet shade, aptly named Violet Fatale. I didn’t think I could wear this colour but bam, man did it look amazing with my skintone – or honestly would suit most skintones. Another great factor is that it gives me enough moisture AND is long lasting. Well worth every penny!

tom ford violet fatale


My best drugstore lip product…this is a rather hard one honestly. I have so many. If you had to twist my arm I’d say, Maybelline Color Whisper. It’s moisturising, has great colour, not too sheer and not too dark either and when you’ve “eaten” it off your lips, it leaves a gorgeous tint on my lips.

mnyau color whisper

  • Best MAC Product

Ha…sad to say I have NO MAC lipsticks. I had one in the late 90s and I think it was a darkish brown shade. WHAT? It was “in” that time! Never owned one since then though.

  • The Most Disappointing Lip Product

Difficult question, but I think it would have to be the Savvy lip stain. I bought it on a whim because it was different. It came in a texta like form and the colour was just spectacular – a gorgeous fuchsia. It was also on sale when I first saw this. I did like it at the start because it left a lovely, rich colour on my lips.

savvy lip stain grape

The application was easy and while it wasn’t that long lasting, it did leave a nice stain towards the end of the day. The down side? It dries up really quickly in the…can I call it a tube? Such a pity but I guess that’s why it was so cheap!

  • Lipliner – Yes or No?

Umm…nope. I’m way too lazy to wear a lip liner unless I absolutely have to. Which really…is usually never.

  • Best Lip Gloss

I would love to say the **YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain, but then again, it’s not really a lip gloss is it?

ysl glossy stain


More like a lip stain with a hint of gloss? So I guess I haven’t got any favourite lip gloss, unfortunately. If it’s lip stains, then yes, the YSL one would definitely be on my list of favourites.

  • Something Extra

The only “extra” bit I’d share when it comes to lip products is I guess, to moisturise your lips before you apply the colour you actually intend to. I apply some lip balm after applying some moisturiser on my face. Only a little bit to let it absorb onto my lips. Then after I’ve applied everything on my face, I’ll wipe off any excess lip balm and apply the lip colour I want. My lips are always the last item I attend to (except for when I apply the lip balm at the start).


Those are some “interesting” facts about the lip products I love, hate, depend on. What are YOUR favourites or better yet, why don’t you leave a comment answering a few of these questions? Now it’s my turn to tag some other bloggers. I tag Vita from Makeup 4 My Age, Kerri from Beauty & Things, Kat from Kitsch Snitch and Emma from Emma Bovary Beauty.


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