Friday’s Favourites: June Fashion Favourites

Friday’s Favourites: June Fashion Favourites

Continuing with the second part of my June favourites this week, I’ll be sharing the pieces that I have been reaching out for from my wardrobe. What’s been interesting is the fact that the pieces I’ve constantly been wearing, were those I never thought would be the ones I would be wearing over and over again!


**Bohemian Traders – Ziggy Denim, Shell Top & Cashmere Cardigan

I never saw myself as one with “bohemian” tendencies when it comes to my style. That was until I bought my very first Bohemian Traders piece – the blanket jacket. Then came the Ziggy skinny jeans that Emily carries in her store. Putting on my first ever pair of that soft, skinny jeans was like love at first…feel (?) for me. Another surprising finding was how “at home” I was wearing a high waisted pair of jeans! The colour is dark enough to pass off as a pair of skinny stretch pants and the best part about this jeans is the fact that it gives an illusion of “oh so gorgeous” pins. Hey, who am I to argue right?

shell top denim shirt full

Fossil White Shell Top – Bohemian Traders

Black skinny jeans – Bohemian Traders


Then I bought a second pair of Ziggy denim, this time it was the vintage wash version. I can’t seem to get enough of this one either! Pair that with the next thing I bought from them – the white shell top and add the cashmere cardigan, I’m now comfortable in my own skin. I think the reason is not just the gorgeous fit, but the amazing feel of the different pieces I’ve acquired so far. Sure it’s supposed to be “bohemian” or boho, or whatever you call it, but really, if you’ve got pieces that are simple enough to work together, you can rock any style.

mix apparel polka dot chambray

Cashmere Cardigan – Bohemian Traders

clare jacket paloma scarf 1

Vintage Wash Skinny Jeans – Bohemian Traders

Popbasic’s Infinity Scarf from Paloma Collection

Another favourite of mine is this simple infinity scarf from Popbasic’s recent Paloma Collection. I loved how quick and easy it is for me to just pop this on whatever I was wearing on the day. Well, most probably because what I’m usually wearing is something simple to mix and match with any sort of print. Helps when you’ve got great basics to work with. While it might be of a simple t-shirt material, this scarf surprisingly does keep me warm!

clare jacket paloma scarf 2

Popbasic Infinity Scarf

Forest Green Military Style Peacoat from My Habit

I was expecting to wear my black biker style jacket a lot this Winter, but surprisingly, this particular coat has made it onto my outfits more often than I had expected! Plus, the fact that it’s actually is in a forest green shade makes it even more surprising as I usually shun away from green. This actually first belonged to Miss 12. Mr. C bought this for her, under the “Junior” section from My Habit. He thought it would fit her perfectly and bought me the exact same one but in a bigger size. Well, the coat ended up being too big for both Miss 12 and myself. I tried on hers and found it fitted me perfectly! So, she’s “loaned” it to me for the time being. Not complaining. At. All. 😉

double denim with forest green jacket

Forest Green Military style Peacoat

Those my dear readers are the June fashion favourites. Pieces that I didn’t expect to be wearing so often! Follow me on instagram (@norlinm) where I join Nikki from Styling You, sharing my #everydaystyle. Also, speaking of Nikki, be sure to check out the stores for the release of her Unlock Your Style book! If you’re in Sydney, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, you might like to attend her book launch and meet Nikki herself.

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  • Mandy says:

    Love your pics Norlin. I really need to get myself out of the style rut and get a little more inspired with my dressing options. Working from home often means a lot of comfy hoodies for me but I’m getting a bit bored of that!

    • Norlin says:

      Thank you Mandy! Glad someone appreciates and love my pics! 🙂 I’ve been told that I take crappy photos – so whatever to that huh?! LOL! Yeah, you know I don’t blame you because we can get pulled into that rut of wearing the good old hoodies and jeans when we work from home. I know I can fall into that trap. Nothing wrong with that but hello…what about the clothes we’ve bought in that wardrobe right?! Get a good “workout” by changing what we wear each day – just to spice up our life. xx

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