Saturday Shopping: July’s Need, Want, Got To Have

Saturday Shopping: July’s Need, Want, Got To Have

Hiya everyone! Glad it’s the weekend and on this week’s Saturday Shopping, I’m sharing the July edition of Need, Want and Got To Have. First, and update on the last Need, Want, Got To Have. Glad to say that I did re-purchase the much needed La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra, my skin is now saying “thank you” for that much needed boost of moisturisation. Still have not gotten the one on my “want” list – the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon, but fingers crossed I’ll be getting that in September when Mr. C’s relatives come down to visit from the U.S. Hooray for makeup mules! I have also still yet to try Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream – I know, I know! I just need to pull my finger out and be bother to travel to the store that sells it, as the local Hoyts cinema that actually did have a stand is closed for renovations. Darn it! So, onto this month’s list!

july need want got to have



The “mighty purse” isn’t really a big secret, in fact it’s been around for a while now, but it’s only NOW that I realise how much I NEEDED this mighty invention! We all know that the “mighty” iPhone with our many, many apps tend to drain the battery so quickly; even with the tips we’ve tried, still.

handbag butler might purse

This is why this handy purse is the bees knees! You can charge your i-device on the go! I’ve got the car charger, but this would be great for when I’m out on public transport and the best thing is the fact that it looks so simple yet chic. No ugly, techie design here. It is selling for $99.00 at Borne Naked and now I just need to pick a colour that I love! P.S it works with Android devices as well.



I just got wind of this sometime this week – Tory Burch is working with Fitbit to release some amazing designs to go with the Fitbit Flex! There’s the uber classy version of the bracelet; a metal hinged bracelet (rrp USD$195) made out of solid brass. The design features clean lines, which we all know is what I love! Then, there’s the necklace version (rrp USD$175), again with Tory Burch signature design.

tory burch for fitbit

They also have the printed silicone version, but looks like it’s now all sold out! Yikes! Missed that boat! The actual accessories aren’t released as yet, but they’ve got a pre-order thing happening at this moment and I’m kicking myself for not pre-ordering the printed silicone version, which was only USD$38! ARGH!!!


midi skirt close up

While I’ve shunned away from the midi skirt, somehow, after wearing this particular one I bought a long time ago and saved, I found that the midi whilst being an awkward length for some – I mean it’s neither long nor short, it’s somewhere in between – I have grown to actually like this length. Being on the shorter side (I’m 160cm tall only), this length can be tricky and make me look stumpy. So, the idea here is to either wear it with longer boots with or without heels or regular high heels with pointed toes or some really cute brogues. Again, with pointed toes, not the rounded ones that will make me look stumpy. The ones I’ve been eyeing is this girly pastel piece from ASOS. It’s on my wishlist and would be perfect for Spring and Summer. I can already imagine wearing this with a simple, crisp white shirt




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