Friday’s Favourites: June Favourites

Friday’s Favourites: June Favourites
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It’s just past the middle of July, and I know most of us are kind of over Winter right now. At least I know I am! While I love the chance to layer it on in terms of clothing and accessories, it does get a bit tedious and I do miss my tank tops and wearing skirts without tights. On the plus side, I get to be a bit lazier when it comes to shaving my legs and not painting my toe nails! Ha! See, always a silver lining ;).

On this week’s Friday’s Favourites, I have decided to share my June Favourites, I’ll be covering makeup, skincare and fragrance in this installment and then fashion, books and films in the subsequent Friday’s Favourites post.

June Favourites: Makeup

june makeup favourites

I haven’t been wearing much makeup at all the past month. My everyday makeup regime really constitutes of either BB Cream or CC Cream and some minor highlighting of my facial features. That doesn’t mean I haven’t got my favourites though!

It wasn’t until July that I realised, I have been rather slack when it came to grooming my eyebrows! Upon checking my schedule on my phone, I found that I forgot to make an appointment to get my eyebrows done. No wonder it has been taking me a lot longer than it normally does when I do my eyebrows each time! Yikes! This is where my little saviour – after the Benefit Brow Pencil of course – the Benefit Gimme Brow comes in. It’s a tinted brow gel, which comes in this tube like a mascara would.

benefit gimme brow

It has a wand and the gel is made out of fibres to help you with filling in spaces that your eyebrows might be missing. It also helps to create that fully groomed look without making you look too made up. If you know what I mean. I’ve also got the dark/medium shade but I normally use that for when I’m going out at night.

mememe illuminator

This came in last year’s Her Fashion Box August “trendy” box but I didn’t use it that often because I didn’t really see the need to at first. Or maybe it was just plain laziness really. It wasn’t until last month that I got hooked on using this as my regular illuminator.  It became the thing I reached out for automatically whenever I was highlighting the areas on my face. I loved the ease and precision I could manage with the illuminator. It comes in this bottle much like a nail polish would. All I have to do to apply is brush some onto the areas that need any highlighting. I usually apply this on my brow bone and cupids bow, then blend with my fingers. Perfect for that effortless everyday look or even when I want to look a little more glammed up.

I had this in my blush stash for a while now but seldom reach for this shade because I’m more of a darker, richer plum shade when it comes to blush. Which is why this came to a surprise even for me when I started wearing this particular shade more often in the past month! I found the lighter shade of pink gave me the right amount of rosiness for my cheeks without looking too made up. I’m sure it’s because of the fact that I’m not putting on much nowadays too.

June Favourites: Skincare

sukin skin hydration booster

This amazing skin remedy was featured on my blog previously as part of my Winter Must-Haves but, it wasn’t until last month that it became an absolute staple for my daily skincare routine – for day and night. You see, my skin had some sort of a reaction to one of the products I had been trialing (the perils of being a beauty blogger!) and I just needed to start hydrating my skin back to its original condition STAT! I added this amazing serum (or is it oil??) into my moisturiser and within the next few days I could feel and see it recovering slowly but surely. It not only helps to hydrate my skin but even being an oil, it doesn’t leave that icky, greasy feeling on my skin.



Another Her Fashion Box find is this Chapstick Day & Night duo. It’s funny how I only get to use the beauty or skincare items in the box I used to subscribe to only recently! Well, better late than never! The pack has two chapticks in a balm form – one for day and one for night. No idea why I love this duo so much but they keep my lips nicely moisturised during the day (the day one of course) and with the night one, it is surprisingly comfortable to have on at night – something I try to avoid really.

june bodycare favourites

I have to admit, sometimes I do use soap but the all natural oatmeal soap to shower with. At other times, I tend to go for this amazingly invigorating body wash from Subtle Energies. Featured in my “Health & Lifestyle” post previously, this body wash is almost gone…almost and it really does help to lift up the senses, especially when you’re dead tired or need something to spruce you up after a hard workout.

This particular body lotion actually originally belonged to Miss 12, who sadly (yeay for me!) breaks out in an itchy streak whenever she has this on. So we traded my Bath and Bodyworks one for her Victoria’s Secret one. Fair trade I say, although I wished I still had the Coconut and Lime one I traded with her. This particular body lotion has a nice, soft, sweet scent. Very feminine and great for slathering on after my shower or in the mornings before I head out to the gym. It has this sensuous scent of pear and melon. Makes me crave for the warmer months!

June Favourites: Fragrance

estee lauder pleasures

I have no idea what has come over me but I have this sudden love for everything floral this season. Weird I know. This particular scent has made its way on my pulse points all through June. It’s got a gorgeous mix of lillies, peonies and jasmine but isn’t too sickly sweet for my liking. I think it’s also because of the fact that it reminds me a little of my mum and how I used to steal a spritz of her Pleasures perfume when I was a teenager.


Those were my June Favourites covering makeup, skincare and fragrance. Stay tuned next week when I share my fashion items! Have you got any favourites from June? Feel free to share it in the comments section. That way I can also check out other products for you know…research purposes 😉 .




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