Friday’s Favourites: My Favourite Skin Care Brands

Friday’s Favourites: My Favourite Skin Care Brands

Missed out on Friday’s Favourites last week, but thank goodness it’s Friday again! This week, I’m sharing a list of skin care brands I love and have been re-purchasing after trying them out.


I first discovered this skin care brand when I went for my very first face mapping session over at their counter in David Jones in the city. So far the products have been working really well on my skin and haven’t caused any “side effects” of major break outs, drying and have even helped in conditioning it to help “repair” it. While Dermalogica has dropped their prices, you can also get this skin care brand at other places. I normally purchase mine via **Beauty on a Budget, just because I find that they are a lot cheaper. They’ve got other skin care and makeup brands at very competitive prices too! And yes, they are all legit stuff.


Here are the products I use in my daily skin care regime:

  • **Daily Microfoliant – when I was first recommended to use this product, I was advised to use it 3 times daily, in the morning. That was after my trip to Asia a few years ago where my skin decided to run havoc after the trip. I needed to repair it – my pores seemed bigger, I had major congestion around my nasal area and I just needed it back to before the holidays. It worked a treat (along with the other products I was using) and now I only use it twice a week, daily.
  • **Special Cleansing Gel – I use this to cleanse my face at night as I don’t need anything too strong (not that this is THAT strong) in the mornings. I would much rather use a cream cleanser in the mornings like the Brown Skin Secrets cleanser that I’ve been using lately. This cleansing gel though is rather gentle and removes any traces of dirt and make up effectively. I do however have to use the pre-cleanse if I have any eye make-up on to completely remove every trace before I apply my other necessary skin care products.
  • **Pre-cleanse – As I’ve mentioned before I use this whenever I have eye make up on and it works a treat!



Another brand I had the privilege to try a few years ago and fell in love with. You can read more about the origins here and you’ll see how long I’ve been using their products. They are a little bit on the pricier side too but I normally stock up when **Priceline has a sale or whenever they have a stand at Salon Melbourne. You can also purchase their products from **Adore Beauty.


  • **Aquaprecis Eye Contour Care – My all time favourite under eye gel and I love that this actually works. It refreshes my eyes whenever I’ve had a crappy night’s sleep and I think it’s helping in keeping the wrinkles at bay – at least I hope so! Priceline is having 20% off Uriage products right now so quick! Stock up! Which reminds me I need another tube.
  • **Uriage Barierderm Barrier Lip Balm – A great all rounder for my lips especially during the colder months. A little goes a long away and so far I’ve only needed to repurchase this once.
  • **Uriage Eau Thermale D’Uriage – Great for refreshing your skin during any season really. I’ve got this in my car, another on my desk and one in my vanity.

La Roche-Posay

My holy grail when it comes to keeping the break outs at bay is another French skincare brand La Roche-Posay. I love how there is no bullsh*t in their ingredients – as in not full of “others” to help boost their product. Plus their active ingredient is always placed towards the top, meaning there’s a higher percentage and not a teeny weeny bit that would not do much for your skin. Another plus point is that the packaging minimises any contamination too. LOVE!

la roche posay

  • **Effaclar Duo – Great for keeping the breakouts at bay or if you have one, it helps “ripen” and pop it! They have now released a newer version the Effaclar Duo Plus which helps to minimise the chances of your pimple leaving marks afterwards. I usually have slight pigmentation whenever I do have a minor breakout – like one pimple that’s how minor. The new formulation prevents this from happening! I have yet to try the “plus” because I’m waiting to finish using the regular one I bought earlier.
  • **Tolariane Ultra – this is the moisturiser I use everyday. Daytime use mostly but sometimes I do use it at night. It is not too heavy and not too light – perfect for my combination to oily skin.

redermic r

I’m still trying out their newly released *Redermic [R], which is a retinol for sensitive skin, to help reduce the signs of ageing – you know things like wrinkles and skin discolorations. Stay tuned for my review on it in a few weeks. So far I’ve only started using it for two weeks.

So those are the must-have skin care products that I use on a daily basis. I also use the L’Oreal Super Concentrated Serum at night…which by the way I really need to re-purchase as I’ve run out!


What are YOUR favourite skin care brands? As you can see I have a nice mix and I do not just use ONE brand at a time. Are you the same like me with your own cocktail of skin care brands?


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