Love, Like & Loathe: Big Bold Bag, Badger Balm & Time To Read

Love, Like & Loathe: Big Bold Bag, Badger Balm & Time To Read

Been a while since I last did my Love, Like and Loathe list, not because I don’t have anything I love, like or loathe, more like I haven’t had time to photograph things I do!! This week’s Love, Like and Loathe features things I’ve been depending on a lot recently and also not being able to do much of.


This gem of a bag was truly a bargain find. It was one of those days, just before term started that I decided to go out on a random shopping trip. No wait, I think it was when I was out with my girls and doing some shopping for THEM! It just so happened that I passed by Colette and decided to just you know, take a peek into the store, especially since I saw the sign 50% off on bags up the front! I was also in search of a bag big enough to fit in the books and folder I needed to bring as well as possibly my laptop. So it had to be large, durable and of course stylish.

colette coral tote

As I was browsing through the selected discounted range, I chanced upon this bold orange tote. It had an option of a detachable longer, adjustable strap or handles where I can choose to hang it on my arm (tres’ chic no?). The bag came with a simple fabric compartment inside with a zipper, which also happens to be detachable – in case I decided to use the bag as a shopper! And it went from $78 to $39…really, who can say no to that! It was the last piece but was in a great condition so yes, I did snap it up and it has been such a Godsend, giving my outfit that nice pop of colour and matching beautifully with my classic style too. If you’re looking for a similar style, here are some I thought you might like; as I said, mine was already the last piece in-store.

fave totes

Coral & Cream ToteBlack ToteCream & Black Tote


Sleeping well has not been a regular thing while I was on my teaching rounds. Not because I’ve got insomnia, but more like, I tend to wake up about 1am, and then my brain starts thinking about the next lesson plan. More often than not when I’m worried about the next day or when I’m subconsciously, progressively thinking of ideas. It’s mentally exhausting! I knew I needed something to relax me and I didn’t want to turn to medications and the like. So thankfully there are some naturally derived remedies that does work without having me to consume them orally either.

Badger Balm are well-known for their healing balms, lip balms, and safe mineral sunscreens. A company that is family run in New Hampshire, their products are made from organic plant extracts, exotic oils and butters and beeswax. The USDA Organic Certification that Badger Balm products have is a food-grade standard, that means their ingredients are pure enough to eat! With my need for sleep, I decided to give the *Badger Sleep Balm a go. It comes in a tin, in a well…balm form. The scent is a mix of lavender and bergamot – both known for their calming properties. All I needed to do was to rub some onto my temples, underneath my nostrils and even on my lips to just moisturise it a little 😉 

badger balm night balm image

Did it work? I did sleep rather well, without waking up in the middle of the night. The best test was on Master 8 though who wanted to give it a try and see if he could sleep through the night. He did. It could have been the psychological effect of thinking that it’s helping him sleep or it could be the balm, either way I know at least he’s not putting toxins on himself. It’s natural, organic and smells pretty good too.

badger balm range

Badger Balm has a few that can help clear the mind and help you sleep, besides the Sleep Balm. There’s the Night Night Balm, which has chamomile and lavender, both of which are ingredients that are extremely safe on children. Then there’s their Focus Balm, made out of ginger and citrus, perfect for that perk me up and helps one to focus. Maybe I should get this to help me focus on my assignments and when I’m creating my next few lesson plans!


You know when you take things for granted? And I’m talking about the little things. Things like being able to take your own sweet time while getting ready in the mornings and things like for me, finding the time to unwind with a good book. I’m looking forward to finishing my assignments, seeing that I haven’t got exams (thank goodness!) and the semester has actually ended now. I loathe the fact that I haven’t been able to just take some time to chill out before I head to bed and do some light reading. It has been a while! I’ve got a list of books uploaded onto my iPad but now it’s all a matter of finding time to read them. Soon…and I cannot wait!


Tell me, what you’re Loving, Liking and Loathing this week! Have you found things that you’ve taken for granted lately?


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