Lessons From Fashion Week: Simple Ways to Zhoosh Up Your Hair

Lessons From Fashion Week: Simple Ways to Zhoosh Up Your Hair

On this next and probably final installment of Lessons From Fashion Week, I’d like to share a few ideas that was shared by Christina from Hair Romance during the “Business of Beauty” event, which was part of VAMFF 2014. Besides getting tips and ideas on make up, we were lucky enough to hear Christina share her amazing yet pretty easy-to-follow ideas on how you can “zhoosh” up your hair.

Adding Non-Permanent Colour To Darker Hair

Having darker hair can be an issue when it comes to trying to use the non-permanent hair colour products like hair chalk. It all depends on how dark your hair is and in most cases you can’t usually see the hair from the hair chalk. Luckily for us with darker hair, there are now products developed to help up create a bit of fun in terms of colour.

Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug Shimmer rrp$24.95 5g

kevin murphy color bug shimmer

We’ve heard of Kevin Murphy’s color bug, in fact I think that was the first hair chalk I came across on Christina’s blog. The problem like most hair chalks, is the fact that the colour might be a bit hard to detect on darker hair. I haven’t tried his Color Bug but I have tried other hair chalks and because I’ve got colour treated hair and my hair texture is a bit different from those with thicker textured hair, it was easy enough for my hair to absorb the colours.

Recently, Kevin Murphy has released the new Color Bug Shimmer, created especially for darker hair. The idea is to give your hair that lighter shade with some metallic-like texture, giving you a nice shimmer and a tad bit of bronze shade. I’ve included the video of the demonstration to show you how it could look. While Kevin has actually chosen a look you would probably wear on the runway, in real life, I think, it’ll be better if you applied it sparsely, at intervals to give your hair that nice mix of highlights.

L’Oreal Professional Hair Chalk rrp$25.00

Unlike the regular “dry” version of hair chalks, the one from L’Oreal Professional is actually a “wet” hair chalk. Basically to apply, you would need to have dry, clean hair and squirt a little in a small bowl and with the applicator provided, apply it to areas where you want the colour to be. I haven’t had any experience with the L’Oreal Hair Chalk but I have read it via Beauty & Things when she was invited to try out the product. The best way to experience this is to go to a hair salon and get a professional to apply it first. It lasts about two washes, so will make a great way for you to experiment with fun colours.


Adding Texture & A Bit of Edgy Style Without Shaving Your Hair

Another way to “zhoosh” up your hair without going all drastic and having to shave, or do actual corn rows onto your hair is to fake it! If you’ve been thinking of going for that undercut but haven’t got the guts to, or you saw how cool corn rows can look on your hair but don’t want that commitment of having to upkeep it, why not style it that way.


Alice McCall 2014 Lucas Dawson Photography

Image source: Lucas Dawson Photography

As seen at VAMFF 2014, the models at the Alice MacCall show sported deep side parts with faux corn rows on the sides. According to Christina, to create that deep side part, find the highest point on your eyebrows, the create that parting. Use a fishtail comb to create your parting. Then divide your hair into two or three parts on the side to create either braids, Dutch braids or twists. Again, using the fishtail comb can help create the perfect parting on the sides for your rows of braids or twists. For texture, make sure you use some sea salt spray or some sort of product that helps to give a gritty texture for the twists and braid to hold better.

Pity I’ve got shorter hair now, so all I can really play with is my hair colour and possibly texture in other ways.  Would you try these different ways to style up your hair? Have you tried any of the products mentioned? What were your thoughts on them?





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