De-Virginised by the Rocky Horror Show

De-Virginised by the Rocky Horror Show

Whenever I hear the line ‘Rocky Horror Show’, the images that come to mind are usually, men dressed in fishnets, some scientific creation that reminds me of Frankenstein, and lots of dancing and singing. You see, before Saturday, I haven’t really actually watched the movie, nor have I seen the performance on stage. I am what you would term as a virgin…to the Rocky Horror Show that is! So when I was given the chance to attend the stage performance of the show, it was with mixed feelings. Excitement because I’ll finally be a part of something that had gotten a cult status and a bit scared because really…I had no idea what it was all about. I even went to check out the website to learn more about it. It had the words – dancing along, singing along and dressed up in fishnets. Umm….what? I even told Mr. C, who normally isn’t a fan of musicals that he might have to get up and dance!


For those who aren’t familiar with what this Rocky Horror Show phenomenon is all about, let me try and summarise it in the easiest way possible. Basically it’s:

Humorous tribute to science fiction and horror B movies of the late 1940s-1970s
Story about a newly engaged couple who were caught in a storm & happened to chance upon the home of a mad transvestite scientist.

And that’s where the adventure begins! I think it was as much an adventure for the couple as it was for Mr. C and I actually! We…yes I said we…enjoyed the amazing performances with wonderful singing, dancing and I just loved how Craig Mclachlan who plays Frank N Furter, the mad scientist, plays upon the audience’s participation. It was interactive, hilarious and highly entertaining. Let’s just say that for someone who isn’t into musicals to enjoy the show, I think that speaks for itself. I ‘get’ what the ‘Time Warp’ is now and yes…I can even DO the Time Warp. No I didn’t dance while I was there but I sure did when I got home. The kids had this ‘what the’ looks on their faces when I was singing and doing the Time Warp in front of them. I can proudly say that I’m now, no longer a Rocky Horror Show virgin!

For those of you who have only ever seen the film, I highly recommend you get a few friends and make it a night out to watch this spectacular performance. It’s just so much more vivacious to be there, live where you get to interact with the performers.

Where: Melbourne Comedy Theatre
When: From 23rd April – 13th July 2014
Price: From $69.90

Click here to book your tickets.

*I was given a set of tickets to attend the performance of the Rocky Horror Show. All comments are my own.



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