Saturday Shopping: What’s New in Beauty and Fashion

Saturday Shopping: What’s New in Beauty and Fashion

For those wondering what to look out for this season, I’ve compiled a few newly released ranges in beauty for your shopping pleasure. I’ve also included a few sales (online and offline) you can look out for especially if you’re after some bargains to fill in your wardrobe.

What’s New in Beauty

As the name suggests, the Brown Skin Secrets range has actually been developed to deal with those with oriental and darker skin tone. If you’re wondering why this was even developed, the founder, Lynn Ross suggests that brown skin does age and heal differently from those that aren’t. You can read more about it here. Lynn herself is an Anglo-Indian, and decided to create this brand having suffered from adult acne, scarring, pigmentation and sunspots. Sounds like any other skin problem right? But it was because she couldn’t find something that suited her skin, that she decided to focus on something that is designed specifically for darker skin tones. Using the three step process – cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise, the range uses natural ingredients such as aloe vera, liquorice root, chamomile, green tea, soy, rosehip, jojoba oil, manuka honey and Kakadu plum, all put together and made in Australia. Free from chemicals, mineral oils, parabens, sulphates and artificial colours and fragrances, the products have also been certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia.

brown skin secrets

I have only started using the range and so far I haven’t found anything to complain about, except that the milk cleanser is definitely gentle, so much so that I would need to do a second cleanse to get rid of most of my makeup – something I normally would do anyway. There is a light scent with all three products but the scent are mostly of aromatic essential oils, again, something I don’t mind. While it’s easy to say this range suits those with brown skin, really, how do you determine who it is suitable for right? Well, this is how you determine from the information provided on their website:

  • If you’re from an Indian, Sri Lankan, Arabian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, African background and a variety of Asian skin types – I’m guessing Malays (me), Thais, Laotian, Cambodians and possibly even Vietnamese. In other words, you’ve got a tiny bit of a tan.
  • Pacific Islanders and those with Mediterranean backgrounds

My take on it is, it’s an interesting range because I personally have not had any problems using products that have been developed for the wider market. More so probably because I’ve avoided anything that could potentially hurt my skin and have kept to those that use mostly naturally derived ingredients. Having said that I’ve also, from trial and error, learned to avoid some natural products that could cause my skin to break out. It’s all about trial and error. The good thing I suppose about this range is the fact that for those with the darker skin tone who have had issues with skincare products they have previously tried, is that they now have something that might suit their skin type. The prices aren’t exorbitant, starting at $24.95 and only $5.00 for sample packs.


The new Fairytales and Fantasy collection plays upon the idea of creating the ethereal look by mixing the dreamy pastels and bold Winter colours together. The range comprises of four eye colours in the form of a “smoke & shimmer eye wand” much like eye crayons (rrp$22.00 each), 2 Kohl-eyeliners (rrp$18.00 each), 2 Glossy lip stains (rrp$24.00), and 2 nail lacquers (rrp$15.00 each).

mary kay fairytales & fantasy

The smoke and shimmer wands come in shades of blue, purple, gold and salmon, and while the darker colours like blue and purple might look dark on the stick, are actually rather sheer upon application. Another property that I found interesting was the fact that there is a cooling effect when you apply the colours onto your lids! Why that property was included I honestly have no idea. The wands are easy to apply and the colours are easily buildable if you were intending to add a bit more intensity. Longevity wise, I have yet to try because I’ve tried them a few times but only when I’m going out at night and yes while it did stay put all night, it would be good to see if it doesn’t crease when worn throughout the day.

mary kay eye wand swatches

Eye wand swatches – Blue Knight, Amethyst Smoke, Enchanted Mauve & Golden Illusion

The kohl eyeliner comes in a thin crayon like texture with a smudger on the back for those looking to create a bit of a smokey eye effect and even a sharpener. I love both colours and the sharp tip makes it a lot easier for me to draw on my upper eyelid and lower waterline.

mary kay kohl eyeliner

L-R: Smudger at the back, sharpener underneath the smudger & swatches of the Blue Knight & Mulberry Forest

The lip stains comes with a different applicator that I would normally expect. Instead of a sponge tip applicator (something I absolutely detest), it comes with a tiny brush, which means I can wipe off before placing back onto the tube. The formula is a tad bit sticky and doesn’t last all day on my lips, but the darker shade – Mulberry Forest leaves an excellent light stain after eating, giving me a nice hint of colour.

mary kay glossy lip stain

Glossy Lip Stain in Mulberry Forest & Enchanted Mauve

The nail lacquers are great for those who are looking to either go light or go dark. The Mulberry Forest is a nice wine shade while the Enchanted Mauve is closer to nude than it is mauve.

mary kay nail lacquer

Nail lacquer in Enchanted Mauve & Mulberry Forest


I think my favourite from this range has got to be their glossy lip stain and the kohl eyeliner. I did find the cooling effect of the eye wands a bit annoying but I do like the sheerness of the shades.


bioderma sebium pore refiner

For those who have tried Benefit’s POREfessional and balked at the price, you can try Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner. Working in much the same way – to minimise your pores and smooth your complexion to enable you to easily apply your make up base – this is a cheaper alternative that does the job just as well. Created for those with oily skin, because let’s face it, it’s usually those with oilier skin who tend to have larger pores, the formulation helps to create this smoother texture and minimise any shininess on your skin. I usually use this (only a little is needed) on and around my nose area where the pores are usually larger.


What’s New in Fashion

For those not in the loop, you would have heard by now that H&M has finally opened its doors to the public. I have yet to step into the store as honestly, I’d rather NOT have to queue just to have a sneaky peek at what’s in store. I think for me, I’d wait a few more months or after the school holidays to venture in.

  • Katies Sale

Not so much what’s new, but more like what sales are new in this case and **Katies have taken a further 30% off their sale stock. This would be a great time to stock up on essentials like the cardigans, soft pants, and their button-front shirts.


Especially for readers of Baubles, Bubbles & Bags Style File, The Iconic has 15% off all their full priced items when you spend $79 and above simply by entering the code: COMF15OY at the check out.  (excluding G-star Raw, Tony Bianco, Sass & Bide, Nike and Jets)

theiconic new in

My favourites from their store is this **Dorothy Perkins monochrome shirt, this classic black blazer and this oversized draped vest. All great for Winter and beyond!

That’s all for this week. Do share what bargains or great finds you’ve come across this weekend. Would love to hear about your latest finds!


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