Fashion Day: How To Store Jewellery

Fashion Day: How To Store Jewellery

I’m taking a break today from Fashion Day and instead I’ve got a special guest – Sarah from Kooklah, who won last year’s Her Fashion Box competition – is sharing her tips on this post today on how she stores her many accessories and yes, this beautiful girl DOES have a lot of accessories!

Late last year, I entered a competition Norlin ran to showcase accessories in order to win a free Her Fashion Box. I was pretty excited as I absolutely love collecting accessories, and as we found, I’ve built up quite an obsession collection. I will shamefully admit that my local Lovisa store now recognizes me on sight alone.

statement necklace

I go through stages of which accessories I wear or purchase, but my absolute favourite would be statement necklaces. Of which I have over 20 (plus various other necklaces). I also have numerous bangles, statement studs (I wear them mostly at work for a style that is practical), as well as multiple clutches.
When I was notified as a lucky winner I was asked to share how I store all of these accessories. This is what I will share with you today. My main goal with storing accessories is to protect them, often they are intricate or heavily embellished which makes it easier to result in breakages or links collapsing.

Statement Necklaces

I usually hang my statement necklaces on hooks, which can be placed on the backs of doors, in wardrobes or on walls. This is a good way to store many in the one place, as it will avoid tangling or breaking due to being stored in a box. It also adds some decoration – no point having pretty things if no one sees them.

storing necklaces bangles

Hanging necklaces, bangles in glasses

The only exception to this, is when you have a necklace that it heavily embellished with a fine linked chain.

Necklaces like these are ones that I prefer to store lying flat in a drawer wrapped in tissue paper. This kind of accessory can be too heavy to hang off one hook (unless using large/multiple), which results in weak links. Wrapping in tissue paper gives extra protection with links but also any enamel, glass, crystal embellishments and allows multiple necklaces to be stacked at once.

floral chain necklace

Tip: if you take these necklaces traveling keep wrapped in tissue paper and pack in between the layers of your clothing. Multiple long necklaces should be placed in clip lock plastic bags with chains coming out of top – allows you to snap lock the bag in between necklaces, resulting in no tangles!


I store bangles in a large antique green-glass bowl, which can be placed on a desk, decorative shelf or in my wardrobe. It also allows glimpses of the bangles to be seen.

(Pic – green glass bowl with bangles in)

Tip: Items similar to this green-glass bowl can be easily found in opshops or antique stores for $15 or less.


I have been storing my earrings in boxes, but they just get all mixed up. To solve this I am investing in some storage boxes that are clear and have individualised sections. Storing statement studs and cocktail rings in this will mean that I can look through the cases to see what is in which section/box and spend less time trawling through my whole collection. They are also stackable and can be stored easily.

 plastic storage

Containers like this are easy to find. Any store that provides storage solutions, sewing or fishing materials will have similar products. A quick search online will provide results from places like eBay and Etsy.


I hope you have found this post useful, ensure that you regularly wipe down your costume jewellery and accessories to protect from dust, grime and restore shine. To ensure embellishments stay in place you should apply a small coat of clear nail polish (secures gems and doesn’t cloud) – for more on this, read Protect the Sparkle.


Thank you Sarah for sharing your incredible tips! I know I’ll be “stealing” that plastic container idea for my rings! Check out also my previous post where I shared how I stored my jewellery.



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